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The Installation of a Fascist Bio-Security State

By November 6, 2021November 8th, 2022No Comments

Leslie Manookian of Health Freedom Defense Fund leaves no stone unturned as she details, one by one, the puzzle pieces forming the full picture of our current situation. Why are our fundamental human rights being shredded before our very eyes? To understand what is REALLY going on – fasten your seatbelts, take a deep breath, and settle in as Leslie explains what is behind the frantic frenzy to innoculate every single person on Earth.

Recorded at the Wise Traditions Conference on November 6th, 2021, hosted by the Weston A. Price Foundation.

You can read the presentation below.

Intro: All right, so now I want to introduce wonderful Leslie Manookian. She is the President and Founder of the Health Freedom Defense Fund. It’s committed to helping rectify health injustices through legal suits, education, and advocacy. It’s a tremendous group, and she’s going to talk to us today and blow our minds. Please welcome Leslie Manookian.

 And one fun fact about Leslie is that she’s a super mean and fierce tennis player, and when she loses, she blames her husband.

Leslie: Oh, that’s funny, not true. Not true, but he is not as good as me. I will say that. 

 I’m going to tell you a story tonight, and a lot of the story is really dark and kind of sad, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. So stay with me as we work through this. I just want you to understand where we are and why we’re here. Because if we don’t understand how we got here, we can’t actually solve the problem. We have to know who our enemy is if we’re going to defeat our enemy. And it’s so important to understand that what’s going on did not start in the last two years as much as it may seem like that if you pay attention to the mainstream media.

So first, I want to just talk a little bit about what we face. I know I don’t have to educate this audience, but there are some really frightening things that are out there vaccine passports and forced medicine, which I’ll talk about in a second. There’s the ID 2020 plan, which they put in place or started putting in place many years ago, and this is a plan to connect our medical records, financial records, ID records, travel, and everything all to one digital device. And you know how there have been all these cyber attacks lately? It’s constant, isn’t it? Isn’t it strange that we have the most sophisticated technology that we’ve ever had in our lifetimes, and now there are all these cyber attacks? Isn’t it strange that a year ago, they were talking about the potential for cyber attacks to take our systems down? This is another piece of the puzzle. They’re telling you where they’re going, which is that they’re going to actually conduct cyber attacks and why what’s the end game for them. They want to force every single person on the planet to have a digital ID because it’s not safe to go on the internet unless you have a digital ID that they know and control; that’s what this is all about. So ID 2020 and trust stamp, that’s really important. They’re already trialing that in, I can’t remember if it’s Kenya, somewhere in Africa, they are trialing that, and that is combining Mastercard together with their digital ID and vaccine records, okay? Ultimately, it will be your job, insurance, and banking account. You won’t be able to do anything unless you comply with what they want. So that’s what these things are all about. The vaccine passports that have been introduced in Europe, there’s the green pass already. They’ve got it in Israel, they’ve got one in Italy. The good news is the Italians, many of them even who are vaccinated, are tearing up, burning their green passes in solidarity with the unvaccinated because they know how wrong this is!


Yes, it is fantastic. Isn’t it?

So what’s really happening is they’re putting all this technology in place in order to introduce a social credit score through the back door. That’s where it’s going. In China, where they launched 5g in Wuhan, interestingly in October of 2019, go figure. Now you can’t get into your apartment building without your face being scanned. If you have a low credit score, you can’t book a high-speed train ticket or an airplane ticket. And what brings your credit score down? Well, speaking out against the government, jaywalking, being friends with someone who speaks out against the government, being friends with someone who breaks rules, and things like that. And if you ask the average Chinese person, they’ll say, oh yes, this is very, very good. But, of course, what else would they say? 

So all of this coordination that we’re seeing, with the World Health Organization, the CDC, and these pseudo-government groups, right? Johns Hopkins is not a governmental organization; it’s a university, supposedly, but what are they doing? They’re lockstep with the government. That’s what’s really happening. And they’re doing this because it’s all about an agenda. The other thing that’s happening that I think is so important for us all to understand is that it’s a massive psychological operation. So the hallmark of psychological operations is fear number one. Fear, fear, fear, frighten, everybody. Think back to what happened on 9/11. Who was not terrified, and what did they do over and over and over again? They repeatedly showed the planes flying into the buildings, flying into the buildings, flying into the buildings, to imprint on your psyche a fear, a trauma response, which they can then reactivate 20 years later with something else, unbelievably frightening- a virus, a deadly virus, right?

So this is part of the op, and then what else do they do? They guilt you. They’re telling little kids it’s their responsibility to take care of grandma and grandpa. Has that ever happened before in our lives? Is that not the peak of insanity? I mean, cruel, we’re talking as evil as you can possibly get to guilt trip five and six-year-old children. There’s a video out now of Pfizer’s most recent advertisement. Has anybody seen it? It literally has got to be a new low for humanity. Seriously. They have all of these little kids, five and six and eight-year-old kids talking about how wonderful it was to volunteer, to be part of Pfizer’s vaccine trial. Yes, and how they feel so good because they’re doing their part to save the world, and these kids are like, what does it mean to you? Courage, strength, all these things. It’s unbelievable. They also- the narrator is a young girl who has some kind of a speech impediment. Now, why would they choose someone like that? Because they’re trying to normalize these things. They want you to think this is totally acceptable and normal. That now, a huge portion of our children, I think one in five, has a neurodevelopmental disability. They want to normalize these things so that you don’t react. You just become accustomed. Right? I tell my son all the time he’s 19 now, he’s been raised Weston Price and on homeopathy, and he’s been, unfortunately for him, probably red-pilled since he was about four years old. Actually, that’s not totally true. I’ve been pretty nice with him, but he knows a lot. Anyway, he’s always like, mom, I feel like we live on the outside of society sometimes, and I will laugh, and I’ll be like, yes, we do, but that’s by choice. We don’t go to their schools. We don’t use their medicine. I don’t parent the way that most people do. We don’t eat the way that these people do all these things. And he’s like, well, wouldn’t it be nice if we could just eat anything we want? I’m like, yes, and it would be nice. It’s like, well, why can’t we just be normal? And I’m like, because normal isn’t normal, right? The norm is not normal. And we don’t want to be something that’s not normal, that’s unhealthy. This is what they’re wanting us to do, though. Pre-condition us to accepting that this is normal, this new norm. 

So what else do we face? Forced medicine. You don’t take the shot, you’re not going to be able to feed your families. That’s what they want. I’m not saying that they’re going to succeed. I think they’ll fail, and I’ll tell you in the end how I think they’re already starting to fail, but it’s a really important thing to understand. So forced medicine, they want enhanced human beings, and what does that mean? Transhumanism, it means that there are these people out there who don’t believe that you’re good enough the way that you are, that you are a creation from the divine. They don’t believe that. They believe that you’re just a bag of bones, and therefore it’s their prerogative. In fact, it might even be imperative for them to enhance you, and how will they do that? With chips and other things injected into you or implanted into you that enhance your ability to recall things, to calculate your memories, all these things, right? This is where they’re going. And this is why there’s such a push. Now I’ve seen some scientists who’ve actually looked inside, and I have seen photographs of the stuff that’s in these vials self-assembling. It is terrifying. We don’t know what it is, but it’s not normal. 

So it’s already happening in Colorado. There was someone who wanted to get a kidney transplant, and she was denied because she wouldn’t get the shot. So, you know, there, this is where it’s all going. My father-in-law just died on September 2nd. They refused to treat him the way that we wanted him treated because the CDC is dictating what treatment should be. My husband had power of attorney. He submitted a document telling them exactly how we wanted him to be treated, and literally, every time we insisted on something else, they would just tell us that we couldn’t come, that we couldn’t speak to them anymore. It went from one person every hour to being one person a day to being we could call once a day. And the reason for this is because the hospitals get paid, and they don’t just get paid; they get paid a huge amount of money for following the prescribed treatment plan. But most importantly, if they deviate from what CDC is dictating, then they have liability, and if they stay within the confines of what CDC is dictating, then they don’t have liability. So you can sue them if they deviate at all. But if they only do what CDC tells ’em to do, then everything’s cool. So this is what’s happening. And then, of course, we all know where it’s going. Israel just announced a fourth booster, a fourth dose, in order to be considered fully vaccinated. And if people think it’s gonna end at four, I mean, I got news for them.

So there’s a technological aspect to this. I’ve already touched on it a little bit, but people have heard about the internet of things, I’m assuming. Every new appliance you buy now they have the ability to hook up to the internet. Why in the world do we need that? We don’t! Your refrigerator, your toaster, your whatever. It doesn’t need to be that way, but why are they doing it? Because you know what, if you’re not a good little girl or boy, they’ll turn your power off. Or if you use too many carbon credits today, your power goes off, right? So they will start rationing these things, and they are conditioning us through all of these supposed emergencies and catastrophic events to accept that this is going to be the way things are.

