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Health Freedom – Real Solutions Are Within Our Reach

Written by: Kendall Nelson | Originally Published by: Weston A. Price Foundation

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Academicians have discussed the Hegelian dialectic since the Age of Enlightenment, but even today, the concept is not well understood by the general population. The Hegelian dialectic is a “problem-reaction-solution” equation that governments (and others) use to manipulate the public’s thoughts, emotions and actions, and thereby engineer society.

First, the government creates or exploits a problem and attributes blame intended to provoke a public reaction. Second, the people react and ask the government to help solve the problem and keep them safe and secure. Third, the government offers a solution—having conveniently prepared it prior to the crisis—which results in more power for the rul­ing class. The net effect of this theater is that the people relinquish their sacred rights and liberties to government and its cronies in exchange for “the illusion of protection and help.”¹ When Winston Churchill famously said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” did he anticipate how future crises might be engineered to strip people of hitherto untouchable rights?

Monopolist oil magnate John D. Rockefeller was a prime example of someone who used the “problem-reaction-solution” equation to eliminate competition. Together, he and Andrew Carnegie subsidized the 1910 Flexner Report, which called for federal regulation and standardization of medical schools; once that regulation was in place, they channeled funds to medical schools that pushed petroleum-based pharmaceuticals, defunded schools employing homeopathy and used fear and mockery to demonize natural medicines.² Today, the American medical system claims the lives of an estimated two to four hundred thousand individuals every year, making it officially the third leading cause of death—and the unofficial numbers likely are much higher.3-5

The Covid-19 “pandemic” is the most recent example of the Hege­lian dialectic at work. Governments around the world created a crisis or, at the very least, took advantage of it. They then used propaganda disseminated through the legacy media, as well as censorship, to control the narrative and ensure that a fearful public would react with outrage and ask for government help to restore order and safety. Finally, gov­ernments enacted “solutions,” including new laws and executive orders. These well-disguised but oppressive (and predetermined) abuses of power stripped people of their civil liberties and had a chilling effect on health and freedom across the globe.

Today, the far-ranging repercussions of the “global health emer­gency” continue to affect almost every person on earth, with civil liberties curtailed in democracies as well as dictatorships. According to Freedom House, a U.S.-based nongovernmental organization that promotes democracy and monitors the extent of political and economic freedom in countries throughout the world, the U.S. freedom score fell in 2020, largely because citizens bought into the orchestrated fear and allowed those in power to advance a totalitarian agenda.6


Every January, the world’s foremost busi­ness leaders, politicians and economists head to the Swiss resort town of Davos to attend the World Economic Forum (WEF) conference, where the coercive Hegelian dialectic method can be observed in real time. The theme of this year’s conference was “Cooperation in a Fragmented World.” Topics (or “problems”) discussed included trade, technology, climate, Ukraine, economies and health.7 Bold predic­tions and calls for a more resilient and sustain­able future abounded as speakers sought to elicit “reactions” from their audiences. Next, they offered up a variety of business, policy and financial “solutions.”

Catherine Austin Fitts, publisher of the Solari Report and former Assistant Secretary of Housing (Bush 41 administration) is a friend and colleague in the fight for health freedom. Fitts posits that the WEF is the “marketing arm” tasked with making the global coup and its tyrannical “solutions” seem fashionable. She also points to other powerful entities that lurk further behind the scenes, notably the Bank for International Settlements (BIS)—the central bank of central banks—and domestic and regional central banks like the U.S. Federal Reserve and European Central Bank.8,9 Other influential players include global groups like the Club of Rome, various think tanks and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that obligingly serve as front groups.

Bearing in mind the wide range of visible and less visible global players, examining the doings of the WEF highlights how vital it is to understand the manipulative techniques being deployed against us and the importance of scru tinizing all proposed “solutions.” At this year’s conference, WEF founder and executive chair­man Klaus Schwab generated controversy—and set the tone for the meetings—with his opening promise to “master the future.” Meanwhile, U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry openly told his audience, “We are a select group of human beings.” As for the media, when former CNN chief media correspondent Brian Stelter moderated a panel titled “The Clear and Present Danger of Disinformation,”10 he issued a plea for censorship against “information pol­lution” that was reminiscent of powers ordained during the CIA’s 1950s-era Operation Mocking­bird. In that program, the intelligence agency paid or forced American and foreign media to do its bidding with the goal of intentionally misinforming on a myriad of issues to influence public opinion and political outcomes.11

As Tucker Carlson satirically pointed out during the WEF conference, “The WEF seems to exist to destroy national economies” rather than enrich them.12 Outlining the WEF’s upside-down track record, Carlson noted the WEF’s cheerful prediction that Covid lockdowns would “quietly improve cities,” when in real­ity, the lockdowns caused profound economic travesties. When the WEF disastrously urged the government of Sri Lanka to suddenly give up nitrogen-based fertilizer, in a version of the Green New Deal, the country collapsed and people starved. Carlson also observed that WEF members endorsed Sam Bankman-Fried and his cryptocurrency exchange company FTX— perhaps the greatest financial Ponzi scheme in modern history.

