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Watch Leslie Manookian’s one hour presentation for Stand Up for Idaho explaining how the pandemic was used to install a digital control grid. Make no mistake this has been decades in the making. For over 100 years the medical complex has been setting the stage for lockdowns. The financial system is now collapsing and the reset that is coming is an attempt to save the global elite. The global financial crisis is bringing in the digital currency, which will bring in the control grid. You can also read the presentation below.

Leslie: I live up in Ketchum. I moved to Idaho when I was 12, my favorite place on the planet lived all over the world. I’ve been home for almost 20 years now, and I’m so thrilled about that, but what brought me home was that I have a little boy. Who’s now a big boy, 19, and it’s interesting just watching what’s going on with my friend’s baby.

My son didn’t breastfeed super well, and he was very skinny. And my mother-in-law said to me when he was about three months old, are you sure you have enough milk? Probably not the greatest thing to say to a first-time mother, and I went to my pediatrician, and he said, Mrs. Bradshaw, that was my name, then you don’t want a fat baby. And I was like, are you sure he is okay, he’s happy, he’s content, he’s thriving. He’s 6″1′ now. When he was a high school senior a year ago, he won the state title in soccer as co-captain of the soccer team. They won the boy’s tennis state title as well. Anyway, these people who think that they know what’s best for our children are truly criminals. I just wanted to say that because I am so heartbroken about what’s happening.

So I wanna talk to you about the financial reason that we are where we are today because it is so very important. I grew up here, and I went to college in the east. I went to the University of Chicago and got an MBA. And then, I went, and I worked for Goldman Sachs. After working at Goldman for just under five years, I left because it didn’t feel good, and I went to go and work for a client named Alliance Capital. And at the time, Alliance Capital was the largest publicly traded asset management company in the world. I started out as a telecom technology analyst, and then I became a director of research and then director of portfolio management. And I’m just sharing this because I want you to know that I have managed money for a long time and understand financial markets. 

I’ve also made a documentary film on vaccines that came out in April of 2011. So a little over ten years ago. And I’ve been researching vaccines for over 20 years. I am vaccine injured myself. My movie’s called The Greater Good. You can find it at Two years ago, when this whole thing started because of the over 20 years of research I’ve been doing, I knew what was coming. When they said, oh, there’s a virus from China. I said to my husband, literally January 4th of 2020, I said they’re starting this in China because they’re gonna teach the rest of the world how to lock down. You watch; they’re gonna show the rest of the world how to do it. They could never start it in the west because if they started this in the west, everybody would revolt. But if China shows us how to do it successfully, everything will be okay within a week or two weeks. What were they telling us? The virus lives on paper, on money. It’s dangerous, right? And what happened? Coin shortages. 

Hello? Right, but the point is they’re scaring you. Why they wanna scare you because what’s really happening is the installation of a digital control grid. That’s what’s really happening, and they’re doing it now, not ten years ago, and not ten years in the future because governments

are broke. That is what is really happening. And that’s why it’s happening now. So yes, there are decades of damage from these shots, and I’m one of them. I got a ton of shots when I graduated from business school and was going to go and work in New York. I was going to Southeast Asia for two months. I thought there was no downside. I was fully vaccinated. I’d always thought they were the greatest invention of humankind. I went and got every shot they would give me; I have never been the same. I developed neurological problems. I got numbness and tingling, multiple chemical sensitivity, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, and smell sensitivity.

I mean, it’s like my nervous system is constantly inflamed. Right, Judy? If you got a little bit from that, that’s probably one of the things you got that we suffer with chronic inflammation. Homeopathy has saved me. Seriously, this medicine, this magical medicine that is derived by our medical system, is literally probably the greatest and most powerful medicine available to us today. Because it works on a very, very deep level, and what I wanna talk about is the financial aspect, but also the medical complex that’s been installed in this country for the last hundred years, because that is what we are plagued by. That is what we are living under. People just don’t know it. When Health Freedom Idaho was launched, wait, let me say also, at the beginning of 2020, I knew it was coming. I started a nonprofit called Health Freedom Defense Fund. We have been suing. We have three lawsuits against the federal government. We’ve had two lawsuits in the state of Idaho against mask mandates, both in the area where I lived, Blaine County School District, and the City of Hailey. We’ve sued the Los Angeles Unified School District, which was the very first school system in America to lock down, and guess who they met with, who the teacher’s union met with the night before they decided to close down any guesses? Fauci, yes. He flew to L.A., and he met with the UTLA, and the next day they shut down for, I forget how many hundreds of thousands of kids are in the L.A. School District or probably millions.

But, anyway, the point is I started a nonprofit Health Freedom Defense Fund because I could see where this was going, and I was terrified but also determined that I wasn’t gonna go down without a fight and that I was gonna take all of the knowledge and all of the experience that I have from decades of doing this and fight back.