Something that most people haven’t heard about, though, is the internet of bodies, the IOB. So the internet of bodies is exactly what it sounds like. It’s like the internet of things. It’s hooking up people to the internet. How can they achieve that? They can’t do it without putting something in us, right? Yeah, something. Now, of course, it’s not disclosed at this point, but there’s something going on, and this is a thing; it’s a real thing, the internet of bodies, and what they’ve already been able to do is inject mice with something, stimulate it through heat, and then they’re able to remotely monitor the mouse’s bodily functions and also influence their behavior. This is where the internet of bodies is gonna take us if they succeed. How’s it being implemented? Why are they pushing so hard? Starlink is Elon Musk’s plan to blanket the earth with; I think, ultimately, he wants it to be 60,000 low earth orbit satellites, 60,000! Gates has invested in EarthNow, that’s got, I think he’s put a billion dollars into it, and at the end of the year, I can’t remember if it’s 600 or 1000 satellites that he’s trying to get in orbit. They want real-time video surveillance of every square inch of planet earth. No joke. You can see them when you look up, you see something moving fast, and it’s too low to be an airplane. It’s one of these things. They wouldn’t be doing this if they didn’t think that there was some way for them to actually connect you. So we face a world where we are never in private. There’s literally nothing private.

On a financial front, I find this particularly scary. So one of the byproducts of the- I hate to call it the pandemic because I don’t think that there’s really a pandemic, the casedemic let’s call it that, right? Because it’s been manufactured out of this faulty test, a PCR test, which isn’t even a test. But one of the things that’s happened is that we have destigmatized taking money from the government and living off the government purse. It used to be called the dole.

It may surprise you to know that in Europe and the United States, for going back five years, they’ve been trialing programs called universal basic income UBI. And they were giving out about, I think, one of the early programs was 500 a month, but more recently, it’s been like $1,500 a month. Interesting number, isn’t that?

So universal basic income they’ve destigmatized all of us who are in the middle class, low and medium earners to accepting the government handouts. Concurrent with this, there have been all these white papers that have been coming out for the last two years about digital currency. They literally call them central bank digital currencies, CBDC.

Can you imagine what happens when they pair the digital currency, they get rid of paper money, and they pair the digital currency with a vaccine passport that’s implanted into you? You will have zero ability to do anything that you want to live your own life. You’ll have to comply unless you live totally outside and off the system. And here’s the thing, once they have universal basic income and everyone accepts it, then they introduce the digital currency, and then they get rid of cash, all cash, and now you only get the money that they give you digitally. And if you’re not a good girl, then they delete it from your bank account. That’s how it will work. 

So they’ve been talking about in the last few weeks, in the most recent budget package, they’ve been talking about tracing all transactions, going down to $600, $600. Literally, it’s been $10,000, right? But they’ve been creeping down, creeping down. There’s been a program in Australia for the last year or two years; Cash Is For Criminals. Hmm, who came up with that? This is all being pushed. One of the things I really want you to take away from tonight is that anything that you hear in the mainstream media is propaganda. It is designed to manipulate you into a certain belief system and acceptance of it. So you won’t be able to get a job unless you do what they want. You won’t be able to bank. We already see that, you know GoFundMe? If you’re vaccine injured and you try and do a GoFundMe program, they’ll take it down. You cannot raise money for anything like that. If you want to make a movie about something, take you down. It’s already happening. We’re already seeing that credit card companies and banks will not work with certain groups. Actually, with Health Freedom Defense Fund, we had to go to a company called Anedot to be our merchant interface because the other one that we wanted to use wouldn’t allow us an account. Literally.

And, of course, it’s all connected, right? You’ve got the banking portion of it. Big tech is playing a huge role and the Fed. One of the things that the Fed has just started doing is said that it’s going to accept deposits from us. They’re literally gonna start taking consumer deposits. They’re setting up the system to do that. And what’s also really interesting is that Facebook and Twitter, and, I think, Google are all trying to set up their own kind of pseudo-banking systems. They’ve tried to launch their own cryptos that was stymied. But there’s something very interesting going on, which is that all of the tech companies seem to be moving into finance together with the giant banks and the Fed. So what are they trying to do? Probably to push the little guys out. Have all the control amongst a handful of institutions at the top, greater control. 

So where is this all going? My family laughed at me eight years ago when I- maybe nine years ago when I watched the Hunger Games with them. I said to my husband and my son, and I said, you, you mark my words; that’s where we’re headed; they were like, come on. And at the beginning of 2020, I said to my husband; we’re starting. This is what’s happening. This is coming. Everything I’ve been telling you for years it’s now starting. And he laughed, and he doesn’t laugh at me anymore about this. I know it’s kind of sad, but for those who haven’t seen the hunger games, what happens in that? It’s not about the story. It’s more about the structure of society that I’m pointing to when I say we’re headed there. It’s where everybody lives in districts, all of the peeps, you know, all of us, the serfs, we all live in these districts, and we live off of the scraps that are allocated to us by those who live in the capital. And the people who live in the capital live lives of absolute luxury with food and clothes and art and all sorts of fun and entertainment. Everybody else lives to support those people in their lives. And that’s where I think we’re headed. These trillionaire elites will have everything. You know, there’ve been so many new billionaires minted in the pharmaceutical industry just since this started. And there’s been the largest wealth transfer that we’ve ever witnessed in the last couple of years, from the average American to the super elite. We all thought 2008-09 was bad, this is an order of magnitude different, and it’s only going to get worse. But the biggest thing is that these people they’re not elected. They’re not accountable to anybody, and we won’t have any recourse if they succeed at their system. And that’s what they want. But we’re gonna stop them. We are going to stop them.

So in January of 2020, when the whole thing started, I remember the first reports, you know, killer virus in China. And I said to myself, oh, okay, they’re gonna start it in China because China’s gonna show the rest of the world how to lockdown. If it started in the west, no western civilization would allow it would they? But once we saw how successful the Chinese were, then maybe we would go along, and people did. I was truly stunned by the compliance of most Americans, truly stunned. When they started talking about how the virus lives on paper money, do you remember hearing that? First, it started out it was nine days. Then they said, no, no, no, it survives for 14 days, and ultimately, it was like 24 or 26 days. Why did they do that? To scare you into accepting and giving up your money, right? Because their end game is UBI and digital currency. So remember the coin shortage that all of a sudden just came out of nowhere? These things are all manufactured.

So this kind of stuff that I’m talking about has been going on for a really long time. It’s accelerated tremendously in the last 20 years, but it’s been going on for a very long time. Like, I’m going to go back a hundred years, but there’s a really important point: why is it happening now? Because why didn’t it happen 20 years ago or 40 years ago? Why are they doing this now? And I really want to unpack that for you guys because there is a reason that it started now, and that’s because the people who are in power are in a desperate position. People in power never give it up willingly. And the people who are in power know that their policies have destroyed their governments and something else. Our budget deficits are just national debts. But most importantly, your pensions they’re gone, folks. People’s pensions are gone, and they can’t allow you to know that because if you learn that before they get you onto universal basic income, can you imagine what will happen?

So first I want to talk about Europe. Margaret Thatcher said that creating the European Union was a federalization of Europe through the back door, and she was a hundred percent right. She said that 40 years ago, and everyone, no, no, no, no, no- I don’t think they called her a conspiracy theorist, but boy, she’d be called one today, wouldn’t she? But she was dead, right? And the structure of Europe today, just for those people who don’t know, I lived in London for ten years, and so I have a very good grasp of what’s going on over there and how their system works, but the way that it works is that the EU president and the head of the European Commission are not elected they are appointed. The members of the European Parliament are elected in their home countries by the electorate, but you know what? They don’t have any power. They can vote, but the people who not only determine policy but actually who direct policy, they also dictate policy, and that’s the Commission and the head of the EU. So even if the members of the parliament don’t like what’s happening, they’re actually powerless to stop it. This is what they’re trying to impose globally. That’s where it’s headed. 

So the members of the EU, there are 27 of them, and they all have to agree for monetary things. So if the ECB wants to bail out one country, all the member countries have to agree to it. Well, that’s pretty hard to achieve, right? 27 different countries agreeing to something, and so that’s actually put them in a really, really difficult place because they weren’t ever able to write off bad debt after the 2008-09 crisis. Before I go into detail on that, I just wanna say that if you look at all these different groups, from the head of the European Union to the head of the European Commission, the UN, and the World Health Organization, all these groups, they are all connected to the World Economic Forum, to Klaus Schwab. They’re literally on his board; that’s how intertwined they are. They’re clearly in league with the globalists, and they’re a big reason that what is happening right now is what’s happening. 

So again, why now? Well, in Europe, in the 2008-08 crisis, what happened was they didn’t write off their bad debts. The banks didn’t write off their bad debts because the Germans didn’t want to bail out the Greeks. The Germans didn’t want to bail out the Italians. They think, oh well, we’re much more responsible, we don’t want to have to bail these other countries out, and they could never get the unanimous vote needed, and so they said, we’ll just put it on the back burner. So if you look at what’s happened with the banks in the United States, they all wrote off all their bad debts, and the Fed forced them to do so. So the banks in the United States have recapitalized themselves and are in a very, very solvent, strong situation. The European banks are on the brink. Deutsche Bank, which is the biggest bank in Europe for a very, very long time, used to be about 170 euros or so 160 or 70 euros on the stock market. It’s like 6 or 7 euros now because everyone knows it’s gonna go bankrupt. The question is when, and the reason is because they carried all this bad debt, and so did all the other banks. 

