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The “Greater Good” Threat of Transhumanism to Health Freedom

Leslie Presents on Your Freedom Hub

By November 2, 2023No Comments

When told by a pharmaceutical CEO that the brand name drug she would rep had “killed some people” in its phase 3 trial but that “it would generate $7 billion in peak sales,” Ms. Manookian started thinking she was playing for the wrong team. Indeed.

Switching teams, Manookian became a force for truth and transparency in the Health Freedom movement, and produced the award-winning documentary, “The Greater Good,” about the sinister way industry manipulates parents to get them to sacrifice their babies “for the greater good.” When COVID hit, she responded by founding the Health Freedom Defense Fund to fight the tyranny that was unfolding right before our eyes.

With Manookian at the helm, the Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF) has brought nearly a dozen lawsuits to derail the installation of a digital control grid under the pretext of a public health crisis. HFDF lawsuits stopped the federal travel mask mandate, and the Los Angeles Unified School District Covid injection mandate, and aided the lawsuit against the federal workers’ vaccine mandate. Most recently, she started advocacy campaigns, including one for athletes that focuses on maintaining their bodily autonomy.

Leslie has presented how special interests capture regulators, and the nefarious “transhumanist” goals of global elites, to mention a few. These elites meant the Great Reset threat when they announced it. If we would rather see a Great Awakening than a Great Reset, though, we’ll all have to come together and start supporting each other.

— Charles D. Frohman, Your Freedom Hub

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