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Fauci’s Latest Political Posturing to Preserve Power 

By April 29, 2022May 10th, 2022No Comments

Leslie Manookian, Founder and President of the Health Freedom Defense Fund issued the following statement on Dr. Anthony Fauci’s series of contrasting statements on COVID-19, including that the U.S. is “exiting the pandemic phase”: 

What a difference a case makes. 

Following our win in the travel mask mandate case, the government has been in search of a rationale to preserve the illegal emergency powers it invented during pandemic panic. In recent days, Dr. Fauci has engaged in one pandemic pivot after another, from saying that restrictions could return to announcing that the U.S. is ‘exiting the pandemic phase’ to saying a day later that the pandemic is not over. 

This inconsistent political posturing has little to do with credible public health guidance and is all about a strategy to ensure that the bureaucracy can make ‘emergency’ powers permanent. In fact, after the ruling, Dr. Fauci stated, ‘The principle of a court overruling a public health judgement by a qualified organization…is disturbing in the precedent it might send.’ 

But Judge Mizelle ruled CDC never had statutory authority for the mandate in the first place, a point Dr. Fauci seems to have missed. 

A court finding that the CDC had zero legal authority to compel us to wear masks while traveling was a body blow to the massive federal expansion of power over Americans’ daily lives. 

As we watch to see if, when, and how the Justice Department will prosecute its appeal of the court’s ruling vacating the mask mandate there is a clear dividing line. We say that the government cannot do what it wants, when it wants, and to whom it wants, even under the guise of public health and pandemic policy. The government believes it has those powers over our lives and is desperately seeking a path to preserve them, at the expense of our bedrock freedoms. 

Based on the mixed messaging of the Administration in recent days, we are left wondering whether the government is seriously interested in prosecuting the appeal on its merits or whether they will attempt to find a backdoor to make the case go away in order to retain authority for future use. 

All Americans should pay close attention to how this plays out in the coming days.