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How can I stand up for freedom?

Never doubt that one person can make a difference! Your actions matter, as your voice and your choices impact your life and the world we collectively pass on to future generations.

There are many ways, big and small, to stand up for the cause of freedom, and it’s impossible to know just how impactful one small choice might be. From deciding to forgo a mask in places and situations where you are not absolutely forced to wear one, to casually mentioning to a friend that you are researching and learning your rights under the Constitution, one seemingly trivial action could ripple giant waves in the lives around you, powerfully advancing the value and understanding of freedom in your family and community, maybe even throughout the world.

Think of the bumper sticker, “Think globally, act locally.” The keyword is LOCAL – reach out to like-minded people in your area, contact leaders and officials, join a health freedom group or start one!

Most important in your quest for health freedom: if you do not want to be subjected to experimental medicine, then don’t wear a mask, don’t get the shot, forge your own path. If you already have, don’t get any boosters. Look through the rest of our RESOURCES for assistance if your employer or other authorities are forcing you to get the injection, wear masks, or be tested.

How can I be an activist?

Contact your sheriff and police chief and ask them to abide by the Constitution which is not suspended in an emergency.

Contact your elected representatives and get on watch-lists for upcoming new legislation in your city, county, and state. Search “freedom” and your state for political and other organizations that advocate for freedom and rights in your state.

Join (or start) a Health Freedom organization or group in your area – search “health freedom” and your town or state on the internet, Telegram, Mewe, Gab, and as a last resort, Facebook (be advised many if not most health freedom groups are being censored on FB and blocked from search results).

Educate yourself on your rights, and teach others about the fundamentals of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Remember that these agreements do not enumerate every one of our rights, rather, they are a constraint on government so that government does not infringe on our rights.

With freedom comes responsibility.

If you don’t want your kids to wear masks or be injected, look into alternative education and homeschool options in your area. Create a homeschool group.

Is your student being affected by COVID health mandates?

Join local networks focused on sovereignty, freedom, and choice so that you may create community as well as exchange information and tips about where to shop and receive services in your town mask-free and/or unvaccinated.

If you have a business, put a sign in your window that you don’t discriminate against race, gender, religion, mask-free faces, or vaccination status, etc.

Start a local journal or newspaper, in print or online, to gather and publish unbiased and accurate information about COVID, injections, mandates, health, local actions, etc.

Are you in need of an attorney?

Many Americans are rightly questioning the legality of employers forcing their employees to submit to masks, routine testing, and the experimental COVID injections. While we cannot match you with an attorney at this time, we hope to have that ability in the near future.

Millions of Americans face layoffs and termination and thousands of you have reached out to us for help and as heartbreaking as it is for HFDF, we do not have the capacity to take individual cases at the moment and instead have made the difficult decision to pursue legal action on behalf of large and organized groups of people in an effort to leverage our resources as best we can.

Our legal team is pursuing legal action in more than a dozen lawsuits across the country as part of our national strategy, powerfully challenging mask and vaccine mandates in states across the country in California, Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Idaho, Oregon, and at the federal level, in an effort to protect the health freedoms of all Americans.

HFDF Lawsuits

State Bar Associations

Please check and see if your state has a bar association website, many states offer a referral service.

If you are serious about taking legal action, we encourage you to organize with your coworkers and if you are unionized, demand that your unions represent your interests. Please retain all letters, emails, and verbal communications related to health mandates, for a future lawsuit and also for your use if you file an EEOC complaint or sue for damages from being disciplined or terminated. Because the need for attorneys is so excessive across the country, those who have organized themselves into a group and have raised funds to support legal action will be considered first when we are ready to take on more cases.

Is your employer mandating the vaccine?

While it may not be the most desirable outcome, it is imperative to understand that you do have a choice – the choice to say NO! We understand it is not an easy decision to make. Many Americans have already chosen to seek new employment, some have even relocated to other cities or states that are more liberty-minded. Remember it is not legal or ethical for employers to violate your bodily autonomy and we cannot accept this as the new normal. What’s next, forced contraception, or being required to submit medical records to your employer about your STD status? These decisions are incredibly difficult and may require deep personal inquiry about your values, integrity, and what you are willing to sacrifice to protect our children and future generations from falling deeper into tyranny and authoritarianism.

It is incumbent upon you and every other American to stand up and protect your rights. If you won’t stand up for yourself, who will? It’s always easier to stand with others, and we highly encourage you to find a local group that is organizing people to fight against mandates in your area or to start a group yourself. (Search “Health Freedom” and your town/state). Follow your heart and continue to reach out to other like-minded people in your community. Get in contact with your coworkers and neighbors, organize and coordinate your actions, together you are stronger.

