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Challenge to San Francisco Employee Vaccine MandateHFDF Lawsuits

United SF Freedom Alliance Sues against San Francisco Employee Vaccine Mandate

By January 5, 2022May 16th, 2022No Comments

With the help of Health Freedom Defense Fund and America’s Frontline Doctors, the United San Francisco Freedom Alliance (USFA) filed suit (Case No CGC-22-597428) in California Superior Court on Tuesday against the City and County of San Francisco for their vaccination mandate for all city and county employees. USFA is made up of over a thousand employees that are asserting a complete lack of justification in the law for being mandated to get the COVID injection, and are seeking for the City’s mandate to be struck down by the Court.

The complaint filed by Daviller Law Group and John Howard Attorneys cites no less than eleven reasons why it is illegal for the city and county of San Francisco to mandate an experimental, dangerous, and ineffective injection on an entire workforce, numbering over 31,000 people.

Plaintiffs point to CDC statements that the COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission of the virus, therefore destroying any public health argument for mandating a vaccine against COVID.

In light of the new Omicron strain, CDC admits breakthrough infections in the fully vaccinated are likely to occur, and that they are currently researching whether the vaccines will offer any protection moving forward. Attorneys for the plaintiffs also emphasize in the brief that since COVID-19 vaccines cause significantly higher incidence of injuries, adverse reactions, and deaths than ANY prior vaccines that have been allowed to remain on the market, employees subject to the mandate are being forced to take a significant health risk, which could result in their death, when by definition, they are healthy individuals at this time.

USFA’s filing quotes multiple distinguished doctors and epidemiologists sounding the alarm that mass vaccination campaigns could further deteriorate public health and cause mass casualties. Nobel Prize winner in medicine Dr. Luc Montagnier states that contrary to stopping the virus, the vaccines “do the opposite – they ‘feed the virus,’ and facilitate its development into stronger and more transmissible variants.” A recent study that analyzed clinical trial data for the three US COVID-19 vaccines concluded that “none of the vaccines provide a health benefit and all pivotal trials show a statistically [sic] significant increase in ‘all cause severe morbidity’ in the vaccinated group compared to the placebo group.” Classen’s study is quoted in the filing as saying “Based on this data it is all but a certainty that mass COVID-19 immunization is hurting the health of the population in general. Scientific principles dictate that the mass immunization with COVID-19 vaccines must be halted immediately because we face a looming vaccine induced public health catastrophe.”

San Francisco has not allowed COVID-19 testing as an alternative, nor acknowledged that a sizeable portion of their workforce has already survived the virus and likely gained robust and durable immunity. The City and County of San Francisco’s policies do not seem to be intended to protect the employees, but to drive an ideology that only accepts one single therapeutic for the prevention and treatment of a disease, to the exclusion of all other forms of medicine, other proven pharmaceutical therapeutics, and available mitigation strategies. Employees that attempted to obtain medical and religious exemptions were denied, showing a complete lack of tolerance for the unique medical decisions their employees have a right to make for themselves and their bodies.

Bodily autonomy is fast becoming the issue of our time, and Health Freedom Defense Fund stands with the employees of San Francisco and all Americans that are powerfully resisting the incredible medical tyranny occurring in their city, and country. Follow us on and subscribe to our newsletter to get weekly updates on our twelve lawsuits filed against school districts, universities, cities, and the federal government, that are illegally mandating medical products without informed consent. Consider making a donation to support the immediate end of these egregious violations of our fundamental human rights.