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A Massive Thank You to Coffee & Covid

By April 28, 2022May 16th, 2022No Comments

The HFDF team want to extend our deepest gratitude to attorney and author, Jeff Childers of Coffee and Covid (C&C)! Jeff issued a call to action on our behalf called “Operation Multiplier” and it has yielded an absolutely incredible result.

We are humbled by Jeff’s call to action on our behalf and inspired by the outpouring of support.

We thank each and every person that answered the call and donated over the past few days, effectively joining the C&C Army and standing with HFDF in making history together! This has illustrated so beautifully what can happen when we all work together.

The pharmaceutical industry, media, and government have billions of dollars at their disposal to suppress genuine research and data, push dangerous and liability-free medical products, and violate our laws and freedoms. We are fighting a leviathan and we simply cannot do this without the support of everyone who stands for basic American liberties.

In alarming, uncertain, and downright frightening times such as these, it is imperative that we unite against medical tyranny and the destruction of our way of life. Defeating the CDC’s Travel Mask mandate was a huge victory for our bedrock freedoms and a blow to the administrative state!

The mask mandate legal triumph has brought us all inspiration and hope, but much work remains to correct the trajectory our nation is following. While HFDF has several legal challenges to vaccine mandates working their way through the courts, Jeff has filed his own lawsuits and had many legal successes in Florida. He is also a seeker and sharer of the truth. The more support he gets, the more work he can do.

Words cannot express our gratitude to Jeff for his generous support of HFDF and we are glad to have him as a partner in our work. We also know our followers will appreciate his work.

Please take action right now and return the favor!! Support Jeff’s amazing work taking a stand for American liberty and subscribe to C&C or make a donation!