Because make no mistake, COVID is just one excuse to reset the system. And now there’s a new crisis that we’re all dealing with, and it’s all because of what happened in 2008 and 2009 and because of these horrible policies that they have been pursuing for decades; our government, let me say it this way.

When Health Freedom Idaho was launched, I spoke at the lunch, and I gave a speech called we’re at war with our government. That was six or seven years ago. Let me ask you, how many of you want Roundup on your food? How many of you want mercury amalgams in your teeth? How many of you want mercury in your kid’s shots? How about aluminum? Do you want GMO salmon? How many of us voted for this? How many of us know that fluoride is one of the most potent toxins, neurotoxic and toxic to the testes? Do you want that? Do we vote for that? And yet it’s being pushed on us. Why? Because these people who control our country don’t give a damn about you and me. That’s the truth. I’m sorry if I sound angry, but I am sick and tired of this. And if we don’t wake up, we are gonna get steamrolled. We’re already being steamrolled.


Leslie: Thank you. We’ve already been steamrolled, right? How many of you, if somebody came up to you and asked you a personal medical question in January 2020, would’ve answered it? People would’ve thought you were outta your mind. Right? And now, well, I have my vaccine card, right? Now it’s like, we can ask anybody anything, supposedly.

So what’s really happening? As I mentioned, they are attempting to cover up decades of mismanagement. And why do they wanna do that? Because nobody who’s in power who screws up royally gives up their power voluntarily. Do they? When have you ever seen a tyrant voluntarily walk away doesn’t happen? They don’t do it.

What they’re trying to do is centralize control of everything. I just look out here; the water faucets are off, right? You can’t get water anywhere. It’s all for our health; the same thing in hospitals and schools everywhere. Why do they want control of all of our resources? Cuz if they control all of our resources and you don’t comply, and they can tell that from the little chip that they’re gonna give you or your little digital I.D., then you get excluded from society. That’s the plan. What’s really important to understand is that the people who are pulling the strings and making these decisions are not elected; they are not accountable. And even when they are elected and accountable, like Governor Brad Little, they don’t care. He’s violating the law every time I turn around. These people don’t care.

Ultimately we are going to have to do one of two things. In my view, we stand up and fight back, or we build our own system. I’ve taken lately to saying globalism is the problem. Localism is the solution. And I truly believe that.

So what really catalyzed this last two decades of problems was really the financial crisis of 2008 -09. What happened during that time was that the banks in the U.S. actually were forced to write up all of their bad debts, but in Europe, they weren’t. So Europe has continued to go down, down, down, down. Deutsche Bank used to be the most powerful Euro-European bank. And it traded for about 175 euros a share. The last I looked at was around 7 or 10. Okay, why? Cause it’s totally broke. They have trillions and trillions of dollars of derivatives on their balance sheet. Nobody wants to deal with them. What happened in 2008-09 was that the European Central Bank started bailing out the banks because they couldn’t write off their bad debt. They wouldn’t let them do that because all the debt in Europe is not consolidated like it is in America because we are, of course, one country, they are many. The Germans don’t wanna bail out the Italians, or so they say, and so they just kicked the debt can down the street. What happened was that they created a bigger and bigger problem. And so today, in the U.S., well in Europe, they now have an unfunded public pension liability of nearly $60 trillion. $60 trillion. Think about that, folks. Do you think they’ll ever be able to get out of that? No chance, no chance ever in the United States, we have about 5 trillion, but we have way more debt.

We’ve got $30 trillion in debt. As I’m sure you all know, we have about five trillion in unfunded public pensions. There’s no chance they’re ever gonna get out of this hole. And the truth is that they’ve been buying your votes for decades with no intention of ever repaying the debt, and they are saddling you and your children and your grandchildren with this. What they’re hoping is that they can use all of the fear that they are purveying through COVID and now the new crisis. The supply chain damage and breakages, in order to reset the system, tell you they’re gonna do something good for all of you, which is to cancel your debt, but it’s really a cover for them to cancel theirs because that’s their only way out at this point. So they have created this gargantuan problem that they know they can’t resolve. And basically, the chickens came home to roost in the fall of 2019. Do any of you remember there was something called a repo market crisis interest rates in the overnight window, which is the rate that you borrow if you’re a big bank and you lend to another bank, and you park money overnight? Those rates are usually very close to zero. It’s essentially a risk-free rate. Well, what happened was U.S. banks said we don’t wanna deal with those European banks because we know they’re all broke. We’re not gonna trade with them. We don’t want the counterparty risk. So the Fed had to step in, but before the Fed stepped in, those rates spiked to 10% overnight. Overnight 10%. Think of what that would be annualized 10% a day, a huge amount.