Another part of the problem is that in 2014, in order to try and reignite the economy, the European Central Bank and the ECB implemented negative interest rates. So let’s just say you wanted to buy a house, or let’s just say you have a hundred thousand dollars and you have it in the bank.

You have to pay to keep it there; they don’t give you interest. You pay the bank to hold it there for you. So if you have small savings, are you going to put it in the bank, or are you going to put it under the mattress? Who would do that? The other thing that’s really important about that is that negative interest rates destroy the bond market, and they destroy pensions because all pension companies, anybody who manages a pension, they generally need to earn seven to 8% a year on their investments in order to pay their liabilities. So for all the people who’ve retired, they need to earn seven or 8% so that they can service that so they can pay you your retirement. So what happens after seven years of having no yield on their investment portfolio? Think about that. Literally, they have not even broken even in seven years, let alone made seven or 8% on their investments. So all those public pensions in Europe they’re broke, they’re broke, and there’s another really bad part of it, which is that the European Central Bank, first of all, they implemented those negative interest rates. If you’re an investor, do you buy a bond because you want a return, or do you buy a bond because you want to give away more money? Right? It’s supposed to be a safe place to put your money. What’s happened now is they’ve destroyed their whole bond market, so we’re in a situation where the European Central Bank owns more than 40% of all outstanding European-denominated debt. So they can’t raise rates because if they raise rates, you all understand there’s an inverse relationship between the price of a bond and an interest rate. When interest rates go up, bond prices go down. When interest rates go down, the bond prices go up. So right now, you’ve got a negative interest rate; if you want to increase rates to, say, 1%, the value of your bonds is going to crater. So the book of bonds that the European central bank holds is going to get decimated if they ever increased rates in order to entice people back into the market. So they’ve not only painted themselves into a corner. They also have nobody who wants to be a buyer. There’s no more marginal buyer of European bonds. Basically, they don’t have a way out, guys. There’s really no way that they’re going to get out of this. 

In the US, we’re in a much better situation in that we do not have insolvent banks, but we do have a huge unfunded public pension liability; it’s almost $5 trillion now. Through the end of 2018, I just saw a new number, and it’s 4.9 trillion now. Think about that $5 trillion. California, I think it’s $760 or $780 billion unfunded pension liability. So what happens next year when people find out I don’t have a pension anymore? Can you imagine a hundred million people in America finding out that their pension is gone or a hundred million Europeans? Can you imagine what would happen to those leaders at the ECB and in our government? Can you imagine them getting drug out by their hair and worse? It is so bad, and they know it, and they have used this crisis, whatever it is, or orchestrated it in order to save their own tails. I think this is a really big part of why it’s happening right now because they knew that, basically that their number was up, they were done. 

When the repo crisis in 2019 happened, does anybody remember in September or October of 2019? There was a major dislocation in financial markets. There’s something called the repo market where banks loan to one another in something called the overnight window, and so if you’re a bank and a business has just repaid a 200 million loan, and you don’t want that money just sitting on your balance sheet overnight, you’ll lend it in the overnight window to another bank so that it’s actually earning an income, getting some kind of a return and it’s not at risk. You’re not just sitting there with it. Well, usually, those rates are about the Fed funds rate, which is very, very low. It’s the risk-free rate in the United States. Those rates jumped to 10% overnight, meaning that if you borrowed money in that window, it was a 10% rate for that night. And why did that happen? Well, it happened because the big US banks didn’t want to deal with the European banks. They didn’t want the counterparty risk because they knew that those banks were insolvent. And so what’s happened ever since then is that the Fed has stepped in and become the central bank of the world.

So essentially, what’s happening is, I think, twofold one is that these people who are in power are trying to stay in power, and the second part of it is it’s just this age-old struggle between good and evil. I think we’d all like to believe that most human beings are good, and I fully believe that most people are good. They’re kind, they’re decent, they’re caring, but there are some really seriously misguided human beings who don’t care. I think that we are honestly dealing with some true evil, and those people who are truly evil will do anything to stay in power, even if it means killing innocent children with this unbelievable injection that they’re putting on people. 

So how did so much of this happen? I want to go back now. I said I was going to take you back a hundred years. So this is one of the first trips down memory lane. 1913 was one of the most pivotal years the United States has ever experienced. In the early part of 1913, the 16th amendment was passed, and that amendment allowed Congress to pass the Federal Reserve Act. The Federal Reserve Act did two really important things. Number one, it said that all of us could be taxed. It literally gave widespread, I mean basically, blanket ability to Congress to tax us. But it did something else simultaneously; it exempted all the private foundations from ever paying taxes. This is when it started, guys. This is how we have the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; this is how it started with this act.

The 17th amendment took away the state’s rights, and how did it do that? Because it used to be that a state legislature appointed two senators who went to DC and represented the state’s interest against the federal government’s interests. You know how it seems like the feds just do whatever they want and steamroll people? I mean, we’re seeing it now; what’s Biden doing? Contractors have to vaccinate their employees. Anybody who works for the government has to vaccinate their employees. And now also saying that businesses with over 99 employees have to vaccinate their employees. This is because that power struggle between the states and the feds was really put a skew. In 1913, they changed the election of senators from appointees to publicly, you know, general election, just like our representatives. And that meant that there was nobody there in DC representing our state rights. Then near the end of 1913, something else really important happened, and that was the passing of the Federal Reserve Act.

Now the Fed, as we all call it, it’s not federal. It’s private; it’s owned by a group of commercial banks. It’s not audited. Nobody knows what happens inside of it, and they literally dictate monetary policy in the United States. So how’s that a collection of commercial banks who are not accountable to any of us and cannot be audited by any of us literally hold the keys to the printing presses essentially?

So I really wanna drive home this idea that this is all happening because we were at a crossroads where socialism was failing. They have been spending and spending and spending, and I don’t care if it’s on the left or the right. They’ve been spending with no intention of ever repaying any of it. And you know, what they were getting to the point where they couldn’t do it anymore. These pensions that they had been promising to public workers for decades and decades, they were never gonna be able to pay. And our budgets, I mean, look under Trump, went up 8 trillion, right? Forget how much it went up under Obama, a huge amount as well. I remember when it was a couple of trillion dollars, right? And now we’re at 28 trillion. They have no way that they can get out of this, and that is why I believe it’s happening now and not in 10 years or not even 10 years ago because it basically got to the point where there was no way out. So now I want to move forward to how did we really start? How did 1913 impact what’s happened in our country? And what I believe has been a long-term assault on the underpinnings of American principles and ethos.

Those foundations, which were given exemptions from taxation, they started amassing their money, and they started using it in really nefarious ways. They have hijacked our educational system, medical system, science, universities, everything; they control it. They own our media. They own everything, the whole narrative.

It was so bad already in the 1950s that a Congressman by the name of Reese decided that he was going to investigate their activities. So he went, and he created a committee. It was called the Reese committee, and they started looking at what was going on in these foundations. He hired an attorney named Norman Dodd, who was of impeccable credentials but also integrity.

This man was really a principled Patriot, and he started going around to all these foundations, and he went to the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Foundation and the Ford Foundation and all these, and they took him inside. He said you know, listen, you guys are doing some very interesting things. What is your objective here? And they were honest with him. They said to install collectivism in America. Honestly, that was their objective, and that was in 1953. So everything that we see now, things that make no sense, all these things that make no sense to us today are a byproduct of this. Because they have been trying to do anything and everything they can to destroy your sense of honor, responsibility, individuality accomplishment because they don’t want those things they want to control.

I think it’s very clear that this is not about philanthropy. They shoved that exemption into the 1913 bill in order to help them to facilitate achieving this agenda. And they’ve been building on it ever since.

So one of the next things that happened was in the 1970s, Frank Church from Idaho, love him, he is from Idaho. He did something amazing; he’s a Senator, and he went and he started investigating the activities of many of the three-letter agencies. I don’t know if someone tipped him off or what the genesis of it was, but he basically found out that these agencies were spying on Americans, harassing Americans, drugging, and torturing Americans without their knowledge doing all sorts of things. People who were activists like Martin Luther King, they were tracking him, surveilling him, and some might argue assassinating him. He exposed all this. He put them on the hot seat in front of Congress, and they sat there and said, can we talk about this enclosed executive session? We’d really rather not answer right here.

They started something called Operation Mockingbird. Operation Mockingbird was the CIA’s program to install agents at all the major media outlets across the entire country. When asked if they were still doing it, he said the CIA director wouldn’t respond. Now, we’ve been assured since then that this is all stopped. Something else that they did, which is really crazy. And you’re a conspiracy theorist if you say this, but it’s absolutely true. It is well documented, MK Ultra, Mind Control Ultra. And I think that what we’re seeing, like what I talked about earlier about the media and how they’re manipulating people through fear, repetition, installing like a trauma pattern in us and then reactivating it, this is an offshoot of MK Ultra. They learned all this stuff by drugging people and torturing them, how to split the psyche so that people wouldn’t even know what they were doing and something could trigger them. They were doing this in the 1950s. Of course, they say they’ve stopped. There’s no doubt that these programs, in my mind, have continued, and we see it all over the place; I will talk about that a little bit later.