Unsurprisingly, the “select group of human beings” on display at the conference abhors the democratic process and promotes, in an increas­ingly brazen manner, the global centralization of power and governance by hand-picked technocrats. Under the surface of the WEF’s cleverly marketed “Great Reset” plan, it is not hard to spot a less appealing agenda that fea­tures central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), digital surveillance, widespread censorship and control of food and energy supplies. Willing to use tools like war, economic collapse, famine, disease and genocide, the aim of central bankers and the other global elites for whom the WEF and Schwab serve as frontmen is nothing less than the capture of the world’s most valuable re­sources and the digital enslavement of its people.

The globalist agenda also has a distinctive transhumanist component,13 plainly in evidence at futurist Nita A. Farahany’s 2023 WEF talk titled “Ready for Brain Transparency?”14 The talk celebrated artificial intelligence advances in decoding brain activity through wearable de­vices that already exist. According to Farahany, such devices can monitor workers’ productivity, help fight crime and even help someone find love. Farahany insisted people have the “right to cognitive liberty,” but it is easy to see through her platitudes. Although she and her audience claimed that governments would implement the standards and regulations necessary to protect the individual, my response is that no one at the WEF cares about your free will. The globalists’ admitted aim is to centralize the power and wealth of sovereign nations into “a handful of global powers,” all the while using entities like the WEF to make you believe they are building a sustainable, more equitable future.15


There is no silver bullet or person coming to save the day—we are the solution. Those of us who are on a principled path of integrity and who believe in protecting the dignity of all people are gaining momentum. We will ulti­mately win the fight for personal freedom as well as health freedom. There are many good, viable solutions we can apply in our own lives.

Some may say, “I am just one person, and what I do will not make a difference.” For those who feel that way, I will tell you the story of one woman in a small town in Idaho who has dedicated her time and energy to health freedom and has made a huge impact through sheer de­termination. That woman is former successful Wall Street executive Leslie Manookian, MBA, M.L.C. Hom. When it comes to encouraging others to do the same, she says, “You just put one foot in front of the other, and you start walking. And if it is the right path, God, life and the universe will provide. Never think ‘I’m so small’ because it only takes one person to start something, and when you do, many other people will follow you.”

In full disclosure, Leslie is not only a col­league but also my dearest friend. She is one of the people I would trust the most to go to war with, and in some ways, we have. Our journey began sixteen years ago at a women’s luncheon, where Leslie told me about her dream of making a documentary about the vaccine controversy in America. The result of our meeting was the character-driven film The Greater Good, which has been seen by millions of viewers and won numerous awards, including the Cinematic Vision award at the 2011 Amsterdam Film Festival and the prestigious Koroni award at the 2011 Sidewalk Moving Pictures Film Festival. Our goal was to open the hearts and minds of those who had never considered that vaccines were not as safe and effective as purported—or who doubted that vaccine injury was real. This was our first professional endeavor together.

Leslie’s former career in finance took her from New York to London with Goldman Sachs.16 She later became Director of Alliance Capital in London, running their European Growth Portfolio Management and Research businesses. One afternoon, under the cloud of a plummeting stock price, a prominent pharmaceutical CEO came to reassure her and the team at Alliance Capital that their substantial investment in the company was sound. Investors were betting that the company’s new “blockbuster” drug would earn the company billions and drive the stock price higher. However, rumors had emanated from the Phase III clinical trials cautioning that the drug had caused heart damage and ultimately had killed several trial participants. With this as the backdrop, the CEO looked Leslie in the eye and said, “Listen, in very, very rare instances, a few people have died. The bad news is, the FDA is going to make us put a ‘black box warning’ on the packaging; the good news is, we still think we’ll be able to do seven billion dollars in peak sales.”

Having never before heard anyone be that cavalier in their assessment of the trade-off between corporate profit and human life, Leslie felt as though someone had kicked her in the gut. That was the moment when “the veil began to rip off,” she said in an interview with the Weston A. Price Foundation’s vice president, Dr. Tom Cowan.17 The experience spurred her to begin questioning her life and her purpose.

During this period, Leslie was quite ill and getting worse, but she did not know why. Her mainstream doctor admitted that allopathic medicine could not help her and eventually suggested she see a homeopath. Though she did not connect the dots until many years later, when Leslie graduated from business school at twenty-eight years of age, she had traveled to Southeast Asia for two months before taking the job at Goldman Sachs. Prior to the trip, she naively agreed to her university medical center’s recommendation to receive a slew of childhood and travel vaccines in one day—unfortunately not an uncommon practice. A week later, she returned for another round of boosters. Within a couple of weeks, she experienced terrible health problems, including digestive and menstrual irregularities, allergies, neck stiffness and migraine headaches. She also developed a sleep disorder and sensitivity to perfume, smoke, chemicals, light and sound, as well as numbness and tingling in her legs, skin erup­tions and extreme fatigue. She became very withdrawn. In her words, “I had all the adult hallmarks of a child with autism.”