Basically, the Fed had to step in and become the central bank of the world. And that was their kind of warning that, okay, we’re in dire trouble, and we need to do something. And then we get COVID. Now there’s research, or there’s actual evidence showing that they were shipping COVID-19 tests around the globe in 2017 and 2018. There’s evidence of that. Let’s move forward, Judy. So I just wanna impress; I’m gonna kind of go through this fast cuz it’s late. And I wanna impress upon you that there’s this financial component, okay? That these banks are broke and another piece that I didn’t mention is that the European central bank owns now half of the outstanding debt in Europe.

So think, if the fed owned half of the outstanding U.S. Treasury debt, think about that. That’d be huge, right? It’s shared by investors and other countries and all, but the European Central Bank, the ECB, now owns nearly 50% of all the outstanding debt. And what that means is if they raise interest rates, they’re actually hurting themselves. And given that they’ve got almost half of all the debt, there’s no marginal buyer. Nobody wants to buy European debt. And the reason for that is that they’ve had negative interest rates. If you put your money in the bank in Europe, you have to pay to hold it there. And if you’re a pension fund, how do you actually service your liabilities? You need to generate roughly 7 to 8% returns every year on your investments in order to earn enough to then pay your liabilities. How do you pay the people who are struggling if you don’t have any kind of return on your investment? So what’s happened is the Fed had to step in. We know that rates have been super low here, and the whole system is literally ready to implode.

So that’s why the pensions are totally broke is because the interest rates have been so low that they can’t actually generate a return. And that’s why they now have to do something. So what I also wanna talk about is how did we even have this whole situation that’s occurred for the last two years even happen, and it was facilitated by a medical complex. You know, Eisenhower said that we live under a military-industrial complex. I think that was really, that’s very- outdated and old-fashioned because the true problem in the world today is the medical complex. 250 to 440,000 Americans die every single year from medical errors in our hospitals in our medical system. And that’s not a crisis. Forty thousand people are injured every single day by the medical system every day in our hospitals. And that’s not a problem. So what’s happened? The hospitals, the research centers, the universities, everybody is controlled by the money, and where does the money come from? It comes from the Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, Ford, Carnegie, MacArthur, all the big guys, right? Comes from these giant private foundations. It comes from the NIH, which is somewhere between 40 and 50 billion, I think, this year. Yeah, 49 billion. It comes from the pharmaceutical industry. So those are your three main sources of funding. How many universities are gonna buck the trend, or researchers you know, publish, or perish? We’ve all heard this, right? How many people are gonna buck that and publish stuff that contradicts the mainstream narrative when they know that they’re just gonna lose future funding, they can’t, and they won’t.

And what’s worse is the journals are owned too. The journals, I mean the most prestigious journals in the world, the Lancet and the journal, New England journal of medicine and Jamma, they get a huge percentage of their revenues from something called reprints, which is when they get a study published and then they have it packaged into a little glossy pullout and ship to tens of thousands of physicians all over the world. So if you’re a journal, do you wanna publish Judy’s research? Or do you wanna publish someone who just tells you that whatever Fauci said is right? That’s what happens. And most people don’t realize that what’s really happening is that the whole system is controlled.

There’s literally the medical complex that has a kind of hegemony over us, and people don’t know they are deliberately sandbagging anybody who challenges them. If you are a doctor- the medical boards of every state has a licensing they were directed by the CDC; if you, as a physician, contradict what CDC tells… tells you how to treat COVID, yank their license in California if you write too many vaccine exemptions yank their license. I know many doctors, loving, kind, diligent doctors of integrity who’ve lost their licenses because they have run afoul of the system, and their grave sin was to challenge the status quo to challenge the dictates from the CDC and the medical complex.

The third line there’s really important IHME, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, University of Washington’s statistics kind of group. It’s like the Imperial College in London. What’s so extraordinary about those two groups? They were both funded to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars from the Gates Foundation and the UK Imperial, and these were the two groups that were putting out these terrifying estimates that millions of Americans would die. And, I forget what their numbers were for Britain, but they put out the really, really terrifying estimates very early on in the crisis saying that there was millions of people were gonna die, and none of this came true. And it was all through these models where they didn’t even have any data. It was just like numbered. There was truly crappy models, but they both had one thing in common, and that’s what they’d taken tons of money from Gates. In fact, Imperial college got 79 million in January of 2020, and IHME got 279 million in 2018. The system is so rigged. It’s literally hard for us to even imagine, but for 20 years now, I’ve had a front-row seat, and I’ve watched as people like Judy or my friend, Dr. Andy Wakefield, have literally been taken down by the system for daring to say that these jabs might be dangerous. Also interesting that if you look at the journal New England journal of medicine, you look at the Lancet, and in those two journals, the editors have both come out saying that 50% of science cannot be trusted. But literally, it’s a coin too, but it’s even worse than that because I think he might be the most published scientist on the planet today. His name is John Ioannidis, and he’s a professor of epidemiology and a physician at Stanford; he’s of Greek extraction, but he has written- he’s considered one of, if not the top, and he says that up to 90% of published research is fraud. It’s not valid. So it’s not just the journals, the universities. It’s not just that. It’s not just the research centers. It’s, of course, Congress; we know that that’s what’s greasing their palms, right? The pharmaceutical industry is the number one lobbyist in the United States. They have more lobbyists; in fact, twice as many as there are members of Congress, and 90% of senators have taken money. And I think it’s 97% of people in Congress. But they’re not buying them. They’re also buying the doctors, and there may be; what I wanna say when I criticize the medical complex is not intended to criticize any individual doctor because I think they’re very, very good individual doctors, but there’s a problem, right?

