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Update to the Federal Contractor Mandate Case – US Freedom Flyers

By January 26, 2022March 31st, 2022No Comments

A United States District Court in Georgia entered a nationwide injunction against the federal contractor mandate, late in 2021.  The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, which has jurisdiction, denied the government’s request for a stay of the injunction, and has expedited the government’s appeal. 

The resolution of the nationwide injunction in the 11th Circuit will be binding on the judge in our case against the federal mandate for federal contractors, at least on the merits of the issue. 

Our judge has thus decided to pause our case (known as a “stay”), pending a resolution of the case pending in the 11th Circuit.  

That decision has nothing to do with the merits of our case, and does not mean that our case lacks merit!  To the contrary, it means that another court has already granted the relief we are seeking in the form of a nationwide injunction, and the judge wants to wait and see what happens on appeal before our case moves forward.