Riddled with chronic infections and sickness, Leslie took her doc­tor’s recommendation and went to see a homeopath. She credits the homeopath and homeopathy with changing her life. Fascinated with the mind-body connection and the progress she was making with her health, she found the impetus to enroll in a homeopathic college on the weekends. During orientation on the first day, the instructor mentioned vaccine damage and encouraged Leslie to read Neil Z. Miller’s book titled Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective?, a book containing nearly one thousand footnotes to the medical literature and media reports cataloguing the myriad disorders associated with vaccines.18 It was not until we were well into making our film that Leslie fully realized that what had happened to her was a result of vaccine injury. She felt called to make the movie, learn the truth about vaccines for herself and share it with the world.

Leslie spent the next two-plus decades researching vaccines and also studying assaults on individual health freedoms, watching how legisla­tors used the pretext of public health to pave the way for authoritarian measures. As soon as the events of early 2020 unfolded and Leslie heard reports of a dreaded virus originating in China, she knew her worst fears had materialized. She warned her family and friends and tried to warn local public servants. Then, in anticipation of the mandates she knew would soon come, she decided she would also found a nonprofit committed to health freedom education and advocacy as well as, when necessary, litigation in defense of those freedoms.


Today, Leslie is the president and founder of the Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF), a nonprofit organization that stands for freedom, choice and the most basic of human rights: bodily autonomy. HFDF edu­cates our citizens about the primacy of the individual and about ethical principles such as informed consent as a means of advancing society to a place where every individual is free to pursue education and employ­ment and participate in worship or society free of coercion, threats or pressure regarding personal health care choices. Leslie staunchly de­fends and advocates for our freedoms but also cautions, “Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. We must take responsibility for our lives, our education and our choices as we cannot defend our freedom if we are not engaged or educated.” As socialist playwright George Bernard Shaw once said, “Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.”

As a testament to what one person can do, I want to tell you about one of HFDF’s early lawsuits. During the height of the Covid “pan­demic,” Leslie told me she wanted to sue the city of Hailey, Idaho, located just a few miles down the road from where we each live. She asked if I would be a plaintiff, and my answer was a resounding “yes.”

The lawsuit challenged the city’s mask mandate. We argued that masks were not FDA-approved but rather had been granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). By defi­nition, therefore, they were experimental and, per federal law, could not be mandated. We also argued that the ethical principle of informed consent enshrined in the Nuremberg Code,19 the Declaration of Helsinki,20 the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations21 and UNESCO’s Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights22 constituted a universally agreed-upon and ac­knowledged judicial norm. Therefore, forced medical interventions were illegal.

We live in a small, close-knit community. As you can imagine, it took great courage for Leslie to sue our neighboring city, its mayor and city council. Not everyone was pleased with our actions. The local newspaper crucified us, and one so-called friend wrote dreadful things about us on social media.23 Leslie was targeted and accused of being selfish and ignorant of the dangers of Covid-19. The local newspaper falsely stated that our lawsuit claimed, “Hai­ley’s mask policy constituted ‘a grand medical experiment’ analogous to ‘the barbaric medical experiments performed on unwilling victims of Nazi’s [sic] Germany’s concentration camps.’” In a letter to the editor, valley residents accused Leslie of hijacking the Holocaust, and a local city councilwoman called her an anti-Semite.

Although we put enough pressure on city officials to end the mandate for a time, we did not have the opportunity to go to court, as our appointed judge wrongfully declared that we did not have standing to move forward and that the mask mandate law did not constitute force! Rather than dissuading Leslie from further ac­tion, this decision lit a fire within her, prompting her, through the HFDF, to sue the President of the United States over the federal travel mask mandate. And she won! The decision by a U.S. District Court judge in Florida invalidated the federal order by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) requiring that masks be worn on airplanes, trains, buses and other travel conveyances and in transportation hubs. In response to this victory, Leslie stated:

“Without any public comment or serious scientific justification, CDC bureaucrats imposed a sweeping Travel Mask Mandate applying to every American over the age of two. There are laws that set boundaries for federal agencies to protect individual freedom and the Court clearly found that CDC exceeded those limits. Unelected of­ficials cannot do whatever they like to our personal freedoms just because they claim good motives and a desirable goal.”24

This lawsuit not only liberated tens of millions of daily travelers from the clutches of bureaucratic tyranny but also sent shockwaves through the federal gov­ernment and the halls of power, striking a severe blow to the force and authority of federal agencies. It also amply illustrated the power of one.


Leslie knew the Covid measures were not rooted in concern for public health but represented an effort to change our very way of life and system of government. She decided she could not sit idly by and let it happen. Since founding HFDF in the summer of 2020, HFDF has brought, supported or funded more than a dozen lawsuits challenging vaccine mandates, mask mandates, religious discrimination and various constitutional violations.