There’s a problem in Denmark, it’s rotten, and that’s that the system has completely lost sight of taking care of patients. I wanna share a story really quickly, which is when I was managing money. My job was to decide which of the multinational corporations that we reviewed we should invest in. So I got to interview the CEOs of the biggest companies in the world on a regular basis. And the CEO of one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world came into our offices. We owned about a billion dollars of their stock, and he said to the research analyst and the portfolio managers who were there and the phone to New York, listen, our new drug that’s in phase three trials. A few people have died in very, very rare instances. The bad news is the FDA is gonna make us put a black box warning on our packaging. The good news is we still think we’ll be able to do 7 billion in peak sales. This was a turning point for me, folks. I felt like someone had kicked me in the gut. I left that room. I walked to my office and I paced back and forth. I walked down to my pharmaceutical analyst’s office, and I just said, this is wrong. And she sort of shrugged her shoulders. And she’s like, I know, but what do you want me to do about it, lady? And for me, I knew that I was playing for the wrong team, and it was the first time in my career that I saw crystal clear that these people have no problem sacrificing your life for their bottom line. And I dedicated the rest of my life to trying to make a difference. And I quit within two years because I knew I was on the wrong side.

What I wanna say is that the whole thing is bought. The pharmaceutical industry is paying doctors, just paying them. You think they’re a doctor who’s speaking out because they believe in a drug or because they’ve seen it do well in their own practice. That’s not the case. They’re paying them. They bestow honors on them. They give them money. They’re paid to speak. There are ghostwritten articles, and then they’re paid to put their name on them and publish them. That’s the way it really works. And they pay them billions of dollars every year. These people are not independent, and they’re not necessarily doing what’s in your best interest. And then they say, you know what? We are so smart. We are not influenced by these methods. We’re above it. It doesn’t matter if we get pens and pads of paper or a hundred thousand dollars. It doesn’t affect us. Of course, the research shows that it does affect them, but they think they’re above it. And the reach extends to the media. Everything you see in the media, 70% of it rather, is funded by the pharmaceutical industry. They literally account for 70% of T.V. ads in a non-election year. They spent $35 billion, and I think it was last year, or is it this year? On advertisements globally, 35 billion. So I want you to understand that there’s this tremendously nefarious network. There’s the pharmaceutical industry. There’s the hospitals, the state licensing boards, the government, the media, and the universities, and they’re all owned by the same three groups, the private foundations, the pharmaceutical industry, and the NIH.

This is why it seems so strange, right? It seems so odd. Like how can this possibly be happening? This doesn’t seem to make sense. Well, it doesn’t make sense because it’s not about public health, and it’s never been about public health. It’s about saving their butts. That’s what it’s really about.

So if they wanna create a reset, how do they do it? Well, first of all, they’ve gotta destroy the way that you earn a living. So that’s why it’s okay to go to Walmart but not to a small business. They’ve started these programs. Remember I said China, right? The virus lives on cash. So demonize cash. Get the public to accept that it’s dangerous. It’s scary. It’s bad, right? Then we’ll willingly give it up across the world. They’ve had other messages in Australia for years. They’ve been saying cash is for criminals. In Canada, they have outlawed the higher denominations. In India, they’ve actually outlawed cash. This is happening all over the world. My dad used to carry, I don’t know why, but he always had two- he drove a lot between California and Idaho, two $500 bills in his wallet. You never even see $500 bills anymore. Do you? So they’ve also been saying that they’ve been restricting the amount that you can buy anything in cash, right? It keeps getting lower and lower and lower. So they’re basically just funneling us and funneling us and funneling us into their system.

And why? Why do they have to destroy cash? They have to destroy cash because they’re going to install a digital control grid. And what is at the core of that? It’s the passport, the digital I.D. connected to your employment, your banking, and your insurance. So all your financials, your health records, you’ve given up your vaccine information, right? So now we’ll just give up everything, your driver’s license and travel documents.

