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Update on our Challenge to the Los Angeles Unified School District Vaccine Mandate

By January 26, 2022May 16th, 2022No Comments

HFDF, California Educators for Medical Freedom, and several individual plaintiffs are suing the Los Angeles Unified School District challenging its COVID injection mandate for all employees.

LAUSD has now filed a response to our complaint, which means that we are now beyond the preliminary motions that delay the case from moving forward.  This is good news, because we can now engage in the legal pre-trial process known as “discovery.”  We now get to request that LAUSD produce all documents related to the institution of the vaccine mandate.  This will include all interaction with all government agencies, both state and federal.  It also means that we can take sworn testimony from LAUSD witnesses in a process known as a deposition.  We are hopeful that we will also be able to take depositions of other key state and federal employees involved in instituting the mandate. 

To our knowledge, of the many cases that have been filed nationwide challenging the mandates, this is the first case to get to the discovery stage.  This means we can now, finally, get to the truth of what happened, who directed it, and why.

The discovery stage of any litigation is very time consuming but it is a stage during which much can be uncovered and we are excited to begin this process.