So we see that the intelligence agencies have played a huge role. We see that the financial issue plays a role and the taxation or lack of taxation for the foundations, but then there’s other stuff that’s gone on. So since the very early part of the 20th century John D Rockefeller, who was an oil man, he wanted control. He was the richest man who’s ever lived in this country, and he wanted to basically take his chemical-based products and sell them as drugs. So he and his buddy Carnegie hired a guy named Abraham Flexner to write a report. Now Flexner didn’t actually really write the report. Rather it was written by the American Medical Association many years before, but they couldn’t have the American Medical Association put the report out because it would look well like they were biased. So they hired Flexner to do this and to do all this research, and then he wrote this report supposedly and submitted it to Congress in 1910. And what did that thing do? It destroyed the reputations and the businesses of all of the healing arts in this country. It was a coordinated effort. In fact, it was ultimately even codified in law through the FDA to destroy all the competition for the pharmaceutical-based medical complex. That’s when it started way back when, and we’ve been dealing with it ever since, but we’re going to get rid of it.

So, you know how they say, is your practitioner licensed? Isn’t that what they say. They argued in the Flexner report that the problem in America with the 60,000 medical practitioners they had like there were 62,000 doctors at the time. And 15% of them were what were called eclectics, which is like a naturopath today, and then a small percentage of the 15% were eclectics, and the lion’s share of them were homeopaths. There were 20 homeopathic hospitals across the country, and during the supposed Spanish flu, the homeopaths had almost zero fatalities. Whereas the medical doctors and the hospitals had tremendous levels of fatalities.

They, however, in the Flexner report, said, well, the problem is that there’s not enough standardization and licensing, and we needed to take the 160 or so hospitals that we have, and we need to whittle that down and have total control. So that’s what they did. They started labeling acupuncturists, chiropractors, doulas, midwives, and herbalists as snake oil salesmen. Who were the real snake oil salesman, the chemical guys. In fact, John D’s father was really, truly, honestly, a snake oil salesman.

So we’ve been fighting licensing of naturopaths in the state of Idaho for as long as I can remember. And some people want to license them because then they’ll have a greater ability to prescribe drugs and do different kinds of things. But it’s a really dangerous slope, and I would suggest to you that licensing doesn’t do anything except give away your power to someone else who can then use it against you.


I just wanna expose all this stuff. In the end, we’re gonna talk about how we fix it. So the medical complex that we deal with today started out, and I always say, you know, there’s that term, the military-industrial complex? I think that’s really, really off base today. It’s the military industrial medical complex that is who is in control of our world.

The roots of this all started in the early part of the 20th century, and it accelerated pretty much every decade. In 1980, the Bayh–Dole Act was passed. Bayh–Dole Act said if you’re a federal employee and you’re doing research at, say, NIAID or NIH off the backs of taxpayers, you can now keep some of the intellectual property rights on the patents you develop.

This is how Fauci and his buddies get to make $150,000 a year per patent that they develop. They own; in case people don’t know, Fauci and his group own half the patent of the Moderna vaccine. They developed it okay. They own half of it. So these people, NIH developed Gardasil. I don’t know if Mary Holland’s here tonight, but she’s written an amazing book on Gardasil, and this is something that’s been going on for now for 40 years that these scientists, they research things off of our backs, and then they get to profit from them. How’s that? How is it that the pharmaceutical industry that created all these COVID products got billions of dollars in taxpayer funds to do it, and now they’re making tens of billions of dollars off of our backs? It’s outrageous, and it’s got to stop. 

So all of these organizations, the UN and the World Health Organization, I think the UN was like 1945. The World Health Organization came a few years after that. What’s really important about these groups, if you are a member nation, you are bound by law to whatever they dictate. Their dictates supersede our laws. So when the World Health Organization declares an epidemic, we are bound to react as they dictate. Can you see how all of these things have been put in place piece by piece so we are slow boiled frogs and don’t react? And what’s happening is that the fabric of our society is being very slowly destroyed from the inside out. And obviously, where it’s headed is to this one world government where these elite have all the power, and they’re accountable to no one.

Another piece of the whole thing is the Prescription Drug User Fee Act. This is, I think, one of the most nefarious pieces of legislation ever passed. Bayh–Dole was bad enough, but this thing was on steroids. When it first started out, it was a few hundred million dollars, and what it is, it’s a mechanism for the pharmaceutical industry to fast-track its drugs through the FDA. That’s what they say for unmet medical needs. So it’s supposed to be for something where there’s a real problem that hasn’t been addressed, and there are a bunch of patients who are sick with something or whatever, and they wanna try these drugs. 

What’s happened is it’s been the mechanism by which the pharmaceutical industry has captured the FDA almost completely. And now the situation is that roughly 60% of the salaries of those at FDA who approve drugs are paid by the drug industry themselves.

Before the Prescription Drug User Fee Act was implemented, I think it’s a high number, 21% of all drugs were either removed after making it to market or else had to be labeled with a black box warning. After Prescription Drug User Fee Act, that’s gone to 27%; if 20% wasn’t bad enough, now we’re at more than a quarter. Think about that more than one in four drugs that make it to the market are either withdrawn or, after they’re out on the market, are labeled with a black box warning that tells you how dangerous it is. Basically, cautions you that it carries a serious risk of something like death.

We are told all the time that CDC is a reputable government agency. We’re told that NIH and FDA and all these groups are the same. That these are backed by well-intentioned scientists and doctors who are doing their best, and the truth is they are owned by the industries they’re designed to regulate. But they also take massive amounts of money from private industry, and I don’t mean just the pharmaceutical; they take money from the foundations as well, like the Gates Foundation. So we have a situation where these are fully captured agencies.

In Europe, there’s something called the Codex Alimentarius. Now, this was something that was sold to Europeans as a fantastic way to make sure that supplements were safe. That’s what they told them, we’re gonna standardize them, and we’re gonna make them so much safer for you all. What did they do, really? It was a way to ensure that the public could not buy supplements in any potency that was strong enough to actually have a biological effect. So what happened was the pharmaceutical industry- this all came from industry, and they forced it through despite millions of people protesting, and now you can’t get any kind of a significant amount of most supplements in Europe unless you go to a doctor. It’s all about control, all about control.

Another piece of the puzzle here is that the trade groups, the AMA, I think I actually have some data on this later on, but the trade groups are actually just fronts for the pharmaceutical industry. They take millions and millions and millions, the AAP, the American Medical Association. In fact, the journal of the American Medical Association gets 53% of its revenues from what are called reprints, so a pharmaceutical company gets a drug approved and ten a study about it published in a journal. Then what the pharmaceutical company will say is, Hey, JAMA will you print us a glossy of this study, and then we’re gonna send it all over the world to tens of thousands of doctors. So it’ll have JAMA on the cover. It’s a really nice, like a pullout of their study with JAMA. That’s over 50% of the revenues of these journals; the Lancet, it’s 40%. These are two of the most prestigious supposedly journals in the world. They’re owned by the pharmaceutical industry. And then you’ve got the situation where there are things like the National Meningitis Society might be the association there’s No Child Left Behind or no, No Child was it? I can’t think of it now, No Child Left By Two, I think, is what it is. It’s a vaccine program. These are supposed to be grassroots parent-run organizations. When we were making The Greater Good, we were in touch with a family or two who had children who’d had meningitis and suffered the ill effects of it. I think one of them had died. Well, I called them up, and I said to the woman who ran the National Meningitis Association, we’d love to tell your story. Can we talk to you? Could we do an interview with her? They take tons of money from Sanofi, one of the biggest vaccine manufacturers, and you know what? She didn’t wanna tell her story; go figure. She did not wanna have anything to do with it because she knew who was buttering their bread. There was no way they were gonna actually tell the truth about what was going on. All of these things, and then you’ve got big tech moving into the vaccine industry. So Google now owns a vaccine company. These big tech companies are becoming drug businesses, not only financial businesses but drug businesses as well. And then, of course, they’re collaborating with the intelligence agencies. This has been going on for years. They collaborate with them to decide who is going to be censored and who is not. At the very beginning of the whole COVID thing, they literally put out white papers about how they were going to have to coordinate their efforts in order to control the anticipated misinformation. And then, worse than that, they actually fund the varying fact-checker organizations. So you look at like the Pointer Institute. They take money directly from the Gates Foundation, who then, of course, funds all the vaccines, and they do the fact-checking of all of us and say that we’re all wrong. It’s all one giant evil mess.

I love it when people say, oh well do you have any peer-reviewed research to back up that statement? That’s supposed to be the gold standard. But when the pharmaceutical industry is half of your revenues, then a journal isn’t reputable, and that’s the situation. But it’s worse than that because not only do they get all these revenues, but the hospitals, the teaching centers, like I said, the NIH budgets look at that. They will be responsible for 49 billion in research grants next year. That is one heck of a pile of money. So if you are at Harvard medical school or, I don’t know, Texas A&M and you’re doing research, do you think you’re gonna be very likely to do something that contradicts officialdom? They’re doling out that kind of cash, and you have to be in their good graces in order to get it, and if you do anything that deviates, you’re not gonna be in their good graces. So it’s all about who holds the purse strings and who sits at the top of a lot of that money is Dr. Fauci. The other people who sit at the top of it are a lot of these private foundations and then, of course, the pharmaceutical industry. It’s gotten so bad that the pharmaceutical industry actually just literally gives money to journal editors, tens of thousands of dollars. They just pay them. It’s unbelievable. But more and more people are speaking out. There’s this unbelievable professor at Stanford, John Ioannidis, and there have been others, the former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, the editor of the Lancet. They all basically say that science can’t be trusted and that it’s no better than a coin toss, but Ioannidis goes even further. He says that 90% of published science in the peer review journals is flat-out wrong. And why is it wrong? Because they don’t use proper control groups because they don’t use proper placebos because they are trying to make something- to fudge a conclusion rather than to do science. It is pure manipulated propaganda. That’s what it is, folks. And unfortunately, most doctors have no clue.

