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DailyClout and Health Freedom Defense Fund File Citizen Petition with FDA to Halt COVID Injections for Young Children

By July 6, 2022April 27th, 2023No Comments

Daily Clout and Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF) filed a Citizen Petition with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requesting that FDA revoke Emergency Use Authorization of COVID-19 vaccines for young children subsequent to FDA’s authorization of the COVID-19 injections for that age group on June 17, 2022.

Dr. Naomi Wolf, CEO of Daily Clout, asserted,

“With this decision, the FDA abandons its duty to protect the American people. COVID-19 poses statistically insignificant risk to babies and young children, and neither safety nor efficacy of the injections have been proven. But research from the WarRoom/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Research Volunteers, along with analyses of official databases, primary source documents, and peer-reviewed studies, shows that the mRNA vaccines damage many teens’ hearts, leave babies with GI problems, sleep problems, seizures, liver damage, and multiorgan system failure, and suppress leukocytes; the vaccines visibly damaged the hearts of animals in studies. Why on earth would we thus risk the health of small children and babies?”

In fact, ignoring this data is the definition of arbitrary and capricious, a clear legal dereliction of FDA’s duty.

While the COVID injections were promoted as the only way to end the COVID crisis, the real-world evidence has demonstrated the injections not only fail to prevent infection, they also do not stop transmission.

Moreover, clinical trial data from Pfizer and Moderna reveal that more children who received the vaccines were diagnosed with COVID and hospitalized, respectively, than those in the placebo group. In addition, recent research and data from around the world suggest the injections impair long-term immunity to the virus, rendering recipients more likely to be hospitalized or die from COVID.

Leslie Manookian, President of Health Freedom Defense Fund stated,

“Aside from not performing as purported, the injections pose serious known and unknown risks to young children. Leaked data from Japan revealed high levels of the lipid nanoparticles from the mRNA shots accumulate in the ovaries with unknown consequences. But menstrual irregularities and increased rates of miscarriage have been reported after the injections. A recent study identified reduced sperm concentrations and effects on sperm motility. With these safety concerns in mind, FDA authorizing the injections for young children defies reason and the precautionary principle.”

FDA is charged with protecting public health, not marketing the products of what is arguably the most powerful industry in the world.

Daily Clout and HFDF request that FDA reverse or at the very least pause its decision to issue an EUA for mRNA vaccines for six-month-olds to under-fives.  We ask instead that they further study the research available, including the research itemizing harms described above, and that they take into account over 130,000 comments submitted to the FDA regarding the dangerous step of authorizing these shots for young children, which they are legally required to consider.

Should FDA fail to reverse its authorization, Daily Clout and Health Freedom Defense Fund will take legal action to ensure that FDA abides by the law.