We encourage anyone being threatened with “separation” or “voluntary resignation” to refuse to separate or resign and instead put the onus on the employer to fire you. Insist your employer put their demands in writing and keep records of all communications. You may be entitled to unemployment or other benefits if you are laid off for the sole reason that you are refusing an experimental medical procedure.

For help filing exemptions to medical mandates check out: Are you seeking a religious or medical exemption?

For help responding to medical discrimination, see: Do you feel you are a victim of discrimination?

Are you seeking a religious or medical exemption?

State-Specific Exemptions

There are now five states in the U.S. that have removed religious exemptions to vaccination for school children, and only sixteen states have philosophical exemptions. Medical exemptions still exist in all fifty states, but finding a doctor willing to write you a letter can be difficult, in some states, almost impossible. Check this map and see which types of exemptions are available in your state:

The following letter is for your education and information only. This letter was written by the HFDF legal team on behalf of a client to her employer. We are sharing it to educate you about your rights and the rulings of the US Supreme Court.

HFDF Religious/Conscientious Belief Exemption Letter

Below you will find examples of language pertaining to religious/conscientious belief exemptions. While you are free to copy this language, it is intended as a guide, inspiring you to craft your own individual statement or to share with your lawyer so they may draft a letter on your behalf.

HFDF Religious/Conscientious Belief Language

Liberty Counsel Resources

Liberty Counsel has additional resources for religious exemptions here:

A Voice For Choice Advocacy

A Voice for Choice offers a workshop designed to help you write a religious exemption click here to learn more about the class they offer.

Children’s Health Defense Resources

Children’s Health Defense Guide to Writing Religious Exemption Requests to CV-19 Vaccines

Available Injections Are Still EUA Status

Please be advised that no business, school, union, or other entity may mandate a product issued under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). Federal law is clear that recipients must be informed of the known and potential unknown risks of any EUA product and advised of their right to accept or refuse. All COVID-19 tests, available COVID-19 vaccines, and almost all masks are issued under EUA.

Comirnaty FDA Approval

The following information reflects our current understanding regarding FDA approval of the Pfizer/Bio-N-Tech COVID-19 approval. This interpretation is subject to change as more information becomes available.

Despite Pfizer’s, major media’s, and federal officials’ assurances to the contrary, we do not believe the available Pfizer injection has been FDA approved. Rather, a Bio-N-Tech product branded Comirnaty has been FDA approved but it is not yet available to the public and does not even appear to be in manufacturing. This is important as Pfizer/BioNTech DO have liability for their product branded Comirnaty but not for their COVID shot branded Pfizer-Bio-N-Tech. This distinction is material as it appears to be an end-run around the regulations so that Pfizer may sell existing stores of shots with no liability while simultaneously duping the public, business owners, colleges, judges, elected representatives, and more to believe the available shots are FDA approved.

The product available now is Pfizer’s EUA injection which CAN NOT be mandated by law. Please be sure to read the vial and unless it says “Comirnaty,” it is the EUA product and must be optional. 

Our founder’s message the day FDA approved Comirnaty

Please check out this short video for Dr. Robert Malone’s opinion.

From The Stream – My quest for Comirnaty Leads to Mandates Built On Sand:

Are you a victim of discrimination? How to file an EEOC complaint

Millions of people face discrimination and unfair treatment for declining masks, testing, and COVID-19 injections. This can include, but is not limited to, being forced to work in a segregated area, forced remote working, forced social distancing, routine and/or invasive testing, and segregation in the lunch or break room.

Did you file a religious exemption only to get back a list of invasive questions about your religion or medical history?

Even if your employer has provided “accommodations” these accommodations could still be discriminatory. It is up to you if the accommodations are reasonable and whether or not you will accept them as a condition of your employment.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

If you are not willing to accept discriminatory mask-wearing policies or routine invasive testing, you may take action by filing a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which enforces anti-discrimination laws in the workplace. Making the decision to file this complaint is a personal choice, and may not stop an employer from terminating you for not accepting the forced “accommodations”. You can learn more at:

HFDF legal provides this guide if you have been fired, demoted, or otherwise discriminated against by your employer for making your own medical decisions regarding COVID-19: HFDF Employment Discrimination Overview for Covid-19

Liberty Counsel provides a guide to filing EEOC claims at, scroll down to the section: FILE EEOC Complaint under DENIED REQUEST.

Supreme Court rulings are unequivocal in stating that you cannot be discriminated against on the basis of your sincerely held beliefs. See HFDF’s Religious and Conscientious Belief Exemption Resources for more information about your rights.

Are you seeking a religious or medical exemption?

The difficult truth in our current and evolving situation is that even though your employer may be illegally discriminating against you, the only remedy may be to pursue litigation.

