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Leslie on One Life Radio

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Leslie Manookian, president and founder of the Health Freedom Defense Fund, with a call to action to stop the U.S. amendments to the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) International Health Regulations (IHR). These amendments would give WHO the power to make decisions about our health during a global crisis. Go to to find out how HFDF and 80+ partners are working to stop the amendments from moving forward with the World Freedom Declaration.

Follow this link to listen to the full episode or read the transcription of Leslie’s segment below.

Bernadette: Welcome back to One Life Radio. This is Bernadette with Junior in the mix broadcasting live from Dallas, Texas. On iHeart media, as well as KMET and Southern California on ABC news-talk, we have Leslie Manookian with us you guys, she is president and founder of Health Freedom Defense Fund, a nonprofit, which seeks to rectify health injustice through education, advocacy, and legal challenges. She speaks, writes, and advocates on topics of health, freedom, nutrition, personal development, politics and more. Leslie is a former successful wall street business executive, an award-winning documentary filmmaker and a qualified homeopath. She conceived, wrote, and produced The Greater Good and award-winning documentary exploring vaccines. Leslie serves on the boards of the Weston A. Price Foundation and Health Freedom Idaho.

She holds an MBA from the University of Chicago, a BA from Middlebury college and. M.L.C.Hom from Lakeland College of Homeopathy. Her website is That’s health, freedom, On MeWe Health Freedom Defense Fund, always a pleasure. Leslie, welcome back to one life radio. How are you doing today? 

Leslie: I’m great, Bernadette, thank you so much for having me. It’s always great to be with you.

Bernadette: Always, great to have you too. So before we get into our topic, I wanted to congratulate you on winning the case to end travel mask mandates. How did you do it, Leslie? And what was it like when you heard the ruling?

Leslie: So just to be clear, we overturned the Biden administration’s mask mandate for all, airplanes and buses, interstate travel, and all travel hubs and things like that. So whenever you’re in an airport or a train terminal or anything like that, you had to wear a mask. And we overturned that on April 18th, the judge ruled in our favor.

The way that we did it, Bernadette, was that we focused on the law. And I think it’s actually a real travesty that individual citizens in America has to actually hold the government accountable. It’s pretty clear that the federal government is not empowered to dictate health policies across the country. In fact, health policies are part of what are called police powers and those are reserved to the states and yet federal government, President Biden, issued an executive order his first full day in office instructing CDC to issue that mask mandate. And then CDC followed up with a rule about a week later.

And what’s interesting is that they don’t have the power or authority to do that because Congress is the legislative branch, Congress promulgates laws, not CDC or any other federal health agency. They can only issue what are called rules after proper noticing of the public and then taking public commentary and also a clear justification for their policy.

And the judge agreed with us that CDC had failed to do any of that. And that CDC lacked the authority. So we were thrilled with the ruling because it was a clear strike against this overstep, this administrative creep that we’re experiencing in this country where these unelected unaccountable bureaucrats are trying to rule our country.

That’s what’s happening and the World Health Organization’s trying to do that as well, but what we felt, oh my gosh, Bernadette, we were doing backflips. My lead attorney, Brant Hadaway called and he’s like, are you sitting down? WE WON!!! We were just screaming and shouting.

And then the best thing, Bernadette, the most gratifying thing was all of those faces, the photographs, the videos of people cheering, singing, dancing on airplanes, ripping their masks off. Oh my gosh. It was just wonderful. So we are absolutely elated.

Bernadette: Yeah, no, that’s very exciting. I do think that it’s important that we respect the people that have the freedom to choose. If they choose to wear a mask, you know, some people just still feel more comfortable with them and so you know, more power to them, right? 

Leslie: Oh 100% agree with you. People shouldn’t be told that the point is this is not against people making their own decisions. In fact, it’s exactly in support that. It’s like, if that makes you feel better, if you feel more comfortable, if you feel more safe, wear a mask. But don’t dictate to others how they have to take care of themselves. So this is about freedom, that’s it. 

Bernadette: And that’s why I brought it up so that we could make that point. But, you know, sadly the fight for our health freedom, it seems like it never ends. Now the US government wants to empower the World Health Organization, as you said, the WHO to make decisions about our health during a global crisis.

Leslie, will you explain the purpose of the World Health Organization and who is behind these proposed US amendments to the International Health Regulations? 

