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An Appeal to Those Who Hurl the “Anti-Vaxxer” Slur

By February 17, 2022March 31st, 2022No Comments

To those of you who call those who question the safety of injections anti-vaxxers and dismiss them as crazies, I’d like to invite you to consider that we’re not anti-anything, we are pro safety, pro-health, pro-freedom – in the same way, we want safe water, food, cars, etc.

Unfortunately, many of us have experienced first or second hand the damage that has been caused by these supposedly safe and efficacious medical interventions. The truth is, we’ve done our research and know that a wise person questions the products made by a company that demands liability protection for those products. 

We’ve done our homework and understand that there’s a revolving door between health agencies and the pharmaceutical industry they are supposed to regulate. 

We’ve done our homework and understand that the catastrophic rise in chronic illness, autoimmune disease, and neurological complications in young people is documented in the medical literature and linked to these supposed life-saving injections. 

We’ve done our homework and know that the body of science demonstrates a huge spectrum of harm stemming from these shots and we also know that the health agencies and officials dismiss it. 

In fact, reports from the Institute of medicine over the past 30 years have repeatedly said that there is inadequate science to disprove a causal link between the spectrum of injury and these medical procedures. But when IOM officials write the executive summary of their investigations, they deceptively claim there’s no connection and the media dutifully report that little soundbite which couldn’t be further from the truth. 

So, let’s be clear: Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. 

I’d ask those of you who deride those who choose a different path or question the safety of shots, do you really think it’s easy to choose this independent path? 

Don’t you think most human beings take the easy path unless they have concrete reasons for choosing another? 

Doesn’t it strike you as odd that the industry that produces these products requires liability protection in order to produce products that supposedly save you? 

Can you not see all around you the tremendous rise in allergies, asthma, chronic illness, obesity, learning disabilities, autoimmune disease, speech delays, ADD, and yes autism? 

Does it make sense to you that these things would simply skyrocket in the last 30 years around the same time that the pharmaceutical industry was given blanket protection from liability for these products after which the injection schedule tripled? 

Would you fly on airplanes or drive a car if the manufacturers demanded and received protection from all financial and legal liability? 

Does that make any sense to you? 

Instead of condemning those who have actually educated themselves about the facts of the issue, I encourage you to reflect on how hard it is to go against the grain and perhaps consider that those who do have very good reasons for doing so.

I invite you to open your hearts and minds and ask someone why?