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Health Freedom Defense Fund stands by Dr. Peter McCullough

By August 1, 2021March 31st, 2022No Comments

Health Freedom Defense Fund stands by Dr. Peter McCullough and other physicians and scientists courageous enough to put patients, scientific progress, and truth first.

In an environment where thought police abound, the Federation of State Medical Boards – a licensing and credentialing body – issued a statement saying that physicians who post what the Federation deems to be COVID-19 vaccine “misinformation” may lose their licenses.

What this means is that doctors like Dr. Peter McCullough and others who have successfully treated COVID-19 for over a year and in the process have developed treatment protocols based on their experience and judgement which might deviate from federal health agency recommendations, could lose their licenses. These brave doctors could have their medical licenses rescinded for doing the ethical and honorable thing, putting their patients, not dogma or politics, first.

As one of America’s leading physicians on the early treatment of COVID-19, Dr. McCullough’s protocols and scientific works are relied upon to help millions around the globe.  Along with half of Americans, Dr. McCullough has appropriate concerns over COVID-19 vaccine safety and efficacy.

Dr. McCullough is a graduate of Baylor University, has an endowed scholarship in his name, and is commonly associated as a point of pride for Baylor. He is a current active member of medical staff for both Baylor University Medical Center and Baylor Heart and Vascular Hospital with his office on campus. Dr. McCullough is associated on public internet platforms and groups with countless links and mentions to Baylor Scott and White Health System.

Now, not only does Dr. McCullough have the threat of the Federation of State Medical Boards looming for the crime of sharing his experience and protocols, he is also being sued by Baylor Scott and White Health System Foundation for allegedly misusing its name.

McCullough learned of the lawsuit the same day that Baylor, Scott and White health System announced a COVID-19 injection mandate for all employees.

As the national crisis has drawn on the world, Dr. McCullough has been heavily featured in the media for his scientific interpretation of the data and his accurate assessment of the situation.  

In a statement to Health Freedom Defense Fund, Dr. McCullough said he has “not falsely represented himself as a spokesperson for Baylor Scott and White nor has he publicly claimed past senior leadership roles at any prior institution.  With >800,000 third party internet profiles and ~16 M hits in Google, Dr. McCullough’s views have always been represented as his own and not those of any organization.”

Many fellow physicians, nursing staff, and most importantly patients are outraged over Baylor Scott and White’s attempt to damage Dr. McCullough’s reputation and censor his important views to America and the world during a time of crisis.  Free speech and scientific discourse are the bedrock of progress in medicine and Baylor Scott and White’s ill-advised lawsuit is an attack on civil liberties with serious implications on public health and policy far beyond a lawsuit.

HFDF hopes this issue will be resolved as expeditiously as possible and that other physicians and scientists will be inspired by Dr. McCullough’s bravery and commitment to his patients’ well-being above all else.