Leslie: Sure. So you have two things here. First of all, you have the World Health Organization and the World Health Organization purports to promote health, keep the world safe and serve the vulnerable. That’s what they say their mission is. Our goal, I’m reading from their website just so you know, our goal is to ensure that a billion people, more people have universal health coverage to protect a billion more people from health emergencies and provide a further billion more people with better health and wellbeing.

But here’s the thing promoting health means clean drinking water. It means drilling wells for people. It means getting clean and safe, you know, healthy, nutritious food to these people. It doesn’t mean getting them insurance. It doesn’t mean getting them more jabs more vaccinations. It doesn’t mean getting them more pharmaceuticals.

If they really truly care about helping improve the health of the world. And if Bill Gates did as well in particular, he would be drilling wells all over the world to provide these people with clean drinking water, because diarrheal waterborne diseases are the number one killer in the world. Why are they not doing that? Why are they not making sure that food is there? 

Bernadette: Right. And why are there not making sure that glyphosate isn’t in our food? That’s a worldwide problem by the way, and Monsanto has literally gotten away with murder. 

Leslie: You’re a hundred percent right, Bernadette. I couldn’t agree more. So let’s be clear. Fluoride is not beneficial. Glyphosate’s not beneficial. GMOs are not beneficial. All of these things that they are purporting in service to public health are not that at all right? This is just incredible twisting it’s mental gymnastics, right? In order to make you think that you have to have insurance to be healthy, that you have to have a drug to be healthy.

[No health does not come in a bottle. Health comes from nutritious food that is grown near you under healthy organic conditions. So this is just absurd what they’re saying, but they tell you that their objective is, not really, health. It’s actually serving the vested interests who support them. Now with respect to the other part of the question, what’s happened is that the Biden administration in January of this year submitted amendments, proposed amendments to the World Health Organization.

The World Health Organization has these…, a document that governs part of their… the way that they interact with countries around the world, they’re called the International Health Regulations. And the International Health Regulations, the United States wants to amend. And the way that the United States wants to amend these, literally the federal government has made these proposals would transfer authority over how we surveil and, identify health emergencies within our own national borders. How we determine what the response should be and then actually execute that response. So it would confer all the authority for surveillance, assessment, and response to the World Health Organization and we would have no say over it. They are striking the part of the International Health Regulations that require that the WHO consult with the individual nation-state. 

Bernadette: Wow. 

Leslie: So this would all go away and they would have unilateral authority to dictate what a health emergency is, when it’s happening or anticipated to be happening, and then what the response will be. This is a subversion of our constitution. It’s a subversion of everything that we hold dear as Americans in terms of sovereignty, individuality, and freedom.

That is what is at stake here. And if the World Health Organization is ultimately empowered with this kind of control, they will be able to send in their own forces to ensure that a nation-state is complying. Think about that, not our own police or our own volunteers, people who are local to our communities, members of our communities, foreign people with no connection, no accountability coming in and telling us what to do.

And I’m talking potentially as well, military, right? This is terrifying. And before listeners… they already did something like this in Canada during the trucker convoy, there was a UN plane that brought in these really violent thugs who were the ones who cracked down on the protestors. 

Bernadette: It was terrible. I watched the videos, but you know, the thing that’s the most disturbing for me about this proposed amendment, these amendments to the International Health Regulations are that they don’t have to be approved by Congress.

Leslie: It’s crazy, isn’t it? So this is why I’m saying it’s a subversion of our entire democratic process. You know we have three branches of government, right? We’ve got the executive, which is the president and all the federal agencies fall under the executive. This is how they’re doing it. Then you’ve got the legislative branch, congress, and then you’ve got the judicial branch, which is the courts at the top is the Supreme Court.

And whenever Congress passes a law, whenever a law is written it’s Congress, who does that. Congress drafts them and passes them. So, treaties are subject to Senate approval. Two-thirds of the Senate must approve in order to approve and sign on to a treaty. But what they’re doing is kind of backdooring this through regulations.

They are getting unelected unaccountable administrators to draft these regulations, which the President can then sign. And we’re sending a delegation of people to the meeting beginning on the 22nd of this month. So in two days on Sunday. 

Bernadette: Wow.

Leslie: And I still haven’t seen who the delegates are. I don’t know who they are. And so these people are going to go and potentially sign onto these regulations, which the President can do. Because they are just regulations, not a treaty. And this is the really dangerous part because if we sign onto those regulations, they then become legally binding. 

