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Upcoming Program: The End of Covid

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The End of Covid, presented by The Way Forward and Alfa Vedic will feature an incredible lineup of guest speakers covering everything that has transpired over the past 3 years in the spirit of educating the public on all matters related to Covid-19, offering context, solutions, and direction towards charting a better path forward toward true health, happiness, and freedom. 

In this event we take a detailed look at all facets of the Covid Operation. Through this process conventional medical and scientific tenets will be challenged as the architecture of medical authoritarianism is deconstructed.

This comprehensive program features 90 pieces of long-form content covering everything from hospital protocols, lockdowns, economic impacts, mRNA vaccines, to the science of virology itself and much more. 

Through these sessions we travel all the way back to the origins of germ theory touching on every “pandemic” up to the present-day operations of the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex and how this impacts our daily lives.

This presentation is intended to reach not only those involved in the “health freedom” movement but also envisions reaching broad swathes of the population that may not have encountered alternative perspectives and ideas on health and well-being due to media censorship and institutional indoctrination.

This production is intended to create an all-encompassing historical archive and serve as a resource for many years to come with the aim of educating ourselves further and providing the tools for all citizens to inform and empower themselves through carefully curated content.

The event will be launched on June 20th, featuring the following subjects and speakers:


1) Setting the Stage, Part 1: Dr. Mark Bailey, Steve Falconer, Patrick Henningsen

2) Setting the Stage, Part 2: Leslie Manookian

3) The Covid Origin Story: Eric Coppolino

4) Isolation of SARS-CoV-2: Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Andy Kaufman

5) The SARS-CoV-2 Genome and Variants: Dr. Mark Bailey, Dr. Andy Kaufman

6) The PCR Tests: Dr. Kevin Corbett, Dr. Jerneja Tomsic

7) What’s Under the Microscope?: Dr. Mari Arce, John Blaid, Mike Donio, Mike Stone

8) FOI Requests and Virology on Trial: Marvin Haberland, Christine Massey 


 9) The Science and Logic of Virology: Dr. Jordan Grant, Mike Stone, Alec Zeck

10) The Control Experiments: John Blaid, Jacob Diaz, Mike Donio

11) The Proof of Contagion: Jacob Diaz, Mike Stone

12) The Gain of Function Narrative: Dr. Mark Bailey, Dr. Sam Bailey

13) The Spike Protein: Dr. Stefano Scoglio

14) Symptoms of COVID: Dr. Tom Cowan, Mike Stone, Dr. Amandha Vollmer

15) COVID Psychosomatics: Brendan Murphy

16) The Digital Phenomenon of COVID: Eric Coppolino

17) The Psychology of Obedience and Fear: *SEE NOTES

18) Fear of the Germ in Film and Pop Culture: Marcelina Cravat, Michael Wallach, Mike Winner

NOTES: *This session includes Dr. Andy Kaufman, Dr. Kelly Brogan, Dr. Amandha Vollmer


19) The State of Captivity: Meredith Miller

20) Super-Spreading Truth: Patrick Henningsen, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Ian Smith, Dr. Ben Tapper

21) Comparing Health Measures Across the World: Nick Hudson

22) The New York City Epicenter: Michael Bryant

23) The Italian Test Run Analysis: Michael Bryant

24) The Numbers Game: Cases, Deaths & VAERS: *SEE NOTES

NOTES: *This Session Includes Albert Benavides, John Beaudoin, Dr. Henry Ealy


25) The Hospital Protocols: Jacob Diaz

26) Hospital Iatrogenesis: Carolyn Blakeman

27) The Health Implications of Masks: Dr. Jim Meehan

28) HCQ and Ivermectin A Different Take: Jacob Diaz and Steve Falconer 

29) The Plandemic’s Economic Impact: Michael Bryant, Mark Gober, Leslie Manookian

30) The Legality of Lockdowns and Mandates: Todd Callendar, Mike Yoder

31) The Power’s In Our Hands: Peggy Hall


32) The mRNA Shots, Part 1: Dr. Ana Mihalcea, Dr. David Nixon

33) The mRNA Shots, Part 2: Dr. Maria Oliva

34) The mRNA Shots, Part 3: Dr. Lee Merritt

35) The Vaccine Damage-: DMED Data: Dr. Pete Chambers, Dr. Theresa Long, Dr. Sam Sigoloff

36) The Vaccine Damage- Frontline Voices: *SEE NOTES (1)

37) What About Vaccine Shedding?: Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Andy Kaufman, Dr. Amandha Vollmer

38) Voices of the Wrongfully Terminated: Lo Elizabeth, John Knox, Gail Macrae, Josh Sattley

39) Voices of the Victims, Part 1: *SEE NOTES (2)