For example, HFDF, together with thirty thousand airline and trans­portation employees, challenged the Biden administration’s Covid-19 injection mandate for all U.S. employees or federal contractors on the basis that the Executive branch does not possess the power or authority to make law. After HFDF filed, several U.S. states joined together to file a lawsuit based on the same merits as the HFDF case. Because the states asked for immediate injunctive relief (something HFDF did not feel appropriate at the time it filed), the courts heard the states’ case first and issued a ruling in favor of the plaintiffs, thereby protecting the live­lihoods of tens of thousands. Although the courts prioritized the states’ case and paused HFDF’s case, it was the initial filing by HFDF that not only put the administration on notice that its unconstitutional mandates would not go unchallenged, but established the facts that the courts then affirmed in the state case.

In another lawsuit, HFDF, together with Federal Employees for Freedom representing over six thousand federal employees, challenged the Biden administration’s Covid-19 injection mandate for all federal em­ployees, as the federal government does not have the power or authority to dictate health policy to individual Americans. Again, a group of states then “leapfrogged” over the HFDF case by requesting an immediate halt to the mandate—a type of request more likely to succeed when brought by a state—arguing the same merits as the HFDF case. A U.S. District Court ruled in favor of the merits of the case, the Department of Justice appealed, and the plaintiffs optimistically await the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals’ final decision.

HFDF and California Educators for Medical Freedom filed a land­mark lawsuit opposing the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Covid-19 injection mandate for all teachers and staff as a condition of employment. The mandate violates the employees’ liberty, which is protected by the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, including rights of personal autonomy, self-determination, bodily integrity and the right to reject medical treatment. At issue is whether a Supreme Court case from 1905 should dictate the legality of mandates or whether more recent jurispru­dence that relies on the ethic of informed consent and bodily autonomy should do so.


Perhaps you were fortunate enough to hear Leslie’s impassioned and inspiring presentation this past fall at the WAPF Wise Traditions Conference in Knoxville, Ten­nessee. She opened her talk by asking for an honest show of hands of who in the audience had read the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and the amendments to the Con­stitution. She then explained that these are the most revolutionary and radical nation-founding documents ever written, and that we must vigor­ously and unceasingly cling to them whenever other parties insist that they can dictate how we live our lives or that we do not have any rights. She passionately reminded us that each of us is created equal and that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights that in­clude life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. “These rights do not come from the government, a bureaucrat, an employer or anybody else—and as such, they cannot be taken,” exclaimed Leslie.

Continuing with her brief history lesson, she told the audience that the reason our forefa­thers revolted was that the government, namely the King, had become tyrannical. She warned that Americans are witnessing a repeat of his­tory because we have been “asleep at the wheel” for at least the past one hundred years. “Our supposed representative government long ago ceased to be anything even close to resembling representation. After all, how many of us want fluoride in our water, GMO salmon and corn, Roundup or vaccine mandates?” Leslie then said, “We have to remember that we are many, and we can change the course charted for us if we simply unite in defense of our founding principles, the truth and basic human rights.” To illustrate this point, she gave the example of five thousand Los Angeles parents who rallied together in opposition to the school district’s Covid-19 injection mandate for their children, prompting the school district to backtrack on its policy. She then gently reminded the audi­ence that when you bravely take a stand against tyranny and injustice, you can inspire others to do the same.

Reminding the audience of the three branches of government in the U.S. (the execu­tive, legislative and judicial branches), Leslie noted the emergence of the “administrative state”—an arguably unlawful fourth branch of government made up of a collection of federal agencies that are neither elected nor accountable to the electorate. The reach of the administra­tive state, she said, “has been quietly creeping and its strength and power silently amassing for decades.”

As a guest on the Kim Monson Show a couple of months later, Leslie described Con­gress’s passage of the Administrative Procedure Act in 1946, which enabled the creation of the administrative state by allowing all federal agencies to make and enforce regulations.25 Because agencies like the CDC and FDA, which fall under the executive branch, have the ability to make, interpret and enforce rules and regula­tions, the presidency has turned into a virtual dictatorship, she explained.

Unelected agencies that combine executive, legislative and judicial functions can rightfully be criticized as undermining the separation of powers among the three branches of government. “The administrative creep is ruling our lives,” warned Leslie. “It is literally one of the biggest threats Americans face, but we can stop it if we simply organize, resist and engage.”


In order to resist, we need to understand the threats that we are fac­ing and say no to “solutions” offered by those who seek to control us. One priority is to keep a close watch on the World Health Organization (WHO). For example, the WHO runs the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), a diagnostic tool that countries use to classify, monitor and compare causes of injury and death. The U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services developed new ICD codes for vaccination status, and on April 1, 2023, the CDC will implement them. As former Yale epidemiologist and Brownstone Institute Senior Scholar Harvey Risch observes, “Vaccination status is not a disease or an injury state, yet CDC has rationalized creating ICD codes for it.”26 Risch also notes that there is no code for “fully vaccinated” but “only for various states of ‘not fully vaccinated.’”