 It’s basically implementing the Chinese social credit system through the back door, but the point is they get rid of the cash. Does everybody know that about ten days ago, Biden signed an executive order authorizing Treasury officials and the Fed to start investigating cryptos implementation of a central bank-backed digital currency and all the risks and dangers of digital assets, right? My personal theory is that they’ve allowed cryptos to flourish for the last ten years in order to condition us to accept a digital kind of currency. And what will happen is now they’re gonna regulate it. Make no mistake, regulation and licensure standardization are all about money, power, and control, and they are the way that they put everybody else outta business.

So they retain the reigns of control in their hands. That’s the whole point of this. I highly advocate that you have some junk silver back in 1965; all of the silver coins in America actually were silver. You could buy bags of those paper dollars. I wouldn’t keep it in the; actually, the world bank actually came out yesterday or the day before and cautioned people not to panic and don’t hoard cash or go to the bank and take money out. And don’t hoard commodities and food and things like that. We’ll figure it out, and it’ll all be okay. That seems like a really good time to go out and get some cash if you ask me. So universal basic income. How many people have heard of that? Do you know that they’ve actually been using pilot programs of universal basic income for about five or six years in this country and in Europe as well? Isn’t it very convenient that all of a sudden, they started making these COVID payments to people that were almost the same size as the universal basic income programs they’ve been demonstrating for the last few years? And doesn’t it destigmatize taking money from the government so that when all of our jobs are wiped out, there won’t be any stigma for taking money from the government in order to survive?

They wanna track everything. Remember that was in there $600. Any transaction of $600 was in the last big budget or program that they were trying to implement. It got taken out, but that was their intention that they were gonna track every transaction of $600 or more. This is not about their needs. This is about their desire to control us, right? And who else has been getting in on the digital currency game and just cash? You know Apple pay, right? Facebook was gonna do its own currency. All the big tech guys are getting in on this game. And the Fed is now taking deposits directly. That’s one of the new ideas. So what if all the other banks go away, and we only have deposits at the Fed for everybody, and it’s all connected to your digital I.D., and you decide you don’t want that shot? Don’t want a flu shot, doesn’t work for me.

Have you guys heard about programmable money? So what they do is. Britain’s been working on this and, you know, darn well, if Britain’s been working on it, everybody’s working on it, right? It’s just that one country does it in order to float the idea out there that this is where we’re going. The first quarantine camps were in Canada or Australia. They all do these things from different angles so that it gets out there into the kind of general consciousness, and then people accept it.

So programmable money. So this is what they’re doing in Britain. They’re talking about how they can actually create a currency with a kind of software program in it. They can tell that currency, which is then in your digital wallet. This is only for bread.

If you’re not a good girl or boy, you can’t do X, Y, or Z right if you’re not socially acceptable. So have you heard about the new standards? There’s sustainability and then government and environment. Anyway, the point is that they can actually program; they program the money so that you can’t do what you need and want to do. That’s the whole point of it. And it’s another way to control us. 

Another pillar of this whole program is surveillance. Elon Musk has already put up nearly 2000 low earth orbit satellites, and Bill Gates has put up about a thousand. Their intention is to have real-time video coverage of every square inch of the planet live. Literally, there’s nowhere to go, no way to get out of it. That’s the plan, and people who buy new appliances, you know, they all hook up now through your wifi, right?

That’s the internet of things, but there’s another new plan, which is the internet of bodies. And the internet of bodies is exactly what it sounds like it’s hooking you up. And these shots aren’t just contaminated with all this stuff. They also have; I’ve seen it with my own eyes, very strange; I’ve seen scientists that I know who’ve actually done these studies. They have circuitry and things in them that assemble. It’s very scary. 

So these programs are being piloted all over the world. You’ve got Trust Stamp in Africa and all these different things. They told us at the beginning of 2020 when we were highlighting ID 2020 and these programs, that we were all part of a conspiracy theory. And, of course, you know, it’s only about three months now from a conspiracy theory to reality, right? These programs are everywhere, and this is what they’re going to use in order to control us. So we either resist or we fall. That’s it. 

What I want people to understand now is that this didn’t just happen since 2008 or 2009. This plan has been manufactured and constructed over many, many decades. In Europe, the head of the European Union and the head of the European Council are not elected. They never stand for election. They’re accountable to no one. Doesn’t that sound like what will happen with the one-world government, right? These people are not accountable to any of us. And in the U.S., we’re seeing that our elected officials actually aren’t as accountable as we thought they would be. In the U.S., I think it’s generally regarded by the freedom community that 1913 was the worst year in our history because several things happened. Number one, they created the Fed. But before that, they passed the 16th amendment and created the federal income tax. But what’s really important for us all to know is that they wrote in an exemption to that income tax for the super-rich, so they could grow all of their money, you know, accumulate it and grow it tax-free.

While the rest of us were saddled with taxes, and that’s how they’ve been able to funnel all this money then into academia, education, science, medicine, and all these things. It’s been a very, very long-term orchestrated plan. 

