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Shifting the Narrative

By January 19, 2022March 31st, 2022No Comments

We wanted to share some perspectives on the latest developments around the world.

There has been a significant shift in the mainstream narrative in recent weeks. Now the media is talking about people just having to learn to live with COVID, that everyone will get COVID, and authorities are changing the rules such as now requiring only 5 days quarantine if “exposed.” On the surface this is good news, it is likely reflective of the political reality that the midterms are this year and droves of Americans across the political spectrum are over the COVID measures. In addition, there are elections in many European countries this year putting further pressures on politicians to ease the unpopular, unethical, and unscientific measures. See this video, but there are many more, as evidence of shifting the narrative.

Politicians have a problem because those pushing the agenda, especially in the west, have not achieved their agenda with a large portion of the population, most markedly in the US, remaining un-jabbed and therefore outside the system of control they’re trying to implement. But in our view, as the true basis for the measures is not about public health (otherwise you would not be injecting children who have statistically zero risk, nor pregnant women with zero science to prove the safety, nor continued in the face of hundreds of thousands of injuries and deaths), we likely face continued challenging times.

There are rumors of another virus, Marburg (search it up), there are discussions of introducing a digital currency and public deposits at the federal reserve (these would enable complete control of the finances of every American), there is much saber rattling emanating from Europe with respect to Russia, and the US Supreme Court defied all logic and denied the science submitted to them in several Amicus briefs proving that this jab is not a vaccine at all but a therapeutic which does not prevent transmission or infection and allowed the executive order mandating the jabs for 18 million health care workers to stand.

We fear that the SCOTUS decision supporting the Biden mandate for healthcare workers represents a modern-day Rubicon event for they displayed their utter ignorance and lack of intelligence not just in their ruling but during the oral arguments which spread outright lies. What is a nation to do when its highest court is so uninformed and its rulings so wrongheaded?

We have followed Martin Armstrong for many years and his models, which have been very accurate on geopolitical events, are predicting potential war in Europe/Russia soon and also rising violence in the US.

COVID may be coming to a close, but dramatic political events may be on the horizon, war is looming, inflation is raging, the populace is tired, anxious, angry, and divided and this chapter is not likely over because governments and our financial system are worse off than ever and there is a day of reckoning coming because they can’t kick the debt can down the road any longer. Leslie spoke about these issues in a presentation in November, which you might find interesting.