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Defending Bodily Autonomy

Wise Traditions Podcast with Hilda Labrada Gore- Ep 426

By June 26, 2023July 5th, 2023No Comments

It is unethical, immoral, and inappropriate for an individual, business, institution, organization, or government to force a person to put something into their body, or on their body, against their will. The Health Freedom Defense Fund, led by Leslie Manookian, is defending our right to bodily autonomy in the United States. They have won significant cases against the executive branch in the U.S. and currently have cases against Nike, Disney, and LAUSD. Their objective? To protect the constitutional rights of those who have simply been denied their rights to bodily autonomy. Some were denied religious exemptions from vaccinations; others were harassed for refusing to comply with mandates. Still, others were obligated to wear masks by the CDC (that only has the power to recommend courses of action, not to mandate them).

Today, Leslie describes how her group seeks justice and defends our rights. She shares the hurdles they face and what successes they’ve had. She also touches on what she foresees down the line in terms of mandates and potential victories over them.

For a transcript of this episode, please visit the Wise Traditions podcast post.