In the 1950s, there was a Congressman named Reece who investigated the private foundations, and it is, this is such an important piece of our history for people to understand. And most people have never even heard of Reece. And they’ve never heard of what he found because what happened was the investigations were so jaw-dropping that they stopped them.

But what happened was Reece Congressman Reece hired a guy named Norman Dodd, who was an attorney of very high repute. And Norman Dodd led the investigation into these private foundations. So in 1913, they got their free pass, and they started accumulating their wealth. They could put it in there tax-free and then accumulate it without taxes.

And then they could funnel it into all their interests. These foundations are not about philanthropy. They’re about an agenda. And the Reece committee discovered what it was. Norman Dodd went to these individual foundations, and they met with him. They opened their doors, and he talked with them, and he asked them, and he said, Hey, you know, what are you guys really trying to do? And you know what they said, install collectivism in America.

This was almost 70 years ago, folks. This is one of the explanations of why we’ve seen the moral and educational decay that we see in our society because it’s deliberate. It’s not an accident. It’s not a mistake. Then we jump forward to the Church committee in 1975. Church investigated the nefarious activities of intelligence in other groups in this country. And what he found was that they had installed roughly 400 CIA assets at media outlets all across the country. It’s in 1975. And when he specifically asked when Senator church specifically said, Hey, do you have people right now? They refused to answer and said, we’d rather talk about that offline, Senator. This is a program that they say stopped. But I think it’s pretty safe to say that that’s not the case. And I’ll explain to you in just a minute why I’m actually quite confident that this is not the case. 

They did other things, though, too. They infiltrated civil rights groups. They assassinated civil rights leaders. They messed with people’s minds. There’s a program you’re called a conspiracy theorist if you believe in it, but it’s true M.K. Ultra. It’s how they literally split the psyche so they can control people. They did all these things. They say they stopped them all. I really have to question whether that’s the case.

So when I said that, I think we could safely assume that these programs are still in, in place. This is why on the one hand, you have the pharmaceutical industry spending billions and billions of dollars to control the media. On the other hand, you have this stuff. First of all, in 2012, does everybody know what the National Defense Authorization Act is?

The NDAA it’s the mechanism by which Congress approves the Pentagon budget every year, okay. Every single year. There’s one of these, and the NDAA of 2012 actually suspended the writ of habeas Corpus. The writ of habeas Corpus is the right to appear before a judge and appeal against wrongful imprisonment. One of our most basic and fundamental rights it’s gone, all they have to do is deem you an enemy combatant or a terrorist or something, and it’s becoming easier and easier for them. In 2013 in 2016, they repealed the Smith Mundt Act, which banned prohibited propagandizing of American citizens. So up until this point, it was legal for the CIA to disseminate propaganda deliberately in foreign countries but not in the United States because, well, that’s wrong, right? But they repealed that and said, Nope, we’re gonna do that now here. And they, they, when they were criticized, they said, we’re just repealing it. We’re not gonna set up a program, and we don’t have any funding for it. So don’t worry. Well, a few years later, what did they do? They set up the program, and they funded it.

So that was 2016. So it is legal now for the U.S. government to deliberately lie to the public in order to manipulate you. Yes, to disseminate information through the media, to lie to you. And there was a man named Udo Ulfkotte. He’s a German man. And he was the editor of one of the biggest German newspapers for over 20 years. And he came out. I think it’s been about ten years now. And he said ten years ago now, and he said, I just need to come clean because you see, I’ve been being paid by intelligence agencies, like the CIA, to put information out there. And he said I think pretty much every journalist is paid and takes money and prints the stories that the CIA gives them. But it’s not just the CIA. It’s also super-wealthy billionaires. So it all comes back to them. And then he said that he really regretted it because he’d done something really horrible. And that was when he released the first article that said that Saddam had WMD; it was given to him by the CIA, he says. He’s no longer with us. He died in his; I think he was only in his mid-fifties of a heart attack or some heart condition. I just wanna impress upon you everything that you see in the media. The media has become the propaganda arm of the corporations and the state. And I think it’s pretty safe to say that we are actually living under cronyism or fascism.

You have to be so discerning at anything and everything when you see children being wheeled out, red flag, that this is to tug on your heartstrings. When you see shock and awe, red flag, this is something designed to bypass your normal cognitive process. When you are when you see confusion, right? Think about it; masks are ridiculous. They’re never useful. Let’s not use them. No, no, no, they’re really helpful. Actually, maybe you should wear two. No, no, no, they don’t do anything. What are they doing? They’re confusing you, and they’re confusing you because that’s the way they get us to submit a confused populace is a submissive populace because then most people look to authority for guidance. Just help me understand what’s happening. I’m so confused, and I don’t know who to believe or who to trust. It’s deliberate, unfortunately.