Bernadette: Wow. How can we fight? What do we do? I know I want to do something. I’m sure many people out there listening do as well. What can we do Leslie, to fight this?

Leslie: Well, I have been collaborating for the last couple of months with groups from all over the world, from, Holland and Viruswaarheid in the Netherlands to Children’s Health Defense here in the United States to the Solari Report and group, I know I’m missing so many names, but if you go to, you can see all the organizations who’ve signed on.

And with whom we have been collaborating the World Freedom Alliance and there’s so many, I’ll actually pull it up, but there are so many groups. Dr. Naomi Wolf, the Corona Investigative Committee out of Germany. So many like this, Doctors for Freedom. There are groups all over the world, the World Council for Health and then Liberty Council. I mean, dozens and dozens of groups have collaborated on this effort. And then on top of that, dozens and dozens of individuals have actually signed on as well. And so we’re thrilled about this. Oh, another big one is Stand for Health Freedom. I want to shout out everybody Alliance for Natural Health. All these groups have come together to support this initiative because we understand that this is not just a threat to us in the United States, but a threat to the sovereignty of every nation in the world.

Because ultimately this World Health Organization will be able to dictate what goes on in the bounds of individual countries. And how you as an individual respond then, so it’s about our individual sovereignty as well. So please go to, sign the declaration, and then share it with everybody, you know, and send it to every one of your elected officials, your public servants, and insist that they support this and that they reject this massive power grab that the US is backing. 

Bernadette: Well, it’s just, it’s kind of crazy. I mean, a one size fits all approach to pandemic response. Simply doesn’t work because pandemic threats are not identical in all parts of the world. It doesn’t even make sense. This is all about taking control. We know it, but we’re going to go for a quick break, more coming up, stay tuned, everyone.

You don’t want to miss any of this. Leslie Manookian on One Life Radio.

Welcome back to one life radio. This is Bernadette with Junior in the mix and Leslie Manookian continuing our live broadcast from Dallas, Texas on iHeart media, as well as KMET in Southern California on ABC news talk. Leslie Manookian is president and founder of the Health Freedom Defense Fund. We’re talking about defending individuals’ health freedom with the World Freedom Declaration. Okay so Leslie, why would the US government seed national public health powers to an international body? 

Leslie: That’s a really good question, Bernadette. And the answer to that is something that seems so far fetched that it’s hard for most Americans to probably digest, but since the very beginning of the lockdowns and the COVID crisis, I have believed that the primary objective was to install a digital control grid and transfer much control of our lives to government, to businesses and now to NGOs. So the World Health Organization is just one of them.

And the fact that the United States, literally the federal government is behind these amendments, which would transfer all of this authority to the World Health Organization suggests that that belief was spot on, right? There’s no other way that you can rationalize, what they’re doing here. And it’s also really important to note that the World Health Organization just two or three weeks ago signed an agreement with a subsidiary of Deutsche telecom and the agreement that they signed would create a digital identification and digital ID for every person on the planet connected to their vaccine and medical records and connected to a unique QR code for every person on the planet. This is not about public health. This is about controlling every citizen on the planet. That’s what it’s really truly about.

And if you look at… what I find particularly egregious and very telling about this whole situation is that we’re wanting to transfer all of this authority to the World Health Organization when the World Health Organization supremely failed during the COVID crisis, they locked us down and we now know, we knew already, but we know very clearly that lockdowns don’t work.

They suppressed early treatments and they pushed interventions like masks and jabs that we know don’t work right? They’ve actually proven to be detrimental to our health. And yet they’re the ones who were behind it. So why would we want to confer more power and authority to a group that failed so miserably already? And so importantly, part of this whole project, you know, this whole initiative is that they want to make lockdowns a permanent feature of pandemic response, despite the fact that they don’t work, they actually destroy the economy and cause untold human misery, right? 

Bernadette: Oh my gosh. So many people have been put out of business. So many people, small businesses what makes this country rock and roll, you know? And, and so many, I mean… even if you just look at Preston center, just in Dallas there’s so many people, that’s just one little place. So many people that I know in Dallas had been put out of business with these lockdowns.

It’s, it’s just, it’s a tragedy. It really is. 

Leslie: Well Bernadette you know our population up until COVID, two thirds of our population were employed by small and medium-sized businesses. They are the engine of our economy.