 So I was talking about the Flexner report and how it was introduced to Congress, and Congress ate it up and passed it and said, oh, this is so great we’re gonna standardize, and we’re gonna license, and everybody’s gonna be safe. Everybody’s gonna be great, right? I’m not gonna go into a ton of detail on this, but here’s the truth, every year in this country, there are between 250 and 440,000 deaths from medical errors. Those are just the ones that are reported, though. Let’s remember 40,000 people are injured in hospitals every single day. We’re talking 4 to 8 million cases of serious harm by hospitals every year in this country. And we’re worried about something with a death rate of 0.2%. Think about that. How many children die every year in this world from starvation? It’s like 3 million kids. If these people gave a dam about humanity, they’d be focused on that. I said for decades, and I remember I was on Wall Street when Bill Gates was first pulled in front of the European Trade Commission and the Federal Trade Commission here in the United States. And why did that happen? Because he’s a really evil person. He’s a monopolist. He was using all of his power at Microsoft in order to squeeze out any of his competitors. That’s what he was doing. And he was literally destroying the market for any of his competitors. So they pulled him in front, and they said, listen, buddy, we’re gonna break up your company. And I remember thinking to myself that would be the best thing in the whole world if they broke up Microsoft, but what happened? He stepped down as CEO. Microsoft was fined $400 million, a slap on the wrist, and that was it. And the very next year, do you know what Bill Gates did? He set up the Bill and Melinda gates foundation and then started funding GAVI, the Gates what’s it, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization. That’s where this all started. I wonder if it was a quid pro quo, you do this, we’re not gonna break you up, but you step down, and then you’re gonna start funneling your money into all of this stuff. And this is a man that a huge portion of the population thinks is a good guy. It just shows you how important it is to understand history to know the truth. Just the same thing with Fauci right now, all beagle gate and all these things that are coming out about him torturing these innocent little puppies. Their evil is going to come out, and it will be their undoing. So all this standardization is supposed to help us, and yet, if you look at the data, it shows that a huge portion of people are injured by hospitals. 18% of people who go into this one study in North Carolina, 18% of hospital patients were harmed by the hospital, and two and a half percent of the cases, that patient died. So much for standardization and licensure, right?

So why is this allowed to persist? Well, because pharma owns us, pharma owns the doctors, pharma owns Congress, pharma owns the media. They pay the doctors for research, and they pay them for anything. They bestow honoraria and grants on them. They give them all sorts of titles and names. They pay them to host conference calls and pretend that they are neutral when they’re just marketing. They fund a huge portion of the continuing medical education credits and on and on. And then they give tens of millions to Congress every year. They’re the number one lobbyist in the United States. That number blows my mind, 9 out of 10 US Reps and 97%. Ninety-seven Senators have taken money from pharma.

Pharma spent 3.6 billion on digital ads in 2019; that’s just the digital portion. Bobby Kennedy has reported that 70% of advertising revenue for the major mainstream news networks comes from pharma, 70% in a non-election year, 70%! But it’s not just pharma; it’s also these foundations. So the Gates Foundation, there was a report done many, many years ago, which I saved literally it was done in 2010. And it was by the Seattle Times, which I thought was really interesting because he lives in Seattle and he had owned Seattle practically, but they did this amazing expose, and they said that the Gates Foundation had given, given a billion dollars to the media in the first decade of the 20th century, a billion dollars! And why did they give this money so that the reporters would be trained to report on Gates’ pet projects in the way that Gates wanted them reported? Basically, just bribing them, right? So you’ve got pharma owning the media, and you’ve got Gates owning the media, and we’re basically in a really, really bad spot.

Since 9/11, we’ve seen this whole agenda accelerate. So I talked about how it started back in 1910, but it’s really taken off in the last 20 years. And there’s a reason; one of it is because of what Gates has done, but it’s also because of all this legislation that’s been put in place as a result of our fear. 

First came the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act was passed just 45 days after 9/11. Literally the most inefficient body in America, Congress passed this act in 45 days. Think about that and what did the Patriot Act do? First and foremost, it allowed warrantless searches of innocent Americans. You know how we’re supposed to be secure in our persons from unlawful search and seizure fourth amendment? A clear violation of that, but you know what? People were frightened, so they let it happen. Shortly after that, the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act legislation was introduced. And what did that allow? That allowed- it accorded extraordinary power to public health departments, state health departments, and governors in the event of an infectious disease outbreak. Isn’t that interesting? It’s been passed in whole or in part by 43 states. So, I mean, you could look back literally 20 years and see what’s happening right now. You know, they’ve been talking about border checks between states; they’ve actually implemented those in Australia. You can’t go from Victoria to New South Wales. You can’t travel inside your own country. 

Then came the PREP Act, and the PREP Act said that in the event of an emergency, when the Secretary of Health and Human Services declares a pandemic, then anybody who manufactures what’s called a medical countermeasure has no liability, financial or legal, for its products. So nobody who makes these tests, nobody who makes the masks, and nobody who makes these shots has any liability at all. Except for one, there’s one avenue, and that is for willful misconduct. And we have a possibility of getting them on that. I’ll tell you about that in a minute. 

In 2012, so there’s something called the National Defense Authorization Act, and this is the funding mechanism for the Pentagon. It’s renewed every year, but every year they’ll put in some little tweaks into it, nice new pieces of legislation. So in 2012, they said that Americans could be detained indefinitely without having the ability to appeal to a judge, which is removing the writ of habeas Corpus, which is one of the foundations of western civilization that you can protest wrongful imprisonment. They took it away. You can be held indefinitely if you are deemed a domestic terrorist, and there are lots of ways they can deem you that; it’s not what you would think.

In 2013 and 2016, they did two more. They turned up the heat on us. They, first of all, legalized propagandizing American citizens, and then they created a program and funded it. So anything that you read in the mainstream news today could be pure propaganda and could have literally no connection to reality. Up until this point, for, I think, 70 years, it had been the case that it was okay for the CIA to propagandize foreign citizens. So they could go into other countries and disseminate deliberately manipulative, deceptive information in order to achieve an outcome, but they couldn’t do that to Americans. Now they can. There is no way to rationalize these legislative changes except that they are for evil purposes, no way whatsoever.

Earlier this year, they completed the whole project. So you know how they’ve been saying, think about the messaging that we’ve heard in the last year. The unvaccinated. There’s a pandemic of the unvaccinated. The unvaccinated are killers; that’s what President Biden said. They’re killers, man, I’m telling you.

 They put this piece out, this new domestic violent extremist piece, and it says specifically that if you challenge authority if you question the COVID narrative if you suspect that the election was stolen, you can be deemed a domestic violent extremist. And if you’re deemed one of those, then you have no rights because of all the other things they put in place; they can lock you up. And I have personal information that there have been attempts to try and subvert peaceful rallies of people who were protesting against the mandates. So there were rallies this summer, and we got, a couple of us got, intelligence that some of the groups had been infiltrated, and they were agitating and telling the members to bring guns. That, you know what, we just, maybe we had to maybe it’s time to get the guns out, they were saying. So Health Freedom Defense Fund, and Children’s Health Defense, both put out statements that we only supported peaceful protesting, and they backed down. But the point is there are these people out there, remember what they were doing, you know, under what the Reese committee investigated. They were doing it back then. They were infiltrating the civil rights groups, manipulating spying. They’re doing it now, and why? Because they want us to do something stupid. They want us to be violent. So they can then crack down really hard and label us all domestic terrorists. Once they do that, we will have no rights. 

So this all-; what else can you say? It sucks. It’s so depressing. I know it’s so depressing, but like I said, you have to know your enemy. We have to understand that what is happening is not an accident or an oversight. It’s not a mistake. These people mean to destroy your lives and your livelihoods. They mean to subjugate you. They do not embrace the principles that we all hold dear. They don’t. And we have to understand that because if we understand that, then we can take appropriate steps. I believe we’ll be emboldened to actually do what’s necessary in order to stop this.