The WHO, created after WWII “to promote the attainment of ‘the highest possible level of health’ by all peoples”27 and “premised on the concept that all people [are] equal and born with basic inviolable rights,”28 is currently working to expand its already extensive powers via new Inter­national Health Regulation (IHR) amendments and a Global Pandemic Treaty that would make WHO the supranational authority on pandemic preparedness and health emergencies. The WHO’s current Director-General, Tedros Ghe­breyesus, possesses no medical qualifications and was a former militant communist terrorist in Ethiopia.29

If implemented, the amendments and treaty would grant the WHO the authority to override both individual rights and national sovereignty, transforming WHO “from an advisory organi­zation to a global governing body whose policies would be legally binding.”30 The proposed IHR amendments would, for example:

  • Set the stage for WHO-enforced digital IDs and health or vaccine passports, likely using QR codes.
  • Grant the WHO power over freedom of speech by allowing it to decide what consti­tutes “misinformation” or “disinformation,” in violation of both the U.S. Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Allow the WHO Director-General to com mand resources (both funds and commodi­ties) from member-nations.28

The Global Pandemic Treaty, for its part, would grant the WHO absolute power over bio-security, including giving the global bu­reaucracy the power to impose isolation, travel restrictions and quarantines.31

The idea that any government would give up its own checks and balances and sign on to an agreement with bureaucrats beholden to power­ful corporations and individuals, including bil­lionaire Bill Gates, is incomprehensible. As the WHO’s lead financial donor, Gates has shaped global vaccine policy for years, including lead­ing the call to make 2010–2020 the “Decade of Vaccines” and playing a major role in the devel­opment of the 2011–2020 Global Vaccine Action Plan.32 In 2019, Gates strategically invested fifty-five million dollars in BioNTech (Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine partner) and the next year became the world’s most vocal promoter of the mRNA injections. By January 2023, however, he had flip-flopped and was publicly criticizing the Covid shots—right after having sold many of his BioNTech shares, valued ten times higher at five hundred fifty million dollars.33


In addition to the constraints on travel likely to be imposed by the WHO if the IHR amendments and/or global treaty go through, the United Nations and WEF are using the pre­text of climate change to promote less driving and mobility via the concept of the “15-minute city.” Certain towns in England already have voted for the program, “whether people like it or not”; once implemented, residents will have to obtain permission if they want to leave their neighborhood zone by motorized vehicle more than one hundred days per year, and fines will be levied on those who exceed the limit.34 The system requires residents to register their cars and agree to be tracked, amounting to a social credit driving system. A trial in Oxford will begin in 2024.

In addition, Europe is planning to launch a biometric entry/exit system—including finger­prints and facial recognition—and will initiate border checks beginning in November 2023.35-38 The EU also has been studying mandatory chip implants, publishing an in-depth study in 2017 that examined the technology and barriers to chipping their population.39


Fortunately, Leslie and the HFDF are far from alone in their fight for health freedom. Children’s Health Defense president and general counsel Mary Holland, my friend and colleague, gave another powerful talk at the 2022 Wise Traditions Conference, titled “We Are Winning—Let Me Count the Ways.” Holland noted there are thousands of lawsuits related to the “pandemic,” including lawsuits about mandatory vaccination, masking requirements and lockdowns, and there have been many wins:

  • November 2020: The Supreme Court blocked New York governor Andrew Cuomo from reimposing strict attendance caps at worship services.40
  • September 2021: The Supreme Court struck down the CDC’s Co­vid-19 eviction moratorium.41
  • January 2022: The Supreme Court struck down the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandate that required businesses with one hundred or more employees to receive a Covid-19 injection.42 The Supreme Court did not strike down the mandate for health care workers, but in January 2023, the House of Representa­tives passed legislation that, if passed, would end both the Covid-19 emergency and the health care worker mandate.43 That same month, Children’s Health Defense defeated the Covid-19 injection mandate for health care workers in New York State,44 with a state Supreme Court judge ruling that the mandate was “arbitrary and capricious.”45
  • March 2022: A federal judge banned Washington, DC from enforc­ing a law that would have allowed minors to get vaccinated without parental consent after parents filed two separate lawsuits.46
  • July 2022: A New York State Supreme Court judge struck down Governor Kathy Hochul’s forced quarantine regulation.47
  • May 2022: Outside the U.S., India’s Supreme Court ruled against mandatory Covid-19 shots, declaring the right to bodily autonomy a universal right, thereby protecting 1.4 billion people in the world’s largest democracy.48

There have also been major wins and lawsuits filed to force greater transparency on the part of secretive vaccine manufacturers and regula­tors and to push back against various forms of censorship. For example:

  • January 2022: In a case brought by the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), vaccine and civil rights attorney Aaron Siri suc­cessfully argued on behalf of Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency and obtained public access to documents provided by Pfizer to the FDA.49 (For more information, see my article, “Pfizer Documents Confirm What We Already Knew: Covid Injections Are Dangerous” in the Summer 2022 issue of Wise Traditions.)
  • January 2023: Siri also forced the CDC to release data from the agency’s v-safe reporting system; the data reveal that CDC was aware of hundreds of serious safety signals for Covid shots and knew about excessive injuries and deaths from the shots.50
  • February 2023: Children’s Health Defense filed a federal lawsuit against the CDC to obtain documents related to the agency’s safety monitoring of Covid-19 injections through the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). As Holland explained, “The CDC continues to ask the American public to believe that Covid shots are safe, without providing the evidence. Our lawsuit demands that the CDC give us hard data to back up its claim. No one should take vaccine safety on faith.”51
  • January 2023: In a huge win by Children’s Health Defense attorneys, a California judge granted a preliminary injunction blocking AB 2098, the physician “misinformation” bill that would make it illegal for doctors to provide any information about Covid-19 that contra­dicts the “contemporary scientific consensus”—under the penalty of losing their medical license.52
  • January 2023: Children’s Health Defense filed a lawsuit against the industry-backed Trusted News Initiative for partnering with big technology firms to censor Covid-related content.53