I now wanna just connect the dots so that people understand. When I say that this started a long time ago, it really truly did. In 1910, there was a report written called the Flexner report. It was introduced to Congress. It was actually written five years earlier by the American medical association, but it wasn’t appropriate for the American medical association to put it out because it would look like they were trying to smear their competition.

What the Flexner report did was evaluate the state of medicine in America, specifically medical schools, and what the Flexner report said Rockefeller and Carnegie funded it and handed it to Congress. And what it said was that all these different healing modalities, chiropractors, and herbalists and homeopaths and midwives and all it’s very, very dangerous because it’s not standardized and licensed, we need to standardize and license all of the medicine in America, and it’s gonna be so much better. It’s really, really, you know, it’s just like the wild west. We’ve gotta fix this. Well, of course, nobody was dying from these ancient healing modalities, but Rockefeller had a vested interest in, and so did Carnegie, which was the promotion of chemical and pharmaceutical-based medicine because they both had chemicals.

Okay. And so that’s what they did. They essentially installed a monopoly by deriding their competition, and Congress dutifully obliges them pivotal. You go forward a few decades, and you get to their creation of the FDA standardization and licensing. As I said earlier, 40,000 people are injured every single day in hospitals 40,000.

There’s a report that shows that 18% of hospital patients suffer an injury in the hospital, okay? This is completely dismissed, right? If our healthcare system were truly about our health, they’d be trying to fix this, and they’re not.

Instead, they go after homeopaths and naturopaths, and chiropractors who hurt nobody when they’re killing tens of thousands. In fact, hundreds of thousands every single year, and Bayh–Dole is a really important piece of this. And then the Prescription Drug User Fee Act is super important, as well as the Bayh–Dole in 1980, that was passed that allowed government-funded scientists, meaning taxpayer-funded scientists, to retain the intellectual property rights to their research.

This is why Fauci and his minions profit off of the coronavirus vaccines. The- I don’t, I usually don’t call them vaccines. The COVID injections, they developed the Moderna shot, and they own half the patent on it. And they can each make $150,000 a year per patent. That’s what Bayh–Dole did.

So the prescription drug user fee act was passed in 1992. This allowed the pharmaceutical industry to effectively capture the FDA. So when it was first passed, they said, well, it’s just gonna be for what we call unmet medical needs. And it’ll only be a hundred million a year. What happens now is that the pharmaceutical industry just greases the skids at the FDA to get anything they want passed.

So it started out as a hundred million, 2.6 billion in 2021. This amounts to 65% of the drug approver’s salaries and almost 50% of the FDA’s total budget. It is no wonder that the FDA asked the judge to block the release of Pfizer’s documents for 75 years. Pfizer didn’t ask that the FDA did why because they’re literally a completely captured agency. They’re not serving us. They’re serving the pharmaceutical industry that they’re supposed to be regulating.

It’s not just FDA, though. NIH has a partnership with Bill Gates. You can read the documents. CDC is a public-private partnership that’s taken in the last year. I think about 300 million from the pharmaceutical industry and other vested interests. NIH has earned 2 billion in the last 30 years on the drugs and vaccines that they have developed and licensed, literally 2 billion in royalties.

 CDC owns, I forget it’s like 65 or 70 patents on vaccines. It’s a huge amount. These agencies are not health agencies. They are profit centers for the people who work there, and they also have a revolving door. So Gotlieb used to be the head of the FDA; he’s now on the board of Pfizer. Julie Gerberding was the head of CDC for eight years. She left, she had a year off, and then she went to go and head up Merck vaccines, globally making tens of millions.

It’s not just the pharmaceutical industry, though. Gates also plays a huge role in buying the media. In the first decade of. This century Gates “gave” a billion dollars to the media. And in the last couple of years, he’s given about 300 million. He says it’s in order to make sure that journalists are properly trained in how to report on his pet projects and the areas that are of importance to him.

This whole agenda has really accelerated in the last 20 years. I talked about what happened in 2012 and 2013, and 2016. But if we go back to 2001 and 9/11, we have to remember that the Patriot Act was the first kind of thin end of the wedge, right, that we’re dealing with. Now, the Patriot act allowed warrantless surveillance of innocent American citizens, something hitherto unthinkable. And people didn’t say anything. People went along with it. What is shocking to most people is that two weeks after the Patriot Act was introduced, which was only 45 days after 9/11, it was literally drafted and passed allegedly in 45 days. Two weeks after that, a new legislation called the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act, legislation was introduced, and this legislation accorded extraordinary powers to governors and state health departments in the event of a disease outbreak; go figure, nobody said anything, but this is why when two, when 2020 rolled around, I was like, okay, it’s finally happening. 