All of this stuff and the 20 years of knowledge that I’ve basically amassed through making the movie and learning about all this stuff led me to a place in the beginning of 2020 where I knew what was going to unfold, and I had the unbelievable fortune, I would say divine intervention to have an amazing attorney brought into my life by the name of George Wentz. He’s a he’s general counsel to Health Freedom Defense Fund, and he is an extremely accomplished international commercial litigator who’s taken down some of the biggest corporations in the world. He’s near the end of his career. He, I think he’s a truly great man because when I started telling him about what I had to say, he didn’t shirk. He didn’t close his ears. He didn’t pretend it wasn’t happening. He went and verified everything I said, and then he call me back and say doggone it on it if you’re not right. But he was so stunned and so outraged as someone who’s given his life to the law that he wanted to help me do something about it. And so he doesn’t make a huge amount of money doing the work that he does for me, but he is my guide. We are now in the process of suing the state of Oregon, Los Angeles, San Francisco and the federal government on a bunch of things. So basically, here’s the good stuff, you guys, here’s what’s happening. We’re in this like horrible situation where these people are literally preying on us, and you know what? I think they love us to fight each other. They love us, afraid. They love seeing us desperate and wanna see us destitute. But you know what? They’re starting to realize that we are actually in control; they are. They are desperate, and you can tell that by what they’re doing, September 9th, President Biden came out and said, I’m gonna mandate the shot for all federal contractors and for businesses with more than 99 employees. Why did he do that? Because we’re not complying.


15 to 20% of the people who get the shot don’t get their second one. That’s tens of millions of people; on top of that, more than a hundred million or so have never gotten a single shot. And the government is now starting to back down. So a couple of weeks ago, the head of a trucking group or a trucking trade organization came out and told the Biden administration, listen, you try and force all of our employees to get this shot, you’re gonna have a major problem this holiday season. And you know, what else? We’re not taking the shot; our people are never gonna take the shot. And you know what? We’ll just cancel our contracts with the federal government. That’s what they said.


One thing is I’m thrilled about the fact that they did that, but there’s an even bigger and more important piece of it, which is that the government blinked. They did; they delayed the implementation of their emergency order to January! Isn’t that hilarious? It’s an emergency that was announced on September 9th; yesterday, they announced that the emergency would begin on January 4th. 


One heck of an emergency, right? But the thing that’s so important and why you should all be excited is because of the fact that every American who knows about that is gonna be like, right? Because they know we are the many, and they are the few, and we have the power. We do. Same thing happened in Chicago. The police, they said roughly 50% of them, we’re not coming to work. We’re gonna take medical leave or something. They walked out for a month, and you know what? Within a couple of weeks, the city backed down.


Southwest airlines tried to implement a vaccine mandate. What happened? They were struck by terrible weather. It’s funny American Airlines just got hit with some really bad weather, too. Go figure. But Southwest backed down, and this is happening all over the country. It is happening. People are starting to stand up, and that’s all that needs to happen for us to push back. That’s it, and the governments are blinking. They are literally realizing that we mean business and we’re not gonna back down, and the more we do that, the more likely we are to win. That is where we are right now. I don’t want you to be depressed because you know what people are starting to rally, and I can see it. I can feel it everywhere I go. Just look around us today; isn’t it so exciting to be here with everybody?


So there’s some really fantastic momentum building, and that’s a really important part of averting the disaster, really halting this dystopian future that’s being foisted upon us. But there’s another piece of it, and that’s the legal strategy that we’re adopting. So Health Freedom Defense Fund is suing against mask mandates and vaccine mandates, and we’ve got a variety of different cases. First of all, all the masks that are being used except for some N-95s are emergency use authorized products, and as such federal law requires that they be optional no matter what anybody tells you. On top of that, it’s been known since the 1950s that concentrations as low as 0.2% of CO2, when inhaled by pregnant Guinea pigs, result in catastrophic birth defects in the offspring. In rats, 0.3% concentrations lead to neuron death, learning losses, and some biological marker decreases, three permanent effects.

I encourage you. If your children are in school and being masked, get ’em the heck out.


Those masks are not benign. They are not benign. They are dangerous. They carry pathogens, but they also alter your oxygen and CO2 levels, and those are very dangerous things. That’s one piece of the puzzle. The other piece of the puzzle is that they don’t work. Have you ever smelled perfume through a mask? But it stops a virus.

Not only that, up until May of 2020, the body of science and the received wisdom in the medical community was that masks don’t work. The boxes even say that, and FDA even says that masks must not be marketed as though they prevent transmission or infection, says it on the box, and it also says it in the emergency use authorization that FDA issued to all of these mask manufacturers can’t market ’em as actually having any impact on infection or transmission and CDC, its own study of 10 randomized controlled trials evaluating the impact of masks on flu spread found zero impact. But now what they’ve done is they say, well, there’s a reduction in the amount of particles floating in the air, and that’s how they literally that’s the research they do that shows that there’s some kind of efficacy. The bottom line is it’s all been manufactured. They don’t work. We’re gonna sue ’em, and we’re gonna make ’em stop.


Leslie: So I flew here from Idaho, and I had to wear a mask on the plane. We’re suing the federal government over their travel mask mandate.


Leslie: We got a really good judge in Florida, and we’re really fired up about it. We think it’s got real potential, so hopefully no masks in the not-too-distant future on airplanes. We’re also representing the airline and travel industry, tens of thousands; I think there are 30,000 people who are in the group and we’re gonna sue on behalf of them. We’re suing the federal government for their vaccine mandate.


Leslie: We just filed suit against the Los Angeles Unified School District, the second-largest school system in America. And we just sued San Francisco, and that case is really interesting because that case we believe is gonna be a landmark kind of a case up until this point, all the cases that have gone up against the mandates at colleges and other places haven’t put the whole narrative on trial, and that’s what we aim to do. We are going to dismantle it from beginning to end.

So we are going to attack the tests. First of all, we are going to argue that there is no epidemic or that there’s no emergency because I think most of you probably know that 95% of the deaths that have happened, only 5% had no comorbidities, and 95% had some other serious condition. But most importantly, those tests are artificially inflating the diseases and the deaths. So we’re going to expose that, and we’ve created a slate of experts, not just a couple, not one or two, but about 20 experts. The biggest names that you can think of from the biggest and most important universities in the country are people who are not afraid to speak out, and we are gonna put the whole damn thing on trial and expose it for everybody to see. 

So far, these public health officials have been able to hide behind a complicit media, but they’re not gonna be able to do that in a courtroom where we have discovery and the ability to depose them and to prove that they’re lying. So that’s what we’re gonna do with this huge case. We’re gonna show that natural immunity is far superior, that the shots don’t prevent transmission or infection, and that they are extremely dangerous. That basically, we’ve all been sold a bill of goods, and we’re gonna build a wall, a brick wall around the judge and the jury that they can’t get out of. So they can’t decide anything except that they’ve been lied to and find in our favor. That is our goal.

So we’ve got roughly 12 lawsuits in the works, but the most exciting one that we have of all, which we had hoped to file last June, and then it got pushed, and it’s gotten pushed for a bunch of reasons, but I actually think it was somewhat serendipitous. We are gonna go after Anthony Fauci.


Leslie: But we are not gonna leave it with Fauci. We’re gonna take down Gates with him and die shock and all of them. Every single one of the bad actors are going down, and we have some very powerful people who wanna help us do that. We have so much information that’s come out just in the last couple of weeks, the emails, and you know how they changed? Has everybody heard that they just recently changed the definition of a vaccine? It used to be something that conferred immunity, and now it’s something that provides protection. Yeah, mm-hmm. It’s not just that, though; we know about all the stuff that they’ve been doing, siphoning money to Wuhan and all these things, and we now have people who are standing up just in the last week or ten days or so, I think it is. There have been three or four, maybe five, lawsuits filed by Attorneys General across the country. That’s huge, huge folks! Attorneys general are the only ones who can file criminal charges. We can only do civil conspiracy. We can’t file criminal, but they can, and the fact that they are now pursuing these in, literally, there are so many groups of them is extremely encouraging. Now not all of them, I think some of them are doing it for political reasons, like Abbot in Texas, but there are some good people who are out there. There are good people. It’s one of the things I think is really important. It is so easy for us to get depressed and think that everybody’s bad and that everything is stacked against us. It’s easy to lose hope, but the truth is there are good people everywhere. There are good people who lead big businesses. There are good judges, there are. And you know what? There are judges who’ve tried to help us in different ways. It’s amazing. There are good people, so don’t lose hope. There are good people out there, and the longer this goes on and the more extreme it becomes, the more emboldened they will be to want to help because, you know what, they don’t want this for themselves, their children, their grandchildren, they will stand with us. I am sure of that.

That’s what Health Freedom Defense Fund is doing. Now I wanna talk a little bit about what you guys can do. One of the things is something to help Health Freedom Defense Fund, and that is, if you know of whistleblowers, if you know of a prosecuting attorney, if you have a family member who’s in a position like that, please let us know. Reach out to us so that we can potentially work with them. If you know children who are victims of these shots that they’re now pushing on them, reach out. Please let us know because we can try and work together through our network to use their unbelievable misfortune for the good of the rest of us. These people, like I said, there are some really, really good people out there at every level. We had a judge, and I won’t tell you the state or anything, but he was an older judge, 80 years old, and he was doing everything he could to try and help this lawyer that he wasn’t on our team, but he was someone else who had just gotten into this last year. He was doing everything he could because I think he knew in his heart that what was happening was wrong. And he tried to help this attorney to do what he could. He ended up making a mistake, unfortunately, and the case got dismissed, but that gave me great hope because here’s a man who’s 80 years old, and he gets what’s happening, and he’s trying to help us as much as he possibly can. There are good people everywhere. Just hold onto that. 