Bernadette: Absolutely 

Leslie: And yet they have been destroyed, right? They’ve been destroyed. Why? Don’t tell me that it was a mistake that they just didn’t realize it was going to hurt the small and medium-sized businesses and help… and it was just, we just had to keep Walmart open because you know, it was safer in there, I don’t know why, right. This is not an accident. This is because they are driving us through the back door, using fear, pretext of a pandemic into a one-world administrative technocratic government that will be accountable to no one.

\So they want a digital ID to connect to your banking, your money, your employment, your travel, your health, voting credentials, everything, and then they can control you, and then they can shut off your money. 

Bernadette: Sounds like China. Yeah. I mean, we’re laughing, but it’s not, it’s true. I get a social report card, you know, based on how I behave and the government dictates that? I don’t think so. So what are your main concerns regarding these amendments? 

Leslie: Well, one of the big things is that the, who will be empowered to actually define a health emergency. So they can say what’s an existing health emergency. They can say what they, fear is an emergency or what might become one. And they can act on the basis of any of those.

It’s totally up to their discretion. How they define it, how they respond, and then if you don’t respond, they can come into your country and intervene and they can actually enact monetary controls and other things against you. So, I mean, this is just… One of the things that was really important about our mask mandate lawsuit was that we struck a blow to what’s called the administrative state. This is this deep state everybody’s been talking about for the last couple of years where there’s these unelected bureaucrats who are in place. It’s almost impossible to fire them when they worked for the federal government and they are a law unto themselves. It’s kind of become a fourth branch of government, even though I don’t think it’s constitutional, but Congress did empower them the public health service act of 1944 created CDC. And so some of this has actually been authorized by Congress. But this is getting out of control. And so to me, this would just make it 10 times worse because we’ve already got an administrative problem, state problem where CDC is usurping power it doesn’t have. But now you’re gonna give it to, a non-governmental organization, the World Health Organization, but it’s not actually accountable to the electorate in the United States. So you can’t get rid of them. You can’t insist that your legislators actually do something about it because they won’t have any say. That is terrifying.

Bernadette: It is terrifying. It really is. And so we’ve talked about when these amendments will be presented to the World Health Organization just here in two days right?

Leslie: Yeah, the World Health Assembly starts on the 22nd. I believe it goes through the 28th and what we want to do with the World Freedom Declaration is get as many people to sign on, not just in the United States, but all over the world. So go to, and sign and share and send to every one of your elected officials. Because if we can get enough signatures, we can then put a huge amount of pressure on our representatives, our public servants, to defend our constitution, to defend our rule of law, to defend the United States sovereignty and my individual sovereignty and freedom as an, as a human being.

Bernadette: Is mainstream media talking about this besides One Life Radio. Is anybody else talking about this? I mean, how are… 

Leslie: Some people like Tucker Carlson did a piece on the overall, pandemic treaty that’s being proposed. And he talks about the International Health Regulations, but he hasn’t talked specifically about the World Freedom Declaration, because we only launched it the night before last. And we’re just reaching out to everybody and you were the first who wanted to cover it. So this is the first media appearance that we’re doing specifically on this. So thank you so much, Bernadette. 

Bernadette: My pleasure. And I’m so honored. Our freedom we take it for granted in this country. We do, but it’s what makes America different? It’s what makes America special and we should protect it. You have to have the freedom to speak freely and to communicate. And if you see something wrong, speak out about it. I mean, that was the whole foundation of Martin Luther King’s March for freedom for freedom for all. Not just some special people out there and not just for the rich, but for everyone, the middle-class, the poor everyone. We all need our freedom in order to pursue happiness right? And, liberty and justice for all. I know, I sound like I’m running for Miss America or something, but seriously, that’s… 

Leslie: What you are saying is so important. And I really want to emphasize one little nugget that you just mentioned there, and that is that there’s no act too small, no act of defiance is too small. You know, there are mask mandates coming back around the country. People simply have to refuse. 

Bernadette: They have to stand up. Absolutely. I can’t wait to have you back on again in this fight to defend our freedoms here and the US the United States of America. Leslie, have a great weekend. Thank you so much for giving us the honor of being on One Life Radio and talking about this for the first time. Everyone my gosh, I’m speechless. I guess I just need to end the show again, Leslie, thank you so much. Have a great weekend. 

Leslie: Thank you, Bernadette. 

Bernadette: You’re welcome. You get one body. You get one mind and you get one life. We need to protect it, protect our freedom.