Open Letter to Schools Turning Their Campuses Into Vaccination Clinics

Dear school head offering on-site student COVID injections,


This seems to me to be a very inappropriate promotion of experimental drugs on children. The COVID injections are neither FDA approved nor licensed. They are defined as INVESTIGATIONAL. They have merely been issued under Emergency Use Authorization. They are a massive human experiment for which the vaccine makers bear ZERO liability. The clinical trials are supposed to run until 2023. 


Bringing a COVID Vaccination Mobile Unit onto the school campus promotes fear of a virus for which children have virtually zero risk. By saying these experimental shots are “approved”, the school is misleading parents and misrepresenting the facts, opening itself up to legal liability. None of the clinical trials of the injections issued under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) evaluated ability to stop infection or transmission. Any school that is promoting these experimental products prevent COVID-19 or even telling the community that they don’t have to quarantine if they’ve been vaccinated is doing so without any science to support it, irrespective of CDC’s guidance. Thousands of people have gotten COVID despite being fully vaccinated and many have died. People who have had COVID are immune and have no upside or business getting these experimental shots.


Is this the start of your school promoting other vaccines or medical interventions? Will we see medical staff next year on campus administering additional experimental vaccines, thereby enrolling our kids as guinea pigs in multiple clinical trials? Will pharmacies be regularly invited on campus to promote various pharmaceutical drugs and bring more students into their lucrative medical pipeline?


What about medical privacy and discrimination? Will students and school staff see who goes into the vaccination unit to get the shots and who doesn’t? Have you considered that those opting out of this experiment might be targeted and labeled by their peers as right-wing extremists/domestic terrorists, as the mainstream news continues to push this awful and fallacious narrative?


Through June 4th there were 4,763 deaths and over 300,000 adverse reactions to the shots reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) despite the fact that VAERS is a passive reporting system and studies show that only 1-10% of all reactions are ever reported. Many children have died shortly following an injection with one of these experimental shots. Several teens have died or been hospitalized and needed brain surgery to remove clots within hours and days of their first or second injection. Toddlers have died in the clinical trials. According to VAERS, more people have died from COVID shots in a few months than from all other vaccines in the past 20 years COMBINED. When the swine flu shot administered in 1979 caused 25 deaths in the 40 million who received it, the jab was taken off the market, why not this time?


Thousands of post pubertal girls and women have reported heavy and irregular periods, miscarriages, and difficulty giving birth. There is disconcerting evidence that the spike proteins either in the shots or produced by the body following an mRNA shot pass through the blood brain barrier and damage the brain which may result in future cognitive impairment and neurodegenerative disease. A recent study proved that the spike protein, in and of itself, binds to ACE2 receptors all over the body in our blood vessels, organs, and tissues thereby leading to clotting and bleeding disorders like bruising, thrombocytopenia, and strokes, and setting up the potential for lifelong autoimmune disease.


The list of potential routes of injury from these experimental shots is long, and being hidden from the public by the legacy media. The J&J shot was paused for a couple of weeks despite clear evidence it causes blood clots, only to be resumed. Worse still, the Pfizer and Moderna shots have caused similar levels of damage but have been given a free pass by health authorities and legacy media.


Regarding the pandemic hysteria, our community has been using a fake test to determine case numbers and rate of infection. Yes, fake. The New York Times reported that positives detected in 27 to 34 PCR Cycle thresholds (Ct) seldom reveal any live virus once cultured, and specimens detected above 34 Cts never show ANY live virus. Any virus detected by a Ct above 25, and certainly above 30, is very likely to be a false or meaningless positive  As a reminder, most clinics in our community have been using a Ct of 37 meaning that almost 100% of positive tests are potentially false positives  meaning we have no idea whether most people have actually been infected with SARS-CoV-2.


Portuguese appeals court judge ruled that any positive test using more than 25 cycles is not reliable and cannot be used to force quarantine. More recently a court in Austria and another in Germany have re-affirmed the uselessness of these tests. Why does your school choose to ignore this information, and instead continue to use, trust and push a faulty diagnostic method?


How is the school going to feel, having promoted these shots and facilitated on campus administration of an experimental medical product which could render students infertile, mentally impaired, or dead? Or give them heart issues and heart attacks as is happening all over the nation?


Why does the school think it is appropriate to wade into private medical matters by allowing children to get shots on school campus? The school is normalizing the injection of children with an experimental medical product that could seriously injure or kill them. It is also actively contributing to a situation in which kids can be shamed depending on their choices. Has this potentiality been considered? I understand some parents want their kids to get these shots and that is their choice, but these shots are available all over the place, why does the school have to be involved and why can’t these parents take their kids to a clinic off campus?


This is not and has never been about a virus, it is about absolute control of the populace. It is criminal to risk children’s health and lives who bear no real risk from the disease. We are on a path to tyranny whether you can see it or not.


“I was just following CDC or other orders” is not going to save you when the school is faced with having contributed to students’ suffering, disability, or death. I urge you to reconsider this policy at once, leave medical decisions to the parents and legal guardians of your students and the administration of drugs to off-campus medical offices and clinics. We do not need this.

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