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Video – Medical Tyranny – How We Got Here

By October 8, 2021March 31st, 2022No Comments

The Loss of All Your Freedom and Liberty Is At Stake

On a daily basis we face a barrage of facts, figures, opinion, argument, and conjecture regarding our right to determine which substances and devices are put into, and on, our bodies and the bodies of our children.

In this talk, Health Freedom Defense Fund President Leslie Manookian recounts the historical steps leading us to a place where private businesses are doing the government’s bidding and fellow Americans have no qualms asking about private medical information. She explains the progressive process by which the founding principles of our nation have been undermined, the role special interests, private foundations, and three-letter-agencies play, and offers solutions to support us in our efforts to defend our freedoms and basic human rights.

Please see her presentation below.

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