State legislators and governors are also taking action. For example, in January 2023, Texas and Oklahoma filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) over a 2017 rule that allows HHS to unlawfully delegate to the WHO “the authority to invoke emergency health powers in the United States—infringing on U.S. and state sovereignty.”54 In Florida in mid-2021, the governor signed a Senate bill that prohibits the state’s businesses and government agencies from using or issuing vaccine passports or enforcing “arbitrary lockdowns.”55

During the 2022 legislative session, WAPF analyzed and tracked an unprecedented number of vaccine-related bills in forty-four states and the District of Columbia and found there were more bills worth supporting than opposing.56 WAPF authored opinions on many of these bills and sent out action alerts asking for citizen involvement in the law-making process. Thanks in part to these efforts, not a single public school cur­rently has a Covid-19 shot mandate for children.

In February 2023, California even announced it would end its plan to mandate Covid-19 shots for schoolchildren,57 despite Governor New­som’s prior pledge that his state would be the first to require the shots for school attendance.58 However, we must remain vigilant because the CDC recently added the shots to its schedules of recommended vaccines for both children and adults.

While not always impartial or nonpartisan, judges are influenced by public opinion, as are many members of Congress. Last year, forty-seven members of Congress signed a letter calling out Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin about the military’s mandates for Covid-19 shots, and on December 8, 2022, Austin ended the mandates.59


The threats described in this article are real, but we the people have extraordinary power. They are few, and we are many. Together, we can reclaim our sovereignty. Recently, Leslie and I have been talking about our advocacy work and how to improve our ef­forts. We keep coming back to the idea that we need to focus on practical, easy-to-implement solutions. A common refrain of Leslie’s is, “Globalism is the problem; localism is the solu­tion.” Like myself, Leslie wants to liberate and empower individuals, and she believes the best way to do that is through local engagement.

To this day, Leslie remains passionate about educating the public regarding the dangers posed by the far-reaching medical-industrial complex and helping people liberate themselves from its clutches through the use of true heal­ing modalities like homeopathy. HFDF plans to create educational booklets that guide readers on topics such as the basics of homeopathy and essential oils, or partner with other nonprofits to educate people about gardening and creating a local food shed. Practical solutions lie within reach.

A good starting place for those who want to effect change is to read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and then educate local and con­gressional representatives regarding the ideals upon which these documents are based. We can make a difference by supporting state officials who stand for financial freedom and, when we go to the polls, voting only for those who value financial freedom and support bodily autonomy. It is also a good idea to get to know one’s sheriff and support constitutional sheriffs.60

Some individuals may wish to run for City Council or their child’s school board to enact local political reform. Those not satisfied with their child’s school or with how the school system functions—ranging from teaching methodologies to vaccine mandates—can work specifically toward education reform. Alterna­tively, educational choices like homeschooling, worldschooling or unschooling may offer greater independence.

We all need to clean up our spending hab­its and focus on supporting our local business economies. Fitts brilliantly and succinctly sums up the rationale for shifting our spending, advis­ing us to “finance our friends, not our enemies” and warning that if we do not do so, we are “building our own prison.” Her number-one recommendation for avoiding tracking and “digital concentration camps” and ensuring sovereignty is to use cash. “Cash is freedom,” she says.61 Stop using credit and debit cards and start using cash and checks. Using cash protects privacy; it also eliminates the digital fees that skim money out of our neighborhoods, and it shifts the power equation away from the big banks back into our hands. Fitts recommends refusing to patronize businesses that do not accept cash.

Beyond using cash, there are other ways to push back against an all-digital control system and create a healthier balance between digital and analog options. Some of the most important actions include reject­ing QR codes, vaccine passports and biometric technology.62 For greater security at home, we can use hard-wired Internet connections rather than Wi-Fi. We must also stop inviting technology companies like Google and Amazon into our intimate spaces63—after all, they are the lead cloud contractors for the nation’s military and intelligence agencies.64 It is also important to recognize that “convenience” is a trap; stores such as those being built by Amazon—devoid of cashiers or checkout areas, where everything is digital and linked to one’s account65—are eliminat­ing cash and bringing forth a new level of automated surveillance. (For more information, see my article, “Covid-19 Injections and the Global Control Grid—Just Say No” in the Spring 2022 issue of Wise Traditions.)