So what else can we do? The Weston Price community has already been doing it for 20 years, which is supporting sustainable farming communities. Get your kids outta the school system. And that doesn’t mean you have to homeschool by yourself. Work together with other groups in your neighborhood or in your communities to grow food, all these things. 

One of the things I’m trying to do in my hometown is to start a new medical system outside the old. 


Leslie: And I shouldn’t even say medical because I don’t actually believe in medical it’s health care. It’s true healthcare. And we’ve got doctors, literally medical doctors who are leaving our hospital, who wanna support us all the way down to bodyworkers and acupuncturists and chiropractors and HBO people. We’ve got a huge spectrum. We are gonna build a truly integrated healthcare system in our small town. And then once we’ve done that, that can be a bottle to build everywhere else.


Leslie: I know it’s scary, guys, but you know what? I know there are tons of practitioners here. There are people with unbelievable skills. You just need to talk to your neighbors and create these systems in your communities, and if it’s illegal if someone tells you it’s illegal to do what you wanna do, whether it is a food co-op or something like that, don’t worry about it, just start a private membership association, and then you completely bypass whatever their laws are. If it’s too bad, and I know that’s not the case in Texas, but if it’s too bad in the neighborhood you live in or the area you live in, move. We’re gonna have to move. It’s something that I know it’s not, you know, very interesting to a lot of us, but it’s something I think is gonna ultimately happen. From a political standpoint, what are some of the other things that we can do? Run for your school board, run for County Commissioner, run for City Council, whatever it is, get involved. Even if you don’t win, you put them on notice that you’re watching and that you care and if they misstep, you’re gonna take ’em down. That’s what you do.

It just happened in Virginia, right? Does everybody know? The unthinkable happened there, and why did it happen? It happened because parents were mobilized. This is another thing I’ve said many times of late that there’s a huge silver lining in what’s going on right now. There are physicians who have joined our ranks who used to think we were crazy, a lot of ’em. I won’t name any of the names, but I’ll tell you to think about the most famous doctors that you know of who are speaking out right now about COVID. How many of them do you think questioned vaccines three years ago? None of them, but you know what? Now, when I have conversations with them, they’re like, yeah, mercury’s poison.

Yeah, it is. But listen, they’re waking up, and there is a silver lining here, which is that we used to, come to the Weston Price conference for the last, whatever, 10 or 15 years, and I would talk about vaccines, and yes, here, people wouldn’t think I was crazy, but outside we were very marginalized. Now, what’s happening is that half the country is concerned about vaccines. Think about that. Think about the possibility that that offers to all of us. It’s immense, you know, they say it has to get darkest before the dawn, and that’s the truth, right? It has to get really bad so that more and more people wake up. And let me tell you, four doses of a shot that’s supposed to work after one or two is gonna wake up tens of millions of Americans. And they’re gonna stand shoulder to shoulder with all of us because they don’t want it either. That’s what’s gonna happen.

So every now and then, I put down things about how I think the system needs to be fixed. And I think about what it’s gonna be like when we come out the other side, and I think one of the most important things that has to happen is that corporations, the management of corporations, have to have liability restored to them. CEOs can’t make off with a $200 million golden parachute after they’ve driven a business into the ground and screwed millions of Americans, but that’s exactly what happens. But if they were liable personally for their businesses, that wouldn’t happen. So this is something that has to change. Also, we have something called qualified immunity in this country, and that means that if you work for a government agency of any kind, you have immunity from a lot of forms of prosecution.

You are deemed to have been; if you were doing your job with good intentions, it doesn’t really matter. Well yeah, the people who were the brown shirts were doing their jobs with good intentions, too, right? I mean, this is the insanity of it, and it’s actually one of the reasons I believe for the anti-police movement is because they do have this qualified immunity. That can’t happen. We have to be accountable for our actions. All of us. I don’t care if you’re Nancy Pelosi or Mitch McConnell, they have to be liable, and the laws have to apply to them, and prosecutors right now, prosecutors, they can indict you with zero reason, and you know what? They can just go, oops, my bad. You can be arrested. You can have all these things happen to you on totally trumped-up bogus charges because they have no liability. This has to stop. So as we walk through all that we’re gonna go through in the next few months and the years as we reclaim this country, I want you to think about it all the time. How do you want to rebuild? Because that is coming. It’s not that far away. I know it’s hard to see it right now because right now it just seems so dark, and you know what, it’s probably gonna get darker in the next couple of months because they are desperate, and they are doing everything they can to try and retain the reigns of control.

But they are losing. You make no mistake of it. They are losing; they’re losing because everywhere across this country, hospitals are overflowing with patients who don’t have COVID, but they’re very sick, and it’s not just happening here. It’s happening in Australia. It’s happening in Ireland. It’s happening in countries all over the world. Why is it? It’s because they’re being poisoned, they’re being poisoned by this injection, and that’s gonna unfold. And because this narrative is crumbling, they are turning the screws as tight as they can, but they only have a narrow window in order to achieve their purposes. And I don’t think it’s gonna happen because we are awake. And because we are the many, because we have the truth, we have righteousness, and we have ourselves on our side, we are going to win, and I am gonna do anything and everything in my power to be part of the solution and part of the triumph of all of us restoring freedom in this wonderful country that we all live in.

Thank you so much, everybody. I know it’s a lot of depressing stuff to talk about, but we have to know, right? We have to understand what we’re up against so that we can be smart about our choices and be tactical. So any questions, anybody?

Audience: Just have the last slide one more time. 

Leslie: I will try. I turned this thing off now. I don’t know what to do.

Aaron: So it seems like we will have quite a few questions coming up. So if we could do our best to keep it limited to just one question per person and try to be as concise as possible, and lastly, if you can speak closely and loudly into the microphone, so everybody here and digitally can hear, that would be really great, thanks. 

Audience: Thank you, Aaron. Great talk. I have a quick question, and I’ve always wondered about the EUA requires that there is no alternative to the vaccine, but we know very well that there are plenty of alternatives now, Ivermectin, HCQ, you know. I’ve always wondered why don’t you lawyers go after and get that thing neutralized cuz once that is neutralized, the whole sham falls apart. 

Leslie: So some of our lawsuits are on the basis of pure statutory arguments, but the bigger lawsuit that I talked about, the kind of landmark in our minds, it’s kind of like a Brown versus Board of Education because we are gonna use Jacobson against them. Jacobson was the 1905 law that said that in a smallpox outbreak, which has a 30 to 40% death rate, that the state had a narrow interest and could require vaccination or a fine okay. $5, which is about $150 today. But the point is that there was an option. We’re gonna use that against them because this is not smallpox. Number one and number two, because there are treatments, and that is one of the major parts of our argument is that the suppression of all of these treatments that exist already and we have a whole bunch of experts who are lined up and tons and tons of research on our side. So that is something that will be exposed as well. I just forgot to mention it. Absolutely. We’re gonna put the whole thing on trial, literally soup to nuts. 

Audience: Thank you. I love you so much. So this is a question about all of the satellite groups. So Weston Price, Homesteaders America, Bobby’s organization, is it better for us to be separate, or is it better for us to unite under one umbrella? And I know there’s a lot more than I haven’t mentioned, but I just wanted your opinion on that in terms of strategy going forward.

Leslie: I think it’s interesting that if you look at what’s happening in the world, what are they trying to do? Install a one-world government. Why do they wanna install a one-world government, who wants to fight 194 countries, right? But if you have one government dictating everywhere, like, if you’re in war, do you wanna fight on three fronts or one front? So much easier, right, if you’ve got only one front. And so I personally think it’s way better to have a bunch of armies fighting and attacking from all different angles. Same thing in the media. Think about what’s happened in this country. Why? I think before the, oh gosh, what was it called in 1988, Reagan signed, they repealed the fairness doctrine, and the fairness doctrine required that the media report on any issue report more than one side report fairly.

And they repealed that, and what happened? Media completely bifurcated and now all they do is feed you into your echo chamber. And I don’t care if it’s left or right; they feed you whatever they think you want to hear. And they keep you completely ignorant of what the other arguments are. But they’ve also done something else. There used to be like 40,000 radio stations and all these independent media outlets. Now, everything is owned by one of the six giant corporations. So I personally think we’re way better off if we keep fighting, but we coordinate, and I’ll tell you, we collaborate. I mean, Mary Holland is a dear friend of mine; she’s the president of Children’s Health Defense. We are on a call every single week. There are a lot of us who are working together. It’s not like we’re going against each other. We collaborate, we work, but I think it’s better for us to all do our different things as long as we’re friendly and helping each other, and that’s what we do. So I personally think it’s way better for us to have way more people taking a bite at the apple than just one group because they can also pick off one group much more easily. Look what happens they take you off of Facebook, they kick you off of Instagram. They shut down your merchant interface for donations and things like this. It’s way better if they have to keep chasing all of us than just one big group. 

Audience: I’m not sure what your resources are looking like, but would you want to take on two more universities as part of your lawsuit?

