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Vaccine Passports Have Arrived in America

By September 2, 2021March 31st, 2022No Comments

A headline in the National File reads, “Illinois To Partner With Experian For Vaccine Passport System, Data Will Be Available To NSA And DHS.”

From the article, “The Illinois Department of Public Health is launching a program called “Vax Verify” that asks residents to verify and download a receipt of their vaccination status…Vax Verify will be contracting with consumer credit reporting company Experian, which will use an “identity verification process to gain access to their immunization history.” According to the article, Experian has lobbied to share consumer data with the NSA [National Security Agency], DHS [Department of Homeland Services], and other law enforcement agencies.”

Got that? Experian, a consumer credit report company which has access to your social security number, your credit card records, your bills, and other financial records enabling Experian to evaluate your financial history and provide a rating based on your track record, will now have access to your medical records to verify your vaccination status if you live in Illinois.

If that doesn’t scare you, it should.

Consider that governments around the world have telegraphed through a series of articles and white papers a desire to end paper money and introduce digital currencies. Some have even cancelled paper currency completely or certain high denominations. The purported intention is to serve the underbanked, but is that the true objective? I do not mean this in a pejorative sense at all, but are one billion primarily agrarian people living in remote locations genuinely lacking banking? Is banking their priority? Or is it someone else’s? Does someone just want them in “the system?”

Another initiative being implemented is universal basic income (UBI). Governments in Europe and the US have promoted or already launched UBI pilot programs under which individuals are simply GIVEN money. (See here, here, and here.) While we’re told these programs will help people survive an economy ravaged by COVID, many of them were launched well before COVID was even on the horizon. And let’s not forget to ask, what was the true culprit of this economic devastation, COVID or the reactionary government policies employed to address it? One thing is clear, these programs condition the populace to accept government handouts and to depend on the government for their income.

That Experian has lobbied in the past to share your information with NSA, DHS, and other federal agencies should be a red flag to any thinking person in particular when they’ll have access to vaccine records in addition to the financial and identity information they already possess.

These factors point to an alarming possibility, namely that in the near future, there may be no paper money to exchange for goods and services. Instead, in its place, there will be a government-issued digital currency and while that on its own may seem innocuous, when combined with a vaccine passport connected to our private information, the potential for abuse is enormous. If that information were to be shared with NSA, DHS, and other agencies, the potential for abuse is downright mammoth.

Given the steep reduction in the number of small and medium sized businesses which employ roughly two thirds of the American workforce, and the prospect of further closures should political leaders implement further lockdowns, many Americans are being left with fewer options to earn an income and be self-reliant.

Despite the utter failure of lockdowns to control the spread of COVID, a repeat of lockdowns will devastate the American economy and wage earners. And it may leave them increasingly dependent on UBI – and the government. When a person transitions to UBI, they cede almost all their power to government. What’s more, they must rely on the benevolence of that government and may be easily manipulated or outright controlled to serve any agenda.

A digital vaccine passport connected to your financial records, medical records, and potentially to your voter ID, travel documents, etc. – and all this information shared with federal security agencies – would make it all too easy for government to demand compliance to their dogmas and agendas lest they turn off your access to purchase goods and services, earn income, travel, or even to socialize, all at the push of a button.

You may be forced to make many choices: take an experimental drug or lose access to a job, your bank account, or any means to earn money to feed your family; speak out against government policies that trample your human rights or in support of differing scientific perspectives and lose your government bestowed privileges to live a normal life.

China has already implemented a social credit score system bolstered by mass surveillance which affords special privileges to those who comply with government directives. Those who obey receive high social credit scores, those who jaywalk, fail to wear a mask, or are simply friends with folks with low credit scores are not allowed to travel by plane or high-speed train or access other “privileges.”

China has gone so far as to announce the government will dictate the amount of time kids can spend gaming online, limiting kids to 3 hours per week. While limiting the amount of time kids play online games might be a commendable objective, is that a role any free society wants government to fill?

While Americans may say, well, that is all happening in China, let’s not forget China lead the way on lockdowns and other COVID measures, emulated by western nations and Americans are already being asked for ‘papers, please’ in CA and NY to enter a café, restaurant, retail store, etc. With Illinois implementing a complete vaccine passport system, the threat to our liberties, lives, and livelihoods is real.

If one chooses a path that cuts against the government grain, government will have the power to control him or her by denying his or her access to money, banking, shopping, food, entertainment, travel, etc.

No free society should require proof of anything, let alone a medical intervention in healthy people, to live a normal life, yet just such programs are being hastily developed in America despite no consultation with the public. So much for government of, for, and by the people. Any student of history should be alarmed at the frightening future these authoritarian tracking and rating systems portend.