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Every day, HFDF is contacted by more people whose health rights and freedoms are being threatened by medical mandates. Many Americans’ jobs, livelihoods, education, and access to public spaces are being restricted or lost as a consequence of their personal medical choices. This violates not only domestic laws but international treaties and ethical norms extant for over 70 years. We highly encourage all Americans in a financial position to do so, to sue their employers, their school districts, their school boards, their sons or daughters’ universities, etc. For those of you that need financial support to bring these lawsuits, we wish we could help each and every single one of you but the situation in our country is such that millions of you need help, and we simply don’t have the human or financial resources to fulfill the unprecedented level of requests.

With the resources we do have HFDF must focus our legal efforts where we have the most potential to affect genuine and enduring change which we hope will, in turn, rectify this unjust situation for ALL Americans.

Please look through the information on our Resources page thoroughly before contacting us, as your question may already be answered. We will update the resources as quickly as we can, but understand the situation surrounding COVID mandates is evolving at lightning speed and we are doing our very best to provide you with the most up-to-date information. 

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If your question was not answered in our FAQs, email us using the form below, and please make sure to be specific about the kind of help and support you are requesting.

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