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Conversations on Health Freedom with Guest Kim Elia

By June 10, 2024June 20th, 2024No Comments

Homeopath and now filmmaker, Kim Elia shares some history and politics about the wonder medicine homeopathy and shares a clip from his new film, Introducing Homeopathy.

Kim was inspired to study homoeopathy when he read Gandhi’s quote, “Homeopathy cures a greater percentage of cases than any other method of treatment. Homeopathy is the latest and most refined method of treating patients economically and non-violently.” He wondered why Gandhi, a champion of Indian tradition, would be touting homeopathy so highly, when India has such a long history of using Ayurvedic medicine, and he subsequently embarked on a lifelong homeopathic journey.

Since 1987 Kim has studied with many of our great homeopathic masters. He graduated from the New England School of Homeopathy, and was in clinical practice with Dr. Paul Herscu for several years. Kim has lectured and trained homeopaths across the globe, and an archive of his popular classes can be found on the WholeHealthNow website. He was the principal instructor and developer of the four-year classical homeopathy program at the Hahnemann Academy in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan.

Kim co-founded WholeHealthNow and has worked for more than two decades to create a rich and trusted resource for the community. Kim has been instrumental in the creation of WholeHealthNow’s comprehensive website, a free informational resource for students and professionals. He was inspired to create the Historic Homeopathic Timeline, and is responsible for a growing library of recorded interviews and presentations with today’s world-renowned homeopaths on a variety of timely and relevant topics. Kim’s intent is to bring the homeopathic community together and to provide top quality training so we can send effective practitioners into the world.

Students from around the globe have expressed appreciation and admiration for Kim’s superb knowledge of the history of homeopathy, his deep understanding of homeopathic prescribing, and his extensive knowledge of materia medica. He is known for his dynamic and distinctive teaching methods which reflect his immense knowledge of the remedies and his genuine desire to educate everyone about this affordable and effective healing modality.

Most recently, with a team of homeopaths Kim has created Homeopathic HouseCall, an online app used for homeopathic first aid and acute care. With some of the same team members, he has also established an online telemedicine platform that allows practitioners to safely and securely offer homeopathic care from any location. AND, he is currently working on an exciting project he has long dreamed of, a feature length film about homeopathy that will help us to introduce our great healing art to the public at large, with the objective of having homeopathy become a household word.