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HFDF Partners with Federal Employees for Freedom

By October 6, 2021May 16th, 2022No Comments

Health Freedom Defense Fund is delighted to announce we have partnered with Federal Employees for Freedom, an organization of Americans who have dedicated their careers to this great nation. FEFF represents thousands of federal employees throughout the country and the HFDF legal team will pursue litigation against the U.S. Federal Government for its illegal vaccine mandate by Executive Order. 

The federal government doesn’t have the right to dictate health policy to individual Americans, as the Constitution expressly states that health powers are reserved to the States and that separation of powers means Congress makes the laws, not the Executive Branch. HFDF wholly agrees with Federal Employees for Freedom’s mission to uphold the principles of human rights and freedom of choice this country was founded upon. Biden’s mandate constitutes massive government overreach into the private lives of American citizens. Forcing employees to be injected with a risky, unproven, and experimental medical intervention to continue their employment is an egregious violation of bodily autonomy and informed consent, the latter of which is a requirement in the practice of ethical medicine. Informed consent can only be given absent coercion, a condition precluded by threat of termination for noncompliance. Importantly, the right to bodily autonomy and to informed consent are both codified in the US Code of Federal Regulations as well as multiple international treaties such as the Nuremberg Code and the UNESCO Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights

HFDF’s legal efforts are led by attorney George Wentz, a partner at Davillier Law Group headquartered in New Orleans. 

To contribute directly to FEFF’s fundraising and aid the effort to stop illegal and unethical vaccine mandates for federal employees, donate to the Federal Employees for Freedom legal fund and visit the website to join and receive the latest updates in their historic fight. 

In addition to our recent partnership with FEFF, Health Freedom Defense Fund is working on behalf of many other groups nationwide filing lawsuits and preparing to sue in multiple states to defend assaults on our health freedoms whether they emanate from government or the private sector. HFDF will not rest until all Americans live free of coercion from any kind of health mandate and have the power to live their lives according to their conscience. 

To donate to our General Fund and help us fight for your most sacred medical rights, visit, become a member, and subscribe to our newsletter to be kept informed of the latest developments in health freedom.