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Department of Justice Says There is No Rule of Law in the USA

By July 28, 2021March 31st, 2022No Comments

If you had any lingering questions about whether the US Department of Justice is corrupt, DoJ answered that question without any reservation yesterday. DoJ released an opinion concluding that Emergency Use Authorized products may be mandated. This amounts to a gross distortion, an incredible convolution, of the law to an extent that I would have thought not possible. DoJ’s “opinion” contorting Congress’ intent would make even George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth blush.

DoJ, a federal agency which falls under the executive branch of government, is charged with enforcing the law, not making law – or twisting it. Congress, the legislative branch, is charged with creating law. Congress passed the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act which states that “individuals to whom the [EUA] product is administered are informed of the option to accept or refuse administration of the product.” The statute is crystal clear. 

But DoJ has now ridiculously asserted that the language in the act only requires that people be “informed” that the vaccine is a voluntary decision. Once you are informed, you can be forced. According to this line of reasoning, as long as you tell someone it is voluntary, then you can impose conditions or requirements that put that person under duress and take away the voluntary nature of the decision. So, a boss can tell his or her current staff that they must all cut off their arm to continue working here. You see, it is a “choice”.

There is no reason to tell someone he has the right to refuse if the exercise of that right has devastating consequences. A “right” is something that can be exercised without penalty. 

What DoJ has said is that Congress is irrelevant and that you have no rights because DoJ can simply issue an opinion which negates your rights. What DoJ has said is that they learned nothing from the Nuremberg trials and that human beings can be forcibly medicated and experimented upon. If any American still needed proof that our institutions are corrupt to the core, you now have it.

What DoJ has said is we have no rule of law. There is no separation of powers between the executive and the legislative branches of government.

What I want to say is it is time for each and every one of you who believes in freedom and the most basic human right of bodily autonomy to say no more – say no more to illegal and unscientific mask mandates, say no to absurdly flawed tests, say no to schools masking and indoctrinating your children, say no to businesses and employers mandating all manner of medical interventions, say no to forced medicine of any kind.

We at Health Freedom Defense Fund are doing all we can to challenge the illegal acts of schools, businesses, and government in the courts and will continue to do so please become a member of HFDF and please donate to support our work.

But it is incumbent upon each of you to draw your line in the sand and to take a stand. To what will you subject your children, to what will you subject yourself before you say I am a sovereign human being empowered to make my own choices about my life and I will not comply? Where is your line?