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What is Health Freedom?

By November 15, 2020March 31st, 202221 Comments

You may have heard the term “health freedom” and even been wondering what it means and why there are grassroots groups working to defend health freedoms across the US. So, what is health freedom and why should you care? 

Health freedom is an essential part of what it means to be free – and what it means to be an American. A foundational principle of the United States is the freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness unencumbered by anyone or any entity as long as that pursuit does not harm anyone else. Health is an essential part of life, liberty, and happiness. 

Health freedom means no forced medicine. None. It means you own your body and are solely responsible for what you put in your body and how you choose to live your life. It means the right to choose whether you take an antibiotic or don’t. It means the freedom to decide whether to use nutrition, supplements, rest, and stress management to stay healthy or prefer a conventional medical approach. It means deciding for yourself whether you opt for the risks and benefits of pharmaceuticals or those of another kind of medicine to restore your health, in the event you become ill. It means you are in charge and medical practitioners are consultants, not enforcers, of their health approach. 

The Nuremberg Trials which yielded the Nuremberg Code of 1947, the Declaration of Helsinki in 1964, and the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights at the UNESCO Convention in 2005 all agree that the practice of ethical medicine requires prior, voluntary, informed consent. There is no more basic right than that to choose what is permitted into our bodies. Among all the lessons we learned from the Nazis, surely one of the most important is that it is inhumane to force medical treatments on other human beings. 

While most folks may not realize it, many pharma-funded vigilante legislators, medical trade groups, and some medical doctors across this nation believe they know what is best for others and are seeking to remove your freedom to decide how to live your life. These legislators have even suspended legislative rules and norms to ram through pharma-friendly legislation in the face of mass public opposition. These people have literally sold you out.

While there are many, one major cause of this problem is the amount of money in politics, media, and medicine. Pharma “gives” $30 million a year to Congress, spends $250 million a year lobbying Congress, pays doctors $3 billion a year, and spent $3.6 billion on digital ads in 2019 alone. Is it any wonder these groups push the pharmaceutical industry’s interests, namely restricting your medical rights, and obstruct the free flow of honest independent information to the public?

What can we do about this assault on our freedom? Throw out the legislators who have sold out. Elect those not on the payroll of the medical cartel. Find out if there is an organization in your state working to protect health freedom and make your voice heard. Please check my resources page for a list of organizations – coming soon.


  • Dee says:

    That’s exactly why I came out with my vaccine exemption cards that state national and international laws of informed consent. Don’t forget, in 2013 the supreme court ruled that if you are in the care of a doctor and can’t speak up to use your informed consent because you’re unconscious, the doctor can draw blood and do other “medical” procedures at their discretion.

    How long until doctors start vaccinating all car crash patients that are brought to their care? Keep a vaccine exemption card on you at all times to use your right to informed consent even under emergencies.

  • sheila says:

    its good to know we have an institution to turn too when time comes our employers threatened to fire us in our job for resisting to be vaccinated by this experimental bioweapon. We know a group or institution to help us in this predicament.

  • Although I most certainly agree with all of our Unalienable Rights to our individual health freedom I have absolutely no confidence in the corporate system of voting to elect “those not on the payroll of the medical cartel”! The voting system is still infected with the same Pharma and related elements! The “elephant in the room” now in this situation is both corporate personhood as well as the belief that the corporate service providers are the actual government “of, by and for” the American people. The root cause of the crisis in America now (and extending throughout the rest of the world) is the inability of the American to dissolve corporate charters of the criminal organization due to the separation and absence of the American people from their very own self-government that is only possible through their State Assemblies (that are needing to be fully reconstructed after their demise 160 years ago). Fortunately the process of fully reconstructing the People’s very own dejure government has begun! You can learn about this here:

  • VJ says:

    So it’s only MY BODY when they are calling for ABORTION-however NOT MY BODY when the want to force this
    (not a vaccine) on me!!!

  • Rachel Flouro says:

    What about forcing masks on children in school. I am currently writing up an email to the school superintendent regarding this. I find it to be child abuse and actually causes more illness that not wearing on at all. Any advise or links to travel down will be appreciated. I am a Registered Nurse that fought very hard to not get the vaccine, so I am not afraid of some hard work and research to find the truth.
    Thank you,

    • Leslie Manookian says:

      Please see the Resources tab on our website where you will find a Notice you can provide them regarding masks. Masks cannot be mandated and we will be litigating against them as well.

      • Lori Webb says:

        I understand that masks cannot be mandated but can a business, as in a store, refuse us service if we refuse a mask? Airline’s? Restaurants? Etc.

        • Leslie Manookian says:

          We do not believe a private business can force you to violate federal law any more than a government entity can, so our position is no and we intend to challenge. Unfortunately we can’t challenge every single infringement, as much as we’d like to, so appreciate everyone’s support so that we can help as many people as possible.

  • Emily says:

    What about the push for vaccine passports. How is this legal, or how can you prove that this is against human rights. No one is talking about this.

    • Leslie Manookian says:

      We and other legal groups are working on this. Please support our work and spread the word. We have BIG actions in the works.

  • Katherine says:

    What about the vaccine passports they are trying to require? If I refuse the “vaccine”, can they really enforce that?

  • Leigh says:

    Can university and schools mandate the covid 19 vaccine for students ? News today northeastern university requiring it to return to campus…

    • Leslie Manookian says:

      They can’t legally but that doesn’t mean they won’t try. Please send them one of the Notices from our Resources page or send us an email and we’ll send a letter from our law firm. Also, see our comments below that we are working on this.

  • Jenine yost says:

    Can a healthcare system mandate covid 19 tests monthly for employees? In California, asking because they are claiming it’s mandatory for employment. Can I legally decline and keep my job?

    • Leslie Manookian says:

      The simple answer the tests are EUA as well and therefore federal law prohibits mandating them. That said, employers may still try to mandate them. Please know we are working on lawsuits on this as well as many other aspects of the assault on our freedoms we face today.

  • Emily says:

    I just wanted to give you a shout out to your organization. Your information helped alot! I was wondering if your team was at the event in Oklahoma last weekend?

  • delia says:

    You, and others, claim that there are several international laws, as well as the American Federal Law, that makes it illegal for companies and institutions to mandate vaccinations for their workers or students. But that is exactly what has happened in the US. Refusing means losing your job; no job means no money and no money amounts to inability to pay rent or mortgage, etc., this fear makes people submit. From what I see and hear, Laws have become meaningless and are just cast aside or overridden.

    • Leslie Manookian says:

      Hi Delia, we hear your frustration and indeed, the situation is dire for many individuals and families facing termination and/or harassment and discrimination in their workplace. We are heartbroken to hear from so many people navigating this unprecedented attack on their ability to make a living. Lawsuits take a really long time and our team and affiliate colleagues are working around the clock to implement a legal strategy to remove the unlawful mask, test and vaccine requirements being implemented nationwide. Thank you for your support to this ongoing fight for our precious medical freedoms.

  • Amanda says:

    The nursing facility I work for in Florida is mandating the vaccine, all staff has until Aug 1st to get it or the company will lay you off unpaid and then give you a month to have it then if not they terminate you….Is this legal?

    • Leslie Manookian says:

      They can’t legally force you to be vaccinated with an experimental unapproved injection, but that doesn’t mean companies aren’t trying. Please know we are working on lawsuits on this as well as many other aspects of the assault on our freedoms we face today. We recommend you immediately send your employer the Vaccine Notice from our Resources page and if that fails you may send us an email at so we can send a cease and desist letter from our legal counsel.