Are you in need of an attorney?

Have you have been injured by a COVID-19 injection?

We are heartbroken each time we hear from someone injured by these experimental injections. We are also dismayed by the stories of those that have received inadequate care from medical practitioners after such injuries, and the rampant unwillingness to link adverse events to the pharmaceutical product they received prior to onset of their symptoms.

COVID Vaccine Injury Testimonial Websites

First, know that you are not alone. Many people injured by the COVID shots are finding each other, comparing their stories, and finding comfort and valuable information in these new groups. We will add more as they continue to be organized.

Filing Compensation Claims

You have three years to file a compensation claim with the VICP (National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program) and one year to file with the CICP (Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program), see and for an explanation of the difference. Be aware that you may need to file first with the CICP, and then transfer your claim to VICP after the year mark.

The website is collecting information on vaccine side effects and was set up specifically for those who suspect they were injured by a COVID vaccine.

Is your student being affected by COVID health mandates?


Students across the country are being coerced into receiving an experimental injection in order to attend classes in person or even enroll at all. When students obtain a medical, religious, or personal belief exemption, they generally face a variety of measures such as required testing.

If students enroll in colleges mandating masks, routine tests, and vaccines, the reality is they will frequently be faced with mandatory testing and other measures, a clear invasion of freedom and bodily autonomy, forcing them to evaluate their own values about these issues. This is a very difficult choice that each person will have to make for themselves.

We encourage all college students to get connected and join others in taking a stand against the mandates at

Some students are deciding to take a “gap year” and delay their education in the hopes that the invasive and excessive COVID measures will be dropped. Others have complied with the requisite one or two shots, but now potentially face ongoing boosters every few months in order to retain their “vaccinated” status.

These times require many, often those still teenagers, to engage in deep inquiry about their own values, integrity, commitment to an open and free society, and willingness to stand for those principles against these invasive, unethical, and illegal measures enacted under the guise of public health.

In September, HFDF sued the University of Chicago for their vaccine mandate of teachers, staff, and students securing religious/conscientious belief exemptions for many when the university had initially and outrageously denied their exemptions. The US Supreme Court has ruled that no university, employer, organization, or individual may sit in judgement of another person’s beliefs nor may they discriminate against an individual on the basis of those beliefs.


As a parent, it is your responsibility to protect your child from physical and psychological harm. If a health district or school official is not acting in the best interests of your child it is your sole responsibility to safeguard your child’s health and wellbeing. This may even mean taking them out of their current school and finding alternative education options as thousands of families across the country have already done in response to unethical and intrusive actions by many schools.

Here are some resources if you are considering leaving the public school system.

Children’s Health Defense-California has filed suit against LAUSD for its vaccine mandate for students. Read more about their suit here:

Are you or a family member currently in the military and seeking help with a vaccine mandate?

Health Freedom Defense Fund is not planning on taking on any military lawsuits for the foreseeable future. We wholeheartedly support our men and women of the armed forces but do not have the expertise to navigate the military court system at this time. We encourage you to seek out other organizations, such as Liberty Counsel (, which recently brought a class action lawsuit against President Joe Biden, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Homeland Security on behalf of military members from all five branches as well as federal civilian contractors and federal employees.

Read the lawsuit here.

Are you in need of medical advice on detoxing from vaccines or achieving health naturally?

Many of you might have seen our founder Leslie Manookian explain how she detoxified and healed her body from vaccine injuries using Homeopathy, and understandably want more information on how to do that. Unfortunately, for legal reasons, we cannot offer any medical advice, so please do not contact us with medical questions.

We suggest you look for a qualified Homeopath, Naturopath, Chiropractor, Functional Integrative Doctor, or other Holistic Doctor in your area.


If you are specifically looking for a local Homeopath we suggest looking at the “Find A Practitioner” tab on the following websites:

National Center for Homeopathy

The North American Society of Homeopaths

Weston A. Price Foundation

Another source of information about the health practitioners available in your area may be found through contacting your Weston A. Price Foundation chapter. You can find out how to contact your chapter leader at

If you have been injured by a vaccine, please see our section Have you have been injured by a COVID-19 injection? for information on filing adverse reactions with the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) as well as filing compensation claims with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) and the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP).

Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance

FLCCCA is a team of Doctors that formed an alliance at the beginning of 2020. They have continued to share updated information about treatment options and research. There are extensive protocols available on their website including one for detoxing.

Do you need resources in Canada?

Please reach out to organizations based in Canada such as Rocco Galati’s Constitutional Rights Centre:

We hope to expand our reach to offer assistance to citizens in other countries but at this time are focusing efforts on the needs of Americans.