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Please Stand with the World Freedom Declaration

By June 8, 2022June 13th, 2022No Comments

The World Freedom Declaration, bolstered by the efforts of countless health freedom groups, public servants, health leaders, individuals, and many sovereign nations across the globe, applied untold pressure on the World Health Organization (WHO) prompting WHO to abandon all but minor changes to the International Health Regulations.

This turn of events is a wonderful illustration of not only the power of people but how strong we are when we stand united in defense of our natural rights and freedom.

While we may have won this small battle, we have not yet triumphed in the overall war against not only our individual rights but our national sovereignty too. The WHO and many member nations are redrafting new, far-reaching amendments to the international rules which are expected to be unveiled by September.

In addition, WHO and other vested interests continue to push for a new global accord, an International Pandemic Treaty, and QR code linked Digital ID proof of COVID-19 vaccination, among many other process and procedural changes to reform WHO. If approved, these changes are predicted to transfer vast new power and authority to WHO in the event of undefined “health crises.”

To be clear, our fight is not over and we must stay vigilant. Supported by leaders of the G20 and other countries, the WHO, the World Economic Forum, mega-wealthy private foundations, and vested corporate interests that seek to control our lives, our health, our communities, and our countries have not given up on their global agenda, they have not raised the white flag of surrender, they have not hung their heads in defeat.

As of today, June 7, 2022, we have 90+ global partners and over 81,000 signatures on the World Freedom Declaration which includes over 77,000 concerned citizens, over 3,000 public servants, and over 700 organizations.

We need you!

We ask that you help us and all our partners by sharing the World Freedom Declaration far and wide in order to gather millions of signatures from individuals and organizations around the world so that we may leverage those signatures to hold our public servants accountable to defending the rights, freedoms, and interests of the people they serve, in whatever country they call home.