Another powerful step we can take, according to Fitts, is to take our banking business to a good, well-managed local bank or credit union rather than banking with one of the large Fed member banks. We can also write and call our congressional representatives and demand that the New York Fed be held accountable for the estimated twenty-one trillion dollars in missing U.S. government money.66 The New York Fed is the U.S. government’s depository and acts as agent for its financial affairs.

To help keep small community banks going, another important step is to lobby our state legislators to start a sovereign state bank like the Bank of North Dakota.67 We can also talk to our local bankers and educate them about the dangers of CBDCs.68 Fitts argues that CBDCs are not actually currencies: “It’s a financial transaction control grid. . . and if you do not behave, you can have your money turned off.”69 With CBDCs, governments and central banks will be able to control where, when and how we spend our money as well as implementing taxation without representation. If CBDCs are married to biometric ID systems, the result will be nothing less than slavery. The time to push back against CBDCs is now; in a 2021 survey of eighty-one of the world’s central banks, roughly two-thirds (68 percent) reported that they were “likely to” or “might” issue a retail CBDC “in the short or medium term.”70

More centralized control of the financial system goes hand in hand with more control of the food system. An essential solution, therefore, is to feed our families healthy, home-grown or community-grown food. “If we work together, we can develop and improve our local food­sheds,” says Leslie. There has never been a better time to invest in local farmers and farm distribution networks; doing so may not bring a huge return on investment, but, says Fitts, it offers the best chance of not being cornered into eating insects or lab-grown meat.62 Develop awareness about the tsunami of fake foods rapidly headed to or already on the market; many of the technologies now being used to engineer food are the same as those used to make vaccines and other biopharma products.71 For example, scientists are experimenting with delivering mRNA through plant cells they say will make eating a salad the equivalent of get­ting a shot in the arm.72 These “oral vaccines,” grown through bioengineered vegetables, would “have the effect of administering a vaccine when consumed.”73

Even without taking the latest genetic modi­fication techniques into account, obtaining meat from high-integrity farmers is vital to avoid a meat supply contaminated through poor-quality feed, antibiotics and vaccines.74 Unfortunately, the authorization of the mRNA Covid shots has “opened the floodgates” for mRNA injections for livestock as well as pets.75 Urge livestock farmers not to vaccinate their animals, espe­cially with mRNA vaccines.


As the events of the past several years have shown, we must question the interrelationships between government, industry, science, aca­demia, the media and especially the military. For example, much of the public does not realize that it was the Department of Defense (DOD) that organized and managed the Covid-19 response, without any oversight, directly contracting with the manufacturers of the injections.76 As independent journalist and legal researcher Katherine Watt has meticulously documented, there are many reasons to consider the Covid-19 injections as bioweapons, a tool of “domestic bioterrorism and mass murder masquerad­ing as a public health emergency response.”77 Some recent reports suggest that the CDC may be covering up “evidence of mass murder” by removing reports from VAERS.78

Multiple studies now prove that people are dying from the Covid shots. Studies have found direct evidence that the mRNA shots cause people to suffer from heart damage,79 and others have linked sudden deaths of athletes to the shots.80 A survey published in January 2023 in BMC Infectious Diseases estimated that as many as two hundred seventy-eight thousand Americans had died from the Covid injections as of December 2021.81 Death certificate data likewise link the shots to a dramatic surge in excess deaths in 2021.82,83

In a recent call to action, Children’s Health Defense urged citizens to insist that their states conduct a thorough investigation of Covid-19 misconduct, stating, “Our local officials must immediately step up and fulfill their duty as public servants as we move towards holding those responsible accountable for the disastrous response to COVID-19.”84 In many ways, the “pandemic” restrictions and mandates were merely a trial run to test how far leaders could go in manipulating the public into submission. If we do not stand up and push back, authorities will find endless ex­cuses—whether in the form of “pandemics,” “climate change” or “global conflicts”—to impose new lockdowns and even worse attacks on our liberties.

Another step we can all take is to prioritize high-integrity sources of information. Leslie urges us first to become aware of “psychological operations and control tactics, such as the weaponization of language,” with the next step being to “willfully choos[e] to unplug from media, technology, and government outlets which utilize these methods against us so that we may reduce their impact on us.”85 She points out, “words and language can be used. . . in all manner of ways to manipulate, frighten, control, guilt, shame, deceive, gaslight, divide, distract, and steer us toward a desired point of view, behavior, or outcome.” Thus, when media “experts” start warning us of another threat—such as a putative “tripledemic”—we should step back and ask ourselves whether they are deliberately seeking to incite panic and fear, perhaps in anticipation of another new vaccine in the pipeline.86

In The Gulag Archipelago, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn famously wrote, “Let your credo be this: Let the lie come into the world, let it even triumph. But not through me. The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie. One word of truth outweighs the world.” We must not comply with tyrannical edicts that violate our fundamental human rights and liberties—no matter who issues them. If one woman in Idaho can speak truth to power and make a difference, so can you. Act now and vow to be part of the solutions that will bring us the individual health freedoms we value. As Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. often states, no one ever complied their way out of tyranny.