In 2005, we got the Prep Act. And what did that do? It allows HHS to declare a health emergency. And when HHS declares a health emergency, it is a liability shield to all the manufacturers who produce what are called medical countermeasures. So the tests, the masks, the jabs, everything, no corporation that makes any of these medical countermeasures has any liability. They can only be sued if you can prove willful misconduct, which is, you know, a bar this high, it’s almost impossible. 

Guest: What about shadowing? Legitimate alternatives? That’s proven it right there. 

Leslie: He just said, what about shadowing alternatives like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine? Of course, it’s very, very clear France banned hydroxy very early on. Idaho did it. Other states did it. You know, it was orchestrated. Little is part of the cabal, obviously. And he’s got huge connections to China, which I’m sure many people know. What I’m really trying to do here is paint a picture that this is not an accident. This is not an oversight or a mistake. People say, oh, well, you know, I listen to many reporters and journalists say, well, you know, they miscalculated on this, or they didn’t realize I’m sorry, but B.S., they knew damn well what they were doing. They blocked the public from knowing we had to get a court order to get these documents. They should be in the public domain. When in the world would you ever continue with a product that’s killed thousands and thousands of people? If not millions, we know from history in the swine flu outbreak of 1976, when about 50 people died, they stopped those jabs. And now we’re in a completely different situation.

This is not an accident or an oversight. It’s not a mistake. We have to, and it is so important that you understand this because we have to understand our enemy, right? We have to understand that we’re not dealing with people who are like us. They don’t have a conscience. And if you’re going to try and combat someone who doesn’t have a conscience, you have to think differently, and you have to use different tactics. And one of the most important things is that we start rebuilding a system. So I have some really good news. I wanna tell you about in just a second. The National Meningitis Foundation that’s an Astroturf. That’s not a real organization. Every child by two, these programs, I mean, most of these things that have slick websites, they say they’re parent-led. They are fake. They are AstroTurf. They are not grassroots organizations. They are funded by the pharmaceutical industry so that you don’t go looking for a true cure in holistic medicine but that you stay in their little domain of chemicals because then you’re a patient for life.

Another really important piece. The fact-checking, you see all these fact-checkers out there, they’re funded by gates. They are funded by Google. They use their algorithms to censor anybody and everybody. Whenever I send an email from my movie account, The Greater Good, it goes to Gmail. I’m telling you, 99% of the time, it goes into spam, and it’ll have a flag on it too. It won’t just go into spam. It will say that this email violates the community standards. I’m like, I just wrote a little note to somebody. This is how bad it is. It’s that insidious. 

This is the study I mentioned; it was done in the North Carolina hospital system. We’re talking about huge damage from this medical system. And why is it happening? Well, it’s happening because of all the things that Judy was talking about. I’m on the board of the Western A Price Foundation, which is a national nutrition organization.

And we teach whole foods, whole traditional foods. I drink bone broth every single day. Why? Because it’s got glycine in it, right? It’s got so many other things in it. Whole foods provide the nutrients that we need in order to keep our bodies well. And if we do keep our bodies, well, we are much more likely to heal quickly.

And these holistic remedies are all we need. We do not need drugs. The reason we’re sick is cuz we’re all starving. We are when we’re not starving; we’re well-fed but starving of nutrients. 

I think I just wanna close here and say that what we face is extremely daunting. I get that, but there are solutions, especially if we come together as a community, and as I was driving down here today, I spoke with a doctor who was fired from St. Luke’s in Boise. He’s actually a surgeon. He told me the fantastic news, which is that they are creating a PMA, a private membership association with a hospital, with healthcare inside of it.

But it’s true healthcare integrating emergency medicine together with all of these holistic practitioners inside of a faith-based community. This is the answer, folks.

I wanna work with them to do it in my community. I’m sure if there are people here who wanna do it here, they would be helping be willing to help support us. But this is what we have to do. We have to build our system outside of the old one. Listen, yes, we’re armed, but they’ve got way bigger guns. They’ve got the money. They own the media, and they own everything. We have to render their system obsolete. We have to prove to the public the right path. And that’s actually easy because if we grow on our grow our own food, we heal ourselves through true healing arts instead of chemical and pharmaceutical-based systems.

I’m not saying that it all goes away. There is a time and a place I get in a car accident. I break my thumb, take me to the hospital. But for the most part, most chronic conditions are not healed by allopathic medicine. They’re just managed, and that is not healing, and it’s our God-given right to be healthy and well, so let’s all come together.

Let’s grow our food. Let’s make our own schools outside the government system. Let’s create local currencies. Let’s build our own healthcare systems that are truly about health and well-being. Let’s come together and build our own society and forget theirs because we don’t need it. It’s not helping us, and we can’t win head-on, but we can build our own and live the lives that we want.

And I guarantee that if we do that, we will prove the merits of our way, and millions more will wanna join us. Thank you.