Leslie: So it depends on where they are. And the reason for that is that we have the California law firm that we use is headed by an unbelievable man, John Howard. We are a small band of independent but fantastic attorneys. But you know we’re up against these firms. I mean, some firms can have 1500 attorneys in their law firms, right? That that do the work for these giant corporations. And we have, we do have limited resources. So what we’ve had to do is decide that we can’t help the thousands of individuals who are reaching out to us. What we can do is help groups because we have the greatest potential impact in many ways. So if there’s a university that you wanna sue, and there are a bunch of employees or a bunch of students or whatever, there’s a good size group that can help to fund it. Then we can take it on because we can’t raise enough money to do every single person that reaches out to us. We have just not been able to do that. So we’ve decided that we are gonna focus on big lawsuits that have the potential to impact everybody. And that’s why we’re doing like a federal employee’s lawsuit. It has 6,000 people, and that way as well, they can donate 50 bucks or something and raise a lot of money. And it’s not a hardship to any of them, but it helps us because, you know, we’re talking, these lawsuits are 3- 4- $500,000, and the bigger ones, I mean, I didn’t go into the long term roadmap, long term our focus is to take the pharmaceutical industry down. That’s our goal.

Audience: {APPLAUSE}

Leslie: Those lawsuits will be in the millions. So my answer, very longwinded, is we’re happy to take on more, but we need the people to organize themselves into a group and help us. We’re small; help us organize, help manage the group and help raise money. Then we can do it. 

Audience: Is that what we should be looking for? Would it be 6,000 people?

Leslie: Oh, it doesn’t have to be 6,000. Not even close. Why don’t you send me an email at That’s the best thing to do, okay? 

Audience: First of all, thank you so much for all the great information and the hope. It was just very wonderful. And maybe you kind of answered the question in the, with the previous, not the one right before, about other groups you’re collaborating with. I don’t know if there’s anything you could speak to specifically about America’s Frontline Doctors or ICAN, Children’s Health Defense, one I’m more familiar with is Make Americans Free Again. I know that they have a lot of similarities in the lawsuit; there are some fantastic lawyers challenging the emergency. And I know that you know, there’s a lot of, I guess, synergy and a lot of, not reinventing the wheel. And I was wondering if you could speak at all to that at how you’re partnering and allocating resources well.

Leslie: Yeah, so some of the groups, so Children’s Health Defense is more oriented towards the children. So very often, we’ll get something that might be kids related, and we’ll pass it off to them, and they will get stuff that might be more adult-related and pass it off to us. ICAN has done, which is Dell Bigtrees group, has done a lot of stuff challenging CDC, doing FOIA requests, and other things like that. And they’ve revealed some amazing stuff and had a great degree of success. And then what’s it called again? It’s Pam Popper’s group, right? 

Audience: Make Americans Free Again, and why that kind of sparked a neuron is because I know they’re also challenging the emergency and going after people in their personal capacities because they believe they’ve committed fraud. And that seems similar to yours now. Is yours class action?

Leslie: So class actions can be very, very complicated first of all, and also they require, I mean, if you have 10,000 people in a class action, you have to communicate with every single person we’re not usually suing for damages. We’re suing to stop a law, okay? We want a judge to say you can’t implement that mandate. So it’s not a damages kind of thing, which is the way that most class actions are. In a class action lawsuit, you actually have to get the class certified, and that can take a long time. And the rules are very, very stringent. They’re not nearly as easy to do. In fact, George tells me that he thinks that- he was part of the tobacco litigation back many decades ago, and he says that he doesn’t think it could happen today because they’ve made the rules much more stringent for class certification. So we’re not doing class action. You need a major law firm that has the infrastructure to deal with thousands and thousands of people, which is why we need the help with the groups. So what we do is we don’t have thousands of people named; we will have half a dozen people as named plaintiffs. Health Freedom Defense Fund will be a plaintiff, and then if they have a group. So we’re dealing, we’re helping Federal Employees For Freedom, and we’re helping US Freedom Flyers. A lot of these groups, Doctors For Freedom and stuff like this, these groups, they help by organizing themselves. We give them a landing page through which they can donate, and then we create a legal pursuit just for them. So I think there’s actually a lot of synergy and not much overlap in what all the different groups are doing. And I think we’re all really important and all giving ’em hell.

Audience: Hello, Leslie. My question is about just some of the things you shared about the financial system and when you mentioned the pensions and the banks going broke and trying to get rid of cash. So how do we protect ourselves from this? I mean, do we sell everything we have, then we have cash, but it’s useless. But if we keep everything in the bank, then you know, what do we do? 

Leslie: So I can tell you, I’m not a licensed financial advisor, right? So I worked on wall street. I manage money, but I am not licensed. So I can’t give you specific financial advice, but what I can say is what I think, what I would do, and what I think are good things to do in general.

So what they’re hoping is that they’re gonna collapse the system, right? The great reset is all about collapsing the system, and what’s the whole purpose of that? To wipe out all the debt that they have, the 28 trillion that we have, and everybody else has, and default on all of the bonds, but what they won’t default, what they’ll do is they will implement perpetual bonds. So they’ll say, oh, you’ve got a one-year bond, not anymore. Ten years, not anymore. It’s a hundred years. And you’ll never get your principal back. They’ll pay you a piddly little 1 or 2%. If they could pay you 3%, I’ll be shocked. And Soros has been actually putting out in the last year. He wrote maybe it’s time for France to consider perpetual bonds.

So they put these things out, and you think it’s like an idea, but that’s not what it is. They are floating the idea so that everybody will then start talking about it and it will become accepted across society. That’s what they’re doing. So what they want is to have this great reset, meaning that they will default in a way on all the debt. They will cancel the pensions, but before they cancel the pensions, they’ve gotta have you on UBI. So what they’ll wanna do, and they’ll have the digital currency, they’ve gotta introduce that as well. So the digital currency will allow them to then just give you 1500 bucks or $2,000 a month or something like that, and that’s what you’re supposed to subsist on. The way around this is, I think, a couple of things; there’s something called junk silver, all coins in the United States before 1965 were like 90% silver. You can buy bags of something called junk silver, and they’re great because, you know, that that nickel what it is, it’s nickel or quarter or a half dollar or a dime, but it’s also got 90% silver in it. So it’s got something, and this is a useful medium of exchange. What will happen, I believe, is there will be a massive black market, and so that’s a useful medium of exchange if and when that happens. Okay, in terms of wealth preservation or asset preservation, I think the best thing to do is to have the hard assets. So you could own commodities, absolutely own stocks because when the government defaults, first of all, bond markets are multiples as large as stock markets, and there are a lot of people saying, oh, the stock market’s just gonna keep going, it’s a bubble, and it’s gonna burst and everyone’s gonna lose all their money. I think there’s a reason that the stock market’s going up, and it’s not for the reason that people think it is. It’s going up because smart money realizes what’s going on in the bond markets and that they’re gonna default on the bonds. So private bonds are still okay, but any kind of public money isn’t because they can change the rules. Corporations can’t change the rules on you, okay? And so private assets like stocks, commodities, real estate, even cars, you know, used cars, are going up in value, right? Steve, didn’t your daughter buy a car and sold it for like 15% more than a used car a year later? This is what’s happening. So hard assets. I think also investing in commodities is not a bad idea at all because they are gonna keep going up. 

Audience: So, no government bonds? I know someone who switched all their stocks into government bonds. 

Leslie: Listen, I personally think that if- they’re calling it a reset for a reason, what are they going to reset?

Most importantly, the debt! California has 760 or 780 billion in unfunded public pensions. What are they gonna do? They want to wipe that away? And a Canadian minister, like a member of parliament in, I don’t know if it was Ontario or the entire Canadian parliament, but last year it was leaked out a document, and he specifically wrote that people who didn’t comply would be sent to internment camps. That’s what he said. He also said, though, that a great reset was coming and that if you did comply and you got the shot, they would take your house. They would excuse- forgive all of your debt in exchange for you giving them your assets.

Has everybody seen the 92nd video that was put out by the World Economic Forum in 2018? It says eight predictions for 2030, the number one prediction: you will own nothing and be happy. You will own nothing and be happy. Why? Because their goal is to take over all private assets. That’s what they want to do. And so how are they going to do that? Well, once they default on the pensions, they can’t just default on the pensions. Cuz if they default on the pensions without giving you something they’re gonna have- people are gonna drag ’em out by the hair, right? I mean, I would. That’s, what’s gonna happen if millions of people wake up, but if they have bought them off with the promise of universal basic income for life, then maybe that will placate them. Okay, that’s what they’re trying to do. So if you don’t want to lose your bonds in the reset, you need to own private assets that they can’t do that with. And so part of what they wanna do is not only once they default on the bonds is they’re gonna say, okay, you have debt, you have a mortgage, you have $150- $200,000 on your house, we’ll forgive that, but you give us your asset and then you can still live there. This is where it’s going. This is what’s being bandied about all across the Western world. 

Audience: So, your message is- 

Leslie: So, private assets. 

Audience: Okay. So your message is just to own stuff, material stuff.

Leslie: Private assets, hard assets. Yes.

Okay. Thank you.

Aaron: Thank you, Leslie. You’ve been incredibly generous with your time and information, and I think we’re all better for having been in this room with you tonight. So again, 

Leslie: Thank you, Aaron. 

Aaron: Thank you from all of us.