*(1) This session includes: Alex McManus, Jodi O’Malley, Karen Zmora, Gail Macrae

*(2) This session includes: Felicity Jackson, Brittany Galvin, Pamela Goodman, Sheryl Ruettgers 


40) Voices of the Victims Part 2: Jodie Meschuk

41) Detoxifying From the Shots: Adam and Josh Bigelson, Dr. Barre Lando, Dr. Ana Mihalcea

42) Dissolving the Vaccine Illusion: A Documentary by Roman Bystrianyk

43) Big Pharma’s Dark Past: Alec Zeck

44) The Greater Good: A Documentary  by Leslie Manookian, Kendal Nelson, Chris Polaro

45) A Pediatrician’s Perspective: Dr. Larry Palevsky

46) Professional Institutions and Rockefeller Medicine: Dawn Lester, Matt Roeske

47) The Fallacy of Peer Review: Mike Donio, Brendan Murphy, Jerneja Tomsic

48) Conditioned Credentialism: Dr. Kelly Brogan, Dr. Larry Palevsky


49) Bechamp V. Pasteur: Jacob Diaz, Dr. Barre Lando

50) The History of Virology: Dr. Mark Bailey, Steve Falconer

51) HIV/AIDS: Dr. Kevin Corbett, Torsten Engelbrecht

52) The Role of Bacteria: Dr. Mari Arce, Dawn Lester, David Parker

53) Mold, Fungi and Parasites: Daniel Roytas

54) What About Measles, Chickenpox and Polio?: Dawn Lester, David Parker

55) What About Lyme?: Dr. Steph Young

56) What About Antibodies?: *SEE NOTES

57) Part 1: What Really Makes Us Ill?: Dawn Lester, David Parker

58) Part 2 What Really Makes Us Ill?: Dawn Lester, David Parker

59) The Paradigm Shift: Amandha Vollmer

NOTES: *This session includes: Dr. Mari Arce, Mike Donio, Dr. Stefan Scoglio, Mike Stone


60) The Agenda: David Icke

61) The Great Reset and Digital ID’s: Mark Gober

62) Transhumanism: James Tunney

63) The WHO Pandemic Treaty: James Roguski, Jesse Zurawell 

64) Convictions Over Complacency: Dr. Stanton Horn, Dr. Ben Tapper


65) The Illusion of Authority: Etienne de la Boetie, Mark Gober

66) Law for Mankind in Action: Members of the Sovereign’s Way

67) InPower Movement: Cal Washington

68) A Common Law Approach to Justice: *SEE NOTES

69) Emancipating Healing Professionals: John Jay Singleton

70) The True History of Western Education: David James Rodriguez

71) The Journey Home: Garret Kramer

72) What is the Way Forward?: Dr. Kelly Brogan, Mike Winner, Alec Zeck

NOTES: *This session includes: Dr. Christiane Northtrup, Lynette Madsen, Jeff Witzeman


The beginning of this module will include a contextual disclaimer acknowledging the reality that some of the topics within “A New Health Story” have not been adequately tested in accordance with the scientific method. We will emphasize that the purpose of this module is to present various healing modalities, healing philosophies and frameworks for health in the post germ theory paradigm.

73) What if My Body is Brilliant?: A Short Film by James and Chris

74) What is Disease?: *SEE NOTES

75) Bio-Terrain Medicine: Dr. Barre Lando

76) The Holography Of Our Terrain: Adam Bigelsen, Josh Bigelsen

77) The Human Biofield: Eileen McKusick

78) German New Medicine: Dr. Melissa Sell

79) Beyond Contagion Dogma: Brendan Murphy

80) Self-Reclamation: Dr. Kelly Brogan

81) The Power of the Inside Game: Tom Barnett

NOTES: *This session includes Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Andy Kaugman, Dr. Larry Palevsky and Dr. Amandha Vollmer


The beginning of this module will include a contextual disclaimer acknowledging the reality that some of the topics within “A New Health Story” have not been adequately tested in accordance with the scientific method. We will emphasize that the purpose of this module is to present various healing modalities, healing philosophies and frameworks for health in the post germ theory paradigm.

82) The 4th Phase of Water: Dr. Gerald Pollack

83) The Mystery of Water: Veda Austin

84) The New Cell Biology: Dr. Tom Cowan

85) Water Fasting: Dr. Henry Ealy

86) Homeopathy: Lisa Strbac

87) Alchemical Health: Dr. Steven Young

88) Esoteric Biochemistry: Steve Falcone, Dr. Barre Lando,  Dr. Amandha Vollmer

89) The Only Normal: Sally Fallon Morell, Dr. Stanton Hom

90) The 6 Dimensions of H.E.A.L.T.H.: Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan

Learn more about ‘The End of Covid’ and join the official launch on June 20th here: