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By September 29, 2021October 11th, 2022No Comments

Major metropolitan cities across the nation such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and New Orleans have mandated proof of vaccination to enter indoor spaces within city limits, and many other cities are considering similar policies. One such city is the small mountain town of Sun Valley, Idaho, where many members of Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF) reside. In evaluating the merits of a potential vaccine mandate, there is much information for critical thinkers to consider.

It is important to note that CDC Director Walensky stated in August 2021 that the shots do not prevent infection or transmission thereby destroying any putative public health justification for the shots. This alone should end any consideration of a mandate.

That the shots don’t prevent infection or transmission is being proven out in the real world where Harvard Business School has had to move to online classes despite nearly 100% vaccination rates and Duke University reported 349 cases in students, 98% of whom were vaccinated. At a recent city council meeting in Ketchum, a city neighboring Sun Valley, Idaho, it was reported that 65% of local cases have been in fully vaccinated individuals. 

Similar and worse experiences are reported in countries all over the world amongst the most vaccinated populations. In Israel, the data show the majority of severe cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are in the vaccinated. Notwithstanding the obvious ethical issues regarding mandating any medical treatment, Israel has mandated a third dose and signaled it is considering a fourth dose in order for individuals to qualify as “fully vaccinated.” Australia had almost no cases then mandated the shot, and now deaths and hospitalizations are spiking.

Recent research has determined the death rate in the vaccinated over 65 years of age (the group most at risk) six months after the shot is 5 times that of those who get COVID in the same age group. This information should give us all pause – especially those making decisions which affect the lives of others.

In addition, the evidence regarding natural immunity continues to mount, showing the superiority of natural immunity compared to any temporary immunity induced by the shots. There is ample indisputable evidence of this, yet health authorities continue to suppress it, begging the question, why? If we want to get over this episode, why deny natural immunity exists? Most of us that have contracted chicken pox and measles, and other childhood diseases have benefitted from life-long immunity, why pretend natural immunity does not exist and is not desirable? Research shows those who contracted SARS1 still have enduring immunity 17 years later.

Despite official censorship and suppression, early treatment does work. Ask yourself why the media and big tech resort to smearing and censorship if the truth is on the side of “treatment doesn’t work.”  Look at the graphic comparing Israel and India and ask yourself which country you’d rather live in.

We’re seeing surges in cases all over the world in those who’ve submitted to the injection and while we might wish it were otherwise, the shots clearly don’t work as purported while some experts argue they actually cause more disease by hampering our immune systems. 

The only question is, why do public health agencies continue to deny this information? Does it have something to do with the revolving door between health agencies and the industry they are charged with regulating, or the billions these agencies received from federal programs such as the CARES Act, which bestowed some $8 billion upon the CDC? CDC has a serious conflict of interest in that it has taken all those funds while simultaneously being responsible for both promoting the COVID shots and monitoring their safety. 

In the face of such data showing the shots are neither effective nor as safe as treatment or natural infection, there is no rational basis for the shots, period, let alone for mandating an experimental, risky, unproven medical treatment. Doing so is in direct violation of the basic human right to bodily autonomy and the practice of ethical medicine, which requires voluntary informed consent, as enshrined in several international treaties such as the Nuremberg Code and the UNESCO Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights, as well as the US Code of Federal Regulations. 

In the face of this evidence, vaccine mandates make no sense and no business, elected official, or bureaucrat should pretend otherwise.