Leslie said in her WAPF speech, “It is always darkest before the dawn. To quote Gandhi, ‘There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. . . think of it, always.’” We can take back our power by building new local models, rejecting globalism and exiting corrupt agencies like the WHO. Billions of people have awoken to the realization that the agencies charged with protecting our health are, in reality, a threat to our health, not to mention our liberties. As Pericles, the prominent Greek statesman and general during the Golden Age of Athens, once said, “Freedom is the sure pos­session of those alone who have the courage to defend it.”



Some of HFDF’s other legal cases include the following:87

  • HFDF and individual plaintiffs challenged the Blaine County, Idaho, School District’s face-covering requirement for students because forced masking poses an imminent and irreparable physiological and psychological harm in violation of international law, federal law and Idaho law.
  • HFDF supported Phoenix Union High School District biology teacher Douglas Hester in a lawsuit against the school district for mandating masks at school in violation of state law because no school district can decide to unilaterally implement rules which contradict the will and intent of the people’s elected representatives in the legislature.
  • HFDF supported individual plaintiffs to challenge the University of Chicago’s Covid-19 injection mandate for all students, teachers and staff because it violates the Illinois Health Care Right of Conscience Act. As a result of the lawsuit, the university granted religious exemptions to all who applied for them.
  • HFDF and Doctors for Freedom challenged the State of Oregon’s Covid-19 injection mandate for all doctors and health care professionals on the grounds that Governor Brown does not have the authority and that the mandate constitutes a negligent and immoral abuse of power.
  • HFDF helped three former senior employees at Nike sue the company over its Covid-19 injection mandate in violation of their constitutionally protected rights.
  • HFDF funded a lawsuit seeking damages for one Disney employee on similar grounds. The employee in question has now been offered a new job, and negotiations to settle the lawsuit are underway, demonstrating that legal action can often result in bullies wising up to their transgressions.


There are a number of actions you can take to help stop the WHO takeover and protect individual and national sovereignty.

  1. Sign the Health Freedom Defense Fund’s World Freedom Declaration:
  1. Contact your Congressional representatives. You can use the template letter found at the Solari Report:
Template Letter to Congressional Representative Re: Proposed World Health Organization (WHO) Treaty
  1. Review other action steps assembled by James Roguski, including getting informed, understanding your rights, spreading the word, alerting the alternative media and sending letters or emails to public servants:

In addition to helping stop the WHO takeover, go to the HFDF website and sign the People’s Proclamation to oppose the G20 Bali Leaders’ Declaration ( The November 2022 G20 meeting culminated with the leaders of the world’s twenty largest economies signing a pledge aimed at seismic transformations of commerce, travel, health, privacy and communication. The objectives of this global scheme are detailed in a fifty-nine-page document titled the “2022 G20 Bali Update on the G20 Action Plan on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and G20 Development Commitments”88 and are available in condensed form in the G20 Bali leaders’ Declaration.89

The G20 declaration represents a gross violation of national sovereignty, individual liberty, health freedom, personal privacy and the right to travel. As Leslie wrote, “We call on all elected officials to take a stand with ‘we the people’ and publicly denounce this latest attempt by global elites to advance their dystopian vision of a techno-feudal state with us as digitally branded subjects.” She also warned, “Beyond the rhetorical artifice of ‘inclusivity,’ ‘diversity,’ ‘sustainability’ and an array of obligatory buzzwords and catchphrases, the document reads like a blueprint for a billionaire’s utopia and a digital plantation for the rest of humanity.”


In Saudi Arabia, the government’s Public Investment Fund has established a region called Neom intended to house a variety of “smart cities” and other developments. First up is The Line, a one-trillion-dollar “linear city” that will house nine million people in “linear skyscrapers” being built on a line in the desert with a footprint that is two hundred meters wide and one hundred seventy kilometers long.90 The project is forcibly displacing at least twenty thousand members of the Huwaitat tribe, who accuse Neom of being built on their “blood [and] bones.”91

Although proponents tout The Line as “a revolution in civilization” and a “living laboratory” that will run on “sustainable energy,”92 the futuristic megacity looks more like a mirrored dystopian nightmare devoid of nature. Artificial intelligence, drones and facial recognition will monitor the city’s residents, with “predictive analytics” used to do things like prevent crime (remember the movie Minority Report?). As one writer describes it, “All personal data of the inhabitants, not just related to health, but related to credit scores, whether or not they are religious, if they’ve gone to a therapist, what they ate for dinner and how much they spent. . . anything and everything will be tracked and stored” [italics in original]. To the discerning eye, it looks like a modern high-tech prison with no way out.93


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This article is written by Kendall Nelson and appeared in Wise Traditions in Food, Farming and the Healing Arts, the quarterly journal of the Weston A. Price Foundation, Spring 2023

About Kendall Nelson

Kendall Nelson is a documentary filmmaker actively engaged in directing, producing and distributing media that matter. With over twenty years of television and film experience, Nelson’s lifelong commitment is to bring about awareness through her work, including advocating health freedom, simple living and real food. She is an Idaho chapter board